Database Web Administration Software

phpMyBlacklist 0.9.1 

phpMyBlacklist: A project for creating and managing an email blacklist or RBL lists. The project includes steps for setting up the required zone in your name server, the required Database, the Web Administration and a simple shell cronjob script. . Freeware download of phpMyBlacklist 0.9.1, size 19.36 Kb.


DBFree V3 NSR 3.0 MaxSis 

DBFree is a freeware Application Server expressly designed to build and run Database Web applications.
DBFree is built around the powerful MaxScript Interpreter that offers an Xbase, Clipper-like, programming language rich of features commands and functions for any and all Web application purposes and can be used freely for both personal and . Freeware download of DBFree V3 NSR 3.0, size 5.39 Mb.

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Windows 3.2 AfterLogic Corporation 

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro is an easy-to-use mail server for Windows and Linux.Check mail online with the fast and user-friendly AJAX webmail packed with a number of stylish skins, access and manage mail folders, browse e-mails with a preview pane and compose new ones with a rich-text editor, use address book to easily send mail to individual . Free download of AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Windows 3.2, size 12.72 Mb.

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Linux 3.2 AfterLogic Corporation 

AfterLogic XMail Server Pro is an easy-to-use mail server for Linux and Windows.Check mail online with the fast and user-friendly AJAX webmail packed with a number of stylish skins, access and manage mail folders, browse e-mails with a preview pane and compose new ones with a rich-text editor, use address book to easily send mail to individual . Free download of AfterLogic XMail Server Pro for Linux 3.2, size 14.50 Mb.

EMS SQL Manager 2007 for Oracle 1.1 EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc 

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle is a high performance tool for Oracle Database Server Administration and development. SQL Manager for Oracle works with any Oracle versions from 8.1.7 to 10g and supports all Oracle objects and all Oracle data types including the new BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE types, and others. It offers plenty of powerful tools for . Free download of EMS SQL Manager 2007 for Oracle 1.1, size 15.21 Mb.

certchamp Oracle 10g DBA admin-i Success Kit Free 1.1 certchamp 

Oracle Database 10g DBA OCA Success Kit trail version,Exam Practice, Simulator, OCA ORACLE 10G ADMIN-I (1Z0-042)Exam,OCP ORACLE 10G ADMIN-II Success Kit, Oracle Database 10g: Administration II,Mock Practice Exam.Syllabus covered. Architecture Installing the Oracle Database Software
Creating an Oracle Database
Managing the Oracle . Free download of certchamp Oracle 10g DBA admin-i Success Kit Free 1.1, size 19.53 Mb.

Dynamic Webcam SDK 8.0 Dynamsoft 

Optimized for Web applications, Dynamic Webcam SDK is a browser plugin which enables users to acquire an image from a webcam, edit and then upload/save it to a Database, Web server or local disk. Also, it can capture a live video stream into a container and grab a snapshot to be exported to a file/binary.
The library is based on the DirectShow . Free download of Dynamic Webcam SDK 8.0, size 9.23 Mb.

Avastu Appliances 1.0 Avastuproject 

Avastu Appliances will be packaging and developing a Web interface for end users. This Web console will give users a Web Administration interface where they can convert their Virtual Appliances to any format like XenSource, VMware, etc.

Avastu Appliances 1.0 License - Common Development and Distribution License . Freeware download of Avastu Appliances 1.0, size 0 b.

PanLex 1.0 Panlex 

Panlingual lexicographic Database. Web- and API-accessible service translates words among all languages and gives semantic and grammatical information. Usable for messaging, search, localization, and research. See also

PanLex 1.0 License - Public Domain . Freeware download of PanLex 1.0, size 0 b.

RISE Editor RISE to Bloome Software 

RISE is a software suite for model driven information system development. Use a single source RISE model to generate your entire information solution including Database, Web services and documentation. Boost development throughput and improve quality and maintainability!

The RISE user experience is based on a project concept, similar . Freeware download of RISE Editor, size 456.70 Kb.

ITC Server 2.0  

ITC Server - internet server with traffic control. Built in mail server, VPN server, Firewall. All with Web Administration panel. Easy to install and use! You do not need to know linux at all, ITC Server installs automatically! Installation takes only 10 minutes and you get real internet server with traffic control, firewall, AD integration and . Free download of ITC Server 2.0, size 264.45 Mb.

qmailinst 1.0 

Installer for QMAIL. QMAILINST will install a full email system with smtp, pop3, imap, Web Administration, mailing lists, and optional antivirus. . Freeware download of qmailinst 1.0, size 7.12 Mb.

Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1 Webcyradm 

A set of tools for management of the Cyrus IMAPd server in various scenarios. Actually I am working on heavy integration of Cyrus with Microsoft Active Directory 2003. The tools includes AD sync-tools, Web Administration page and more resources.

Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Cyrus WebAdmin Tools 0.1, size 1.65 Kb.

SlackwareBox 1.0 Slkbox 

A FULL MTA server slackware based. with anti-spam, webmail, anti-virus, smtp authenticated, POP, IMAP, IMAPS, POPS, Web Administration.....

SlackwareBox 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of SlackwareBox 1.0, size 0 b.

Access Database Web Administration Tool 1.0 

If you need to publish your Access DB online, you do not need to make an interface anymore, just take this application, edit it a little bit and upload your Access DB. You will only need a WhizBase Server Pages Engine . Freeware download of Access Database Web Administration Tool 1.0, size 17.85 Kb.

Smans data server 1.9 Technopoles-M 

Smans server is a mobile content management system (CMS) of a Web site and a tool for development of a dynamic Database-driven site. The server represents a set of Java servlets and possesses the following properties, facilitating a Web development:

1.The basic feature is opportunity to manage remotely Web-resources (Database, files), to . Freeware download of Smans data server 1.9, size 946.12 Kb.

DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise 4.5 Mentat Technologies 

DreamCoder for MySQL is a powerful software solution for MySQL Database Administration and development. Our very intuitive interface will save you time and money.DreamCoder for MySQL works with all MySQL versions from 3.23 to 6.0 and supports all MySQL features including tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, schedule events, InnoDB . Free download of DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise 4.5, size 10.69 Mb.

ASP Report Maker 6.0 e.World Technology Ltd. 

ASP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic ASP (Active Server Pages) Web reports from a Microsoft Access Database or other ADO Data Source. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports (for Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle) for your websites. Flash charting (column, bar, . Free download of ASP Report Maker 6.0, size 23.95 Mb.

Navicat Premium (Windows) The World's best Cross-d 9.1.5 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. 

Navicat Premium is an ideal solution for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL Administration and development. This is an all-inclusive Database front end provides a powerful graphical interface for databases management and maintenance. Easy installation and intuitive interface make it an irreplaceable tool for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, . Free download of Navicat Premium (Windows) The World's best Cross-d 9.1.5, size 24.22 Mb.

PremiumSoft Navicat Lite 10.0.5 PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd. 

Navicat is a fast, reliable and affordable Database Administration tool purpose-built for simplifying Database management and reducing Administration costs. Designed to meet the needs of Database administrators, developers, and small and medium businesses, Navicat is built with an intuitive GUI which lets you create, organize, access and share . Freeware download of PremiumSoft Navicat Lite 10.0.5, size 0 b.

Database Web Administration Web Results

Consumer health information for hospital web sites. Web site development, streaming video, web nursery, employment listings, and physician database also available.

TALON: Online Database of K-12 Web Resources

Organized by 14 subject areas and, where possible, grade level, this is a searchable database of K-12 web resources to integrate technology into the curriculum.

School Web of Instructional Media Database (SWIM)

A Web-based, searchable database that allows for access by students and teachers to different instructional media.

Web Reference Database

Details on this web-based, platform-independent, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature and references. Based on php and mysql, it enables researchers to collaboratively manage a...

Oracle Database Monitoring

Oracle monitoring & Oracle performance monitoring for database infrastructures. Read more about eG’s web based Oracle reporting tool. Effectively monitoring and managing a database server...

English Voice Actor and Production Staff Database

Fan-created database logging roles played by voice actors. Also notes production staff of the English release of a series.

Pressed Flower Database

Searchable database of pressed flowers and botanicals. Includes pictures, pressing methods and information.