Cybercafe Software

Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Free 2.04 Dynasoft Ltd 

Why pay for your Cybercafe programme? Cybercafe SurfShop Free is the world's first full-featured and really free Cybercafe freeware. It offers an intuitive interface and powerful security fully compliant with cyber laws, centralised management and reporting features. Get your Internet, games or cyber cafe up and running in minutes with continental . Freeware download of Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Free 2.04, size 22.69 Mb.


Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro 5.05 Dynasoft Ltd 

Fully skin-configurable, Cybercafe SurfShop Pro is a high-value, high-quality, affordable Cybercafe software. It offers an intuitive interface, powerful security, centralised management and reporting tools. Get your Internet, games / cyber cafe up and running in minutes with Europe's leading Internetcafe software. Easily and efficiently run and . Free download of Dynasoft Cybercafe SurfShop Pro 5.05, size 58.50 Mb.

EasyCafe Server 2. 2. 2014 TinaSoft Software & Internet Solutions 

EasyCafe is the most stable software in its class. Power downs and system crashes do not affect EasyCafe system. You can continue your work from where you left after the system reboots. The powerful software design will keep your Cafe's data safe up and running in all circumstances.

Users and restricted cashiers can not override . Free download of EasyCafe Server 2. 2. 2014, size 11.46 Mb.

Cybera Server Samuel Monsarrat 

Cybera is a cyber cafe management system designed for Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000. It works on the client-server model where one computer, the server controls a group of other computers: the client workstations.

Cybera is an Internet cafe administration system. It works with prepaid cards or client accounts or in a post paid Self . Freeware download of Cybera Server, size 0 b.

My CyberCafe 9 3 TRUE SOFTWARE 

MyCyberCafe is a complete professional software solution for management and billing for cyber- and internet cafes that allows you to control, activate, protect and settle your client-Terminals.

Main Features :

- Controls the time usage of your computers and game consoles.
- Client software limits the customer . Free download of My CyberCafe 9 3, size 4.51 Mb.

PC Lock Station 2009 1.0.0001 LPS Software & IT Solutions 

PC Lock Station is software that allows you to monitor and limit the activities that a user can perform when you use a PC. It has application in many fields.
Their use in the work environment increases the productivity performance of workers to reduce the periods of activity in non-productive tasks outside the strict labor.

In . Free download of PC Lock Station 2009 1.0.0001, size 9.19 Mb.

CafePilot Client 2 1 Cafepilot 

CafePilot is a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) client/server software suite that makes managing an Internet cafe of any size a breeze.

CafePilot supports connections over the Internet so Internet cafe businesses with multiple branches can use a centralized server. This will allow customers to roam between branches with generated . Freeware download of CafePilot Client 2 1, size 87.95 Mb.

PC Kiosko 1.0 Lucio Perri Software 

PC Kiosko 2010 Basic Edition © is an application-oriented use of Kiosks Public access. Lets you convert these systems are environments generally low confidence on robust terminals and insurance that minimizes maintenance requirements and failures caused by malicious or unwitting actions of Users.
This is a very robust and powerful . Free download of PC Kiosko 1.0, size 0 b.

LTCDA 2 7 mehDiZsoft 

Reserved to cyberspace holder, this software count amounts of customer connection.
It takes in charge until 100 stations.
It is sufficient to choose the number of "Poste" of the customer and to activate the meter.
When he finished his utilization, it is sufficient to click on "Fin de la connexion" and you have . Free download of LTCDA 2 7, size 50.67 Mb.

Computers Hall 3 84 AstrumSoft 

Complete solution for management and automation of work of computer clubs, Internet cafes, cyber cafes, gaming centers. Main goals: control of the paid time, control of the work of managers. The computers are locked if the money were not paid for the work with them. Advanced reports, well protected from changing. Simplification of managers work. . Free download of Computers Hall 3 84, size 5.26 Mb.

blue image InterCafe 2011 2011.4.0 blue image GmbH 

The Software InterCafe allows you to centrally manage any number of Clients from a Server. Billing is possible through coin insertion, MemberLogin, LoginCode or by the Server. Choose between several tariffs with scale pricing and Happy Hour. Also websites and programmes can be charged for specifically. In Security Manager you can set your security . Free download of blue image InterCafe 2011 2011.4.0, size 56.54 Mb.

Cafe Manila Professional Edition 1.4 Cafe Manila 

Cafe Manila Professional Edition is a professional software to cover all your daily administrative needs in your internet cafe, Cybercafe and gaming cafe.

The easy, effective and also great looking interface gives you the ultimate management system, which will make you save both valuable time and money.

This software helps . Free download of Cafe Manila Professional Edition 1.4, size 37.98 Mb.

Internet Cafe Software 10.1.1 ANTAMEDIA 

Antamedia Internet Cafe controls, secures, and enhances the running of your Internet cafe, gaming center, library, school or hotel public computers.

The software helps you bill your customers for limited browsing, playing games, using Office applications, WiFi HotSpot usage, VOIP calling, printing, point of sale products. It restricts . Free download of Internet Cafe Software 10.1.1, size 62.94 Mb.