Decompiler Vb Software

VB 6 AntiDecompiler 3.1.0 Dombaj Soft 

vb 6 AntiDecompiler is a software Tool that disables the decompilation of vb 5/6 native code programs by services like the Visual Basic 5/6 decompiler service and tools like vb ReFormer, vb decompiler, vb RezQ and vb Semi decompiler.

Secure you software from decompilation. Just take a look at VBReformer!
After a program was . Free download of VB 6 AntiDecompiler 3.1.0, size 828.38 Kb.


Spices.Net Decompiler 9Rays.Net 

.NET decompiler - .Net assembly decompiler that recovers source code from crashes and convert executables to C#, vb.Net, J#, Delphi.Net and managed C++ code. . Free download of Spices.Net Decompiler, size 6.41 Mb.

VBReFormer 6.4 

VBReFormer Professional is an essential and powerful set of recovery tools for Visual Basic 5 & 6 application.

decompiler, disassembler, and design editor at the same time, VBReFormer is a must-have tool for companies and professionals who work with old version of their Visual Basic applications.

. Free download of VBReFormer 6.4, size 3.68 Mb.

VBReFormer Free Edition 5.0 

VBReFormer Free Edition is an essential disassembler and design recovery tool for Visual Basic applications.

Visual Basic disassembler and design code recovery tool, VBReFormer Free Edition will allows you to disassemble all native subroutine of your application and will revover design code of yours application. . Freeware download of VBReFormer Free Edition 5.0, size 2.56 Mb.

VBReFormer Professional Edition 5 4 

Design recovery: VBReFormer is a solution for recovering the design of each form and control, with all properties, values, all reference to external controls (ActiveXâ„¢ libraries), and all pictures. Then VBReFormer allows your to decompile and recover the main information to re-write the graphical design of your application without executable . Free download of VBReFormer Professional Edition 5 4, size 5.00 Mb.

VB Decompiler Lite GPcH Soft 

vb decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and disassembler for programs written on .NET technology. The loss of source codes is a very serious problem for many developers. Imagine you write the program, spend your force, time and money, release compiled program to the customers.

But . Free download of VB Decompiler Lite, size 5.66 Mb.

VB Decompiler 2.2 GPcH Soft 

decompiler of Visual Basic programs.- Decompiling forms (frm and frx) and usercontrols (ctl) object files;- Fully p-code decompiling (with parsing opcodes to standart vb instructions, with decompile GUID objects);- 2 p-code decompiling modes (with stack parsing or without stack parsing);- Disassembling native code procedures (with power Pentium Pro . Free download of VB Decompiler 2.2, size 1.01 Mb.

Spices.Decompiler 9Rays.Net 

.Net decompiler that decompiles/disassembles .Net assemblies and build code flow diagrams from MSIL (MS Intermediate Language) binary format to well-formed and optimized source code (6 languages: MSIL, C#, vb.NET, Delphi.Net J# and managed C++). Spices.decompiler completely integrated into Spices.Net and offers wide range of services to diplay or . Free download of Spices.Decompiler, size 5.79 Mb.

Refractor freeware .NET Decompiler 5.0 RustemSoft 

Refractor .NET assembly browser is free developer tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling. The interface builds on years of experience in code analysis and development productiveness specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, RustemSoft's .NET code protection software. The .NET assembly browser and decompiler lets you . Freeware download of Refractor freeware .NET Decompiler 5.0, size 2.58 Mb.

VB Decompiler Updates Checker Softkey ZAO 

Author applications - the company DotFix Software.
Convenient means of quickly checking for updates of software vb decompiler. Better way for PC to decompile applications developed in Visual Basic 6.0. Simplifies the information of clients PC version of the release of updates and alerts about the new features the latest versions. . Free download of VB Decompiler Updates Checker, size 1.05 Mb.

Visual Studio Decompiler 5. 1. 2011 RustemSoft 

What to do if you wrote a vb.NET application for a client a couple of years ago, but you no longer have the source code of the .NET project? All you have is the EXE that you deployed on the client's computer. Is there a way you can generate vb.NET source code from the EXE? RustemSoft's Skater .NET obfuscator has been expanded with .NET assembly . Free download of Visual Studio Decompiler 5. 1. 2011, size 1.61 Mb.

VB RezQ ThunderPeek 

vb RezQ is dedicated software for the Visual Basic platform, and is capable of rewriting a program by recreating source files from the data encapsulated within the compiled file. The application can provide an accurate framework on which the user can easily rebuild the vb application and it can identify all the source files, and recover the project . Free download of VB RezQ, size 2.31 Mb.

NetReSourcer - .NET Decompiler 1.0 Net-re-sourcer 

NetReSourcer is a decompiler for the .NET platform that generates source in any language with CodeDOM support (such as C# and vb.NET) and thus can be also used for inter-language program translation.

NetReSourcer - .NET decompiler 1.0 License - MIT License . Freeware download of NetReSourcer - .NET Decompiler 1.0, size 0 b.

Flash Decompiler - Eltima SWF to FLA Converter 2.6 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

Flash decompiler from is a powerful SWF to FLA Converter which decompiles sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts from any SWF. This solution from also allows you to get Flash Video in AVI or other playable formats. All you need to do is just select the SWF you want to . Free download of Flash Decompiler - Eltima SWF to FLA Converter 2.6, size 4.22 Mb.

Flash SWF Decompiler 2 ELTIMA 

Flash SWF decompiler is a powerful application for Flash designers, which allows to extract sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts with a single click, preview and edit decompiled SWF elements. To the latest version added was a wanted feature of SWF to FLA conversion. Now with Flash (SWF) . Free download of Flash SWF Decompiler 2, size 3.68 Mb.

Eltima Flash Decompiler 1.4 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

Flash decompiler is a powerful solution for everybody dealing with Macromedia Flash technology. Flash decompiler delivers the power to extract all resources from a SWF file. Now with an ease of one click you can store sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts from any SWF file directly to your . Free download of Eltima Flash Decompiler 1.4, size 3.75 Mb.

VB Net Maker 1 Swing 

VB_Net_Maker creates vb.Net file to access a Data Base (Oracle, Access, SQL Server, other sources) from ASPX pages. It generates a file containing a class for each table of the Data Base, with Sub class or an arraylist of sub classes for each foreign key, according to the direction of this key, Property for each column of the table, Methods Update, . Free download of VB Net Maker 1, size 3.00 Mb.

VB.Net to C# Converter VBConversions 

VBConversions vb.Net to C# Converter is a state of the art conversion program which rewrites your vb.Net project in C#. Variable names, comments, and inline comments are preserved. Converts the 101 Microsoft vb.Net Samples Succesfully. Free Download.The vb.Net to C# Converter even converts some of the most difficult features other programs don't . Free download of VB.Net to C# Converter, size 2.05 Mb.

VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control 2.2 YQSoft Inc 

Animate your GIFs with this pure vb code Animation GIF ActiveX Control.Supports most GIF89a standards, including animation, looping, delay time, and so on. Analyze every frame of the GIF with this control. Autosize, stretch features. Supports JPEG, BMP and any other picture formats that vb supports. Developed in pure vb codes, DOES NOT use any . Free download of VB Animation GIF ActiveX Control 2.2, size 632.83 Kb.

Flash Decompiler 5 SourceTec Software 

Professional SWF decompiler easily decompiles SWF to FLA and extracts elements from Flash movie. It supports decompiling one or more SWF and EXE to FLA, and extracting all the elements at one time. Flash SWF decompiler supports Flash 6, Flash MX 2004 (7.0), Flash 8, Flash CS3 (9.0) and Flash CS4 (10.0) completely. It is compatible with ActionScript . Free download of Flash Decompiler 5, size 9.70 Mb.