Database Web Administration Mac Software

PHP/SQL web interface generation tool 1.0 Php4bango 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

PHP based database web administration page generation tools targeted for the knowledgable administrator who is familiar with HTML syntax and SQL. No attempts are made to hide the HTML or SQL 'code', so this is NOT for end-users.

PHP/SQL web interface generation tool 1.0 License - MIT License . Freeware download of PHP/SQL web interface generation tool 1.0, size 4.76 Kb.


[fleXive] 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

[fleXive] is a next-generation Java EE 5 content repository that provides enterprise-level persistence with security, SQL-like query language, a JSF-based web administration and reusable JSF components for integration into existing and new applications. . Freeware download of [fleXive] 1.0, size 77.17 Mb.

MyWebSQL 3.7 Samnan ur Rehman Akhoond 

Development \ Database

MyWebSql is an open source, web based, WYSIWYG mysql client written in PHP. It utilizes modern day technologies and browsers to provide a fast, intuitive querying and editing interface to the mysql databases.
Fast, friendly and desktop like interface.
WYSIWYG Table editor allows to quickly create and alter tables in grid mode.
. Freeware download of MyWebSQL 3.7, size 1.89 Mb.

phpMyBlacklist 0.9.1 

Internet \ Mail

phpMyBlacklist: A project for creating and managing an email blacklist or RBL lists. The project includes steps for setting up the required zone in your name server, the required database, the web administration and a simple shell cronjob script. . Freeware download of phpMyBlacklist 0.9.1, size 19.36 Kb.

Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1 Webcyradm 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

A set of tools for management of the Cyrus IMAPd server in various scenarios. Actually I am working on heavy integration of Cyrus with Microsoft Active Directory 2003. The tools includes AD sync-tools, web administration page and more resources.

Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1, size 1.65 Kb.

Smans data server 1.9 Technopoles-M 

Internet \ Remote Tools

Smans server is a mobile content management system (CMS) of a Web site and a tool for development of a dynamic database-driven site. The server represents a set of Java servlets and possesses the following properties, facilitating a Web development:

1.The basic feature is opportunity to manage remotely Web-resources (database, files), to . Freeware download of Smans data server 1.9, size 946.12 Kb.

Navicat for Oracle (Windows) - Oracle Database administration 8.1.11 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. 

Web Development \ Web Database Tools

Navicat for Oracle offers powerful visual tools such as Query Editor with syntax highlight capability, SQL Preview, SQL Console, TEXT, Hex and BLOB viewer/editor, SSH Tunnel and more, to increase your productivity. Also, it provides a number of tools allowing to perform all the necessary database operations such as creating, editing, and . Free download of Navicat for Oracle (Windows) - Oracle Database administration 8.1.11, size 15.94 Mb.

MudXS 1.0 

Games \ Role Playing

The MudXS project exists to create a stable, multi-threaded and distributed MUD/MOO/MUSH game engine in OO with C++. Design goals include SQL backends, powerful scripting engine, and plugin worlds. Web administration frontend and custom client possible. . Freeware download of MudXS 1.0, size 9.94 Kb.

Otacon Database Forms 2.0.1 Otacon 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Otacon Database Forms is a set of building blocks for creating web-based database administration systems in PHP. Otacon allows a programmer/admin to set up a "user-friendly" front end to a database in just a few minutes.

Otacon Database Forms 2.0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Otacon Database Forms 2.0.1, size 52.80 Kb.

PHP DynAdmin 1.0 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

PHP DynAdmin is written in PHP to handle the administration of some database tables over the Web. It's a fast and simple backend for every web application. . Freeware download of PHP DynAdmin 1.0, size 429.50 Kb.

phpPgAdmin 5.0.4 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

phpPgAdmin is a fully functional web-based administration utility for a PostgreSQL database server. It handles all the basic functionality as well as some advanced features such as triggers, views and functions (stored procs) . Freeware download of phpPgAdmin 5.0.4, size 778.55 Kb.

DB Cruiser 6.0 MathThinking Technologies, Inc. 

Business \ Information Database

DB Cruiser is a leading web based database tool with reporting and data importing functionality.

It can securely access to all SQL databases, through any major Web browsers, to execute SQL; to view and manipulate data, including CLOB/TEXT and BLOB/Binary; to generate reports; to import bulk data into tables.

It is easy to . Freeware download of DB Cruiser 6.0, size 10.00 Mb.

Navicat Premium (Cross-database Admin Tools for My 9.1.3 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. 

Business \ Information Database

Navicat Premium is an ideal solution for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL administration and development. This is an all-inclusive database front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, . Free download of Navicat Premium (Cross-database Admin Tools for My 9.1.3, size 24.75 Mb.

Database Applet 1.0.0 nktSoft 

Web Development \ Java & JavaScript

Database Applet is a small java plugin that enable you to publish your spreadsheet or tabular data in a web page. It is very easy to set up and does not require any programming or server side scripts. Database Applet can easily load tens of thousainds of data records. Supports sort, search and links. . Free download of Database Applet 1.0.0, size 0 b.

SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12 Iconico 

Web Development

Are you tired of outsourcing your database needs? Sick of paying high monthly fees just to let someone else host your form data? Well, look no further! SeaGreen software is the first application that allows you to create a web-based form and the database you need for collecting your form data. SeaGreen's wizard-like interface takes you from form . Free download of SeaGreen Mac 1.0.12, size 41.28 Mb.

DataBase to Java Web Application b7 

Development \ Code Management

DataBase to Java Web Application.This java application automatically generates a java web application framework from an existing database. The original codebase comes from the excellent work of Herve Tchepannou\'s xPetstore. . Freeware download of DataBase to Java Web Application b7, size 14.15 Mb.

Dixie: DNS and DHCP Config Tool 1.4.8 

Internet \ Networking

Web interface written in php for ISC bind and ISC dhcp configuration and administration. It keeps it's own database containing general dns and dhcp information and information about subnets, hosts etc. Configures DNS, DHCP, firewalls, RADIUS servers.. . Freeware download of Dixie: DNS and DHCP Config Tool 1.4.8, size 252.65 Kb.

Java Web based database browsing rc 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

YaKwa is a Java Web application that allows CRUD operations on tables of a database. The application allows to browse, search and edit table data. Virtually all databases that have a JDBC driver are supported. . Freeware download of Java Web based database browsing rc, size 41.92 Kb.

Party Database (a Java Web Application) 0.95 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a web based database for party registrations. It uses jakarta struts, jakarta struts templates, and SQL to form a 100% java web application that allows users to sign up for a party. Keg not included sorry. . Freeware download of Party Database (a Java Web Application) 0.95, size 1.39 Mb.

Web Managed Network Database 0.8 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

netDB is a web managed network database containing information on switches, connections by cable, terminations between cables, including building and room locations. The database is searchable by a number of parameters within each group of connections. . Freeware download of Web Managed Network Database 0.8, size 133.76 Kb.