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Winfonie mobile Bertels + Hirsch Softwareloesungen 

Winfonie Mobile 2 can sync phone book, appointments and todos between Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Tobit David, Palm Desktop, Lotus Organizer, Lotus Notes, Windows Mail, CSV files, ODBC, combit address manager, combit relationship manager, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and many Nokia mobile phones. Supports Nokia 6230, 6230i, . Free download of Winfonie mobile, size 10.48 Mb.


Address Book Master 1.2.2 Jumping Bytes 

Address book converter, transfer/copy contacts from one PIM/file to another.
Supported PIMs: Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird (incl.portable), Novell Groupwise, Tobit David, Palm Desktop, Windows address book
Files: vcf, csv, pdf, ldif, mab, adr, nbu
Additional import from: Spicebird, Nokia PC/OVI Suite, Excel, The Bat, Eudora, . Free download of Address Book Master 1.2.2, size 11.00 Mb.

FilterSynth 1.0.1 DavidPutman 

FilterSynth is a free VSTi synthesizer or SoftSynth.
You can also use it as a stand-alone instrument connected to a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and it will respond to the full range of MIDI commands. It has:
- 4 oscillators with selectable waveforms
- ADSR envelope stage
- filter stage with selectable filter type
- full . Freeware download of FilterSynth 1.0.1, size 4.70 Mb.

TronMe 2 86 3D Solar UK Ltd 

TronMe is an interactive media player developed by 3D Solar. This software will give you the ability to make your own song versions or remixes. In addition you will be enabled to perform them live in your favourite chat programs. The title´s ultimate goal is simply to bring you a new way of music experience, additionally you are going to . Freeware download of TronMe 2 86, size 0 b.

DAVID-Laserscanner DAVID-laserscanner 

David-laserscanner is a very low-cost system for contact-free scanning of 3d objects. The only hardware requirements are a simple commercial hand-held laser and a standard camera.

Main features:

- Compatible to most cameras with Microsoft Windows drivers (WDM):
You can use nearly every MS-Windows compatible camera . Free download of DAVID-Laserscanner, size 3.15 Mb.

PassControl SatSignal Software 

If you have an R2FX, R2ZX, R139 or RX2 receiver, you may have wanted to control it from your computer so that important passes were collected, and not ruined by other satellites capturing the receiver. My PassControl program allows this scheduling, and being RS232-based, it works under Windows XP, 2000, NT etc. as well as Windows 98 and ME. . Freeware download of PassControl, size 83.29 Mb.

Power Plan Chooser 1.0.3730 David Vielmetter 

Power Plan Chooser is a small application written in C#. It runs in the notification area and allows you to quickly switch between the three standard Windows 7 power plans (Balanced, High performance and Power saver). The icon will change color based on the plan you’ve selected indicating which power plan is currently active on your . Freeware download of Power Plan Chooser 1.0.3730, size 56.67 Mb.

Addictive Pitts 1 5 Addictive Simulations 

Flight model verified by active Pitts pilots to ensure absolute realism.
If you are looking for the ultimate in high performance aerobatic aircraft then look no further than our Pitts Special S1. Developed for FS2004 and from the ground-up for FSX, this little aircraft is like no other that you have ever flown! . Free download of Addictive Pitts 1 5, size 168.82 Mb.

Waco: The Seven Seals 1.0 AmigaCam 

The game seven seals is about the February 28, 1993 Waco Siege on mount Carmel. The ATF held an attack that took 51 days to complete and ended on April 19th. You get to play online as either an ATF agent or a member of the Branch Davidians cult, giving you the opportunity to experience both sides of the attack. I can imagine that if you are deeply . Free download of Waco: The Seven Seals 1.0, size 126.98 Mb.

David Aguirre Grazio's System Monitor 1.0 David Aguirre Grazio 

Utility that monitors your PC, it shows a processor load indicator in the system tray bar, makes log of all Windows starts and shutdown (date and time) and processor over-load alarm. . Free download of David Aguirre Grazio's System Monitor 1.0, size 765.46 Kb.

GTD-Free for Windows 0.6-beta Ike 

GTD-Free is personal TODO/action manager inspired by GTD (Getting Things Done) method by David Allen. GTD-Free tries to be simple and easy to use. . Free download of GTD-Free for Windows 0.6-beta, size 5.42 Mb.

David's Backgammon 5.5.2 GammonSoft 

Ready for a fun game of backgammon! Try this excellent, top-ranked, easy to use backgammon game. Windows and Macintosh versions. Has just about any option or feature that you would like including 5 skill levels for all levels of player. Gives advice on moves and the doubling cube, can take back moves and doubles of the cube, on-line help, can pick . Free download of David's Backgammon 5.5.2, size 912.26 Kb.

GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha GPOPS Team 

GPOPS (which stands for d-deDUGeneral Pseudospectral OPtimal Control Softwared-deDt) is an open-source MATLAB optimal control software than implements the Gauss and Radau hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods. These methods approximate the state using a basis of Lagrange polynomials and collocate the dynamics at the Legendre-Gauss-Radau points. These . Free download of GPOPS for Windows 4.1 Alpha, size 2.79 Mb.

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