Dbf Database File Freeware

Neotrek DBF Database Express 1.58 AN Shura Computing 

Neotrek Dbf Database Express is a real time client side .Dbf data table viewer and editor. Ideal for professional, home or office use the software creates, edits, and views Database tables in .Dbf File formats. Neotrek Dbf Database Express can open up to 8 .Dbf tables simultaneously with easy rapid and intuitive table navigation. Several variations . Freeware download of Neotrek DBF Database Express 1.58, size 728.63 Kb.


wxDBF 1.2 SVN r295 troelsk 

wxDBF is a small, easy to use application specially designed to help you access the simple Dbf Database format the easiest possible way.

This library consists basically of only two files (Dbf.h and Dbf.c), although C++ wrappers and sample GUI apps using wxWidgets and MFC are included, plus a C# implementation with no GUI.

DBF Database Desktop 1.0 Dbfdesktop 

Dbf Database Desktop is a front-end application to be used with the TDBF Component (by Micha Nelissen). It allows you to create, restructure and manage your tables by using a simple graphic interface.

Dbf Database Desktop 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of DBF Database Desktop 1.0, size 0 b.

Distributed Database File System 1.0 Ddbfs 

A project to create a Distributed Relational Database File System for the GNU/Linux platform. The architecture will allow for multiple encryption and/or compression layers as well as providing the ability to complete live backups.

Distributed Database File System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Distributed Database File System 1.0, size 0 b.

libesedb 20120102 Alpha Joachim Metz 

libesedb was specially developed as an accessible and Open Source library that allows you to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format.

ESEDB is used in may different applications like Windows Search, Windows Mail, Exchange, Active Directory, etc.

. Freeware download of libesedb 20120102 Alpha, size 0 b.

DataNumen Oracle Recovery 1.0 DataNumen, Inc. 

DataNumen Oracle Recovery is the best FREE Oracle Dbf repair and recovery tool in the world. It can repair the corrupted Oracle Dbf Database files and recover all tables and other objects in them as much as possible, thereby minimizing the loss in File corruption.

Main Features:

1. Support all versions of Oracle Dbf . Freeware download of DataNumen Oracle Recovery 1.0, size 1.57 Mb.

SysTools MDF Viewer 1.0 SysTools Software 

MDF Viewer is the primary Database File format used by Microsoft SQL Server, which is an enterprise-level Database program; used for Database files installed with SQL Server and related add-ons. Custom MDF files may also be created by the user in SQL Server. MDF can be the File extension denoting diverse sort of files. Commonly MDF File extension . Freeware download of SysTools MDF Viewer 1.0, size 1.70 Mb.

DB Elephant DBF Console 1 1 DBElephant 

DB Elephant Dbf Console is a handy tool for Dbf Database management and development. Make your data management like editing, filtering, grouping or sorting clear and convenient. A handy Dbf editor is included. Create and execute queries in the most comfortable way. DB Elephant Dbf Console has a well-thought interface. It makes the tool good even . Freeware download of DB Elephant DBF Console 1 1, size 2.37 Mb.

bitDB OO Database System 1.0 Bitdb 

bitDB is an extensible, self-defining Object Database / File System. The goal of this project is to port the concepts of the existing bitDB proprietry OR system into a stand-alone OO Database server and supporting APIs.

bitDB OO Database System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of bitDB OO Database System 1.0, size 0 b.

DbImport 2.01 IT Systems 

A small program that will simply import records from one Database File to another.

The xDbImporter application was desigend to be a small program that will simply import records from one Database File to another. Select the source Database File and the destination File and add the recorders to be imported. . Freeware download of DbImport 2.01, size 1.01 Mb.

RESUMate Repair+ 7 5 RESUMate, Inc. 

Repair is a utility you can use to repair a corrupted RESUMate Database File (RDB). It can also be used to compact a File, which removes unused space and refreshes internal indexes, making overall program operation faster.

While Repair is usually successful at repairing a corrupted File, it cannot repair all types of corruption. In . Freeware download of RESUMate Repair+ 7 5, size 2.31 Mb.

pnm2gallery 0.1 pnm2gallery.sourceforge.net 

pnm2gallery is a bash-script that converts your pnm-files to jpeg-files in different sizes and produces a Database-File for import into a MySQL-Database . Freeware download of pnm2gallery 0.1, size 1.70 Kb.

SEACAS 2012.04.05 seacas.sourceforge.net 

The Sandia Engineering Analysis Code Access System (SEACAS) is a suite of preprocessing, postprocessing, translation, and utility applications supporting finite element analysis software using the ExodusII Database File format. . Freeware download of SEACAS 2012.04.05, size 17.49 Mb.

pyCSVDB 1.0 Pycsvdb 

This application is a Python Tkinter application designed to enable easy SQLite Database File manipulation, and an easy method to run SQL styled queries on CSV files.

To run this you will need Python 2.6 or later, but preferably Python 3.0 or above as this is the environment it was made in. Python is a free code interpretter much like . Freeware download of pyCSVDB 1.0, size 34.84 Kb.

Btrieve File Saver 0.1 dbcoretech ltd. 

Btrieve File Saver Utility

the world?s only tool to recover Btrieve data without the engine
read ? recover ? restore data even in case of data corruption and if the engine returns status 2!
read directly into data pages without going thru the internal structure
(only this way you can recover data that are stored . Freeware download of Btrieve File Saver 0.1, size 14.34 Kb.

SBS1 Explorer 0.2.1 sbs1explorer.sourceforge.net 

The SBS1 Explorer application features a nice GUI allowing a variety of queries to any SBS-1 flights Database without having to install the BaseStation software. Simply get a Database File (usually BaseStation.sqb) and open it in SBS1 Explorer. . Freeware download of SBS1 Explorer 0.2.1, size 26.23 Kb.

scratch padx 1.0.1 scratchpadx.sourceforge.net 

Scratch pad is a simple gui tool store and manage text notes, It use tree like index (folder and File) manage data, like many File manager. It store notes in a single Database File use sqlite. . Freeware download of scratch padx 1.0.1, size 839.38 Kb.

PowerShell Scripts for SQL 2.0 Idera, Inc. 

Get available SQL Servers Get/Set default data or log File locations Get server version and attributes Get Database File sizes Get query results using a T-SQL script in a File Get available SQL Servers Get/Set default data or log File locations Get available SQL Servers Get/Set default data or log File locations Get server version and attributes . Freeware download of PowerShell Scripts for SQL 2.0, size 264.19 Kb.

Cookie DestrucTor cookidestructor.sourceforge.net 

Cookie DestructoR helps you to maintain your privacy on the web. This software has the ability to clean cookies and internet cache on the fly. It is ready to destroy the Index.dat Database File on your machine, if necessary. . Freeware download of Cookie DestrucTor, size 388.73 Kb.

potatis 1.13 potatis.sourceforge.net 

Potatis is a program that manages multiple translations (gettext) in one single (messages.pod) "PO Database" File instead of multiple message.po File. . Freeware download of potatis 1.13, size 13.40 Kb.