Detailed Report Software

File Search Report 2.0.2 

File Search Report quickly searches selected folders or drives and creates a Detailed Report in an Excel file.
The Report gives a clear view of the contents of your folders and drives. This allows you to easily manage them.
Each file has a link in the Report and can be opened by clicking it.
The data in the Report can be . Freeware download of File Search Report 2.0.2, size 0 b.


Bit Computing Timetrack 5.1.773 Bit Computing 

Bit Computing Timetrack is an easy-to-use software utility that logs every single of your computer activities and gives a Detailed Report of which applications, websites or documents have been attracting your attention. If you find that your precious time has been going to waste in front of your computer, and simply have no idea where they have . Free download of Bit Computing Timetrack 5.1.773, size 544.77 Kb.

CompareFiles 1.4 Compare-files 

This command-line tool will help people who want to compare 2 csv-like files, and get a Detailed Report on which rows and fields differ between both files. An awk-based version and Perl Version is currently available.

CompareFiles 1.4 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) . Freeware download of CompareFiles 1.4, size 49.71 Kb.

Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool Microsoft 

The Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool provides a Detailed Report of your current Outlook profile. This Report includes many parameters about your profile, and it highlights any known problems that are found in your profile.

For any problems that are listed in the Report, you are provided a link to a Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) . Free download of Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool, size 0 b.

Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer 14.0.650.23 Microsoft 

When you run the Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer, it provides a Detailed Report that will alert you if there are any issues within your organization, which could prevent you from deploying Exchange 2010. For example, the Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer will notify you if you haven't deployed the minimum required Exchange service pack on all your . Free download of Exchange Pre-Deployment Analyzer 14.0.650.23, size 0 b.

Hyperlink Doctor 1.0 Time4 

Need to impress the boss? Add a URL test summary to your reports! It's quick and easy with Hyperlink Doctor...

Hyperlink Doctor is a simple but invaluable tool for scanning webpages at the HTML code level to produce a Detailed Report on the state of links within it.

> The app tests each link it finds and determines if the . Freeware download of Hyperlink Doctor 1.0, size 2.52 Mb.

My Drinking Stats 01 Steinbock Applications 

DrinkStats generates a Detailed Report of your drinking habits based on your input criteria (age, gender, units etc.)

For instance, find out how many calories of alcohol you consumed last week or how much you're likely to spend on booze over the next 3 years.

Export your Report as a PDF, either to read later or share with . Freeware download of My Drinking Stats 01, size 2.20 Mb.

Hijack Hunter 1.8.0 NoVirusThanks Company Srl 

Hijack Hunter is an application that thoroughly scans your computer and displays all the gathered data in a comprehensive way. Generate a Detailed Report with running processes, loaded modules, registry startup entries, IE settings, system hijacks, hidden files, loaded drivers, services and much more. Manage registry startup entries, boot files, . Freeware download of Hijack Hunter 1.8.0, size 816.50 Kb.

Net Prospector Music Baxsoft 

Net Prospector Music is a handy application that allows you to search for music related websites. The program allows you to enter the keyword and to generate a Detailed Report.

The Report is generated in HTML format and includes information about the found file type and encoding.

. Free download of Net Prospector Music, size 0 b.

RelayTest 1.9.4 

Relay Test Pro is a tool for network administrators, that allows to test a specified mail server for open relays. It runs series of tests designed to detect open relays and create a Detailed Report of the findings. The test data can be automatically updated from the web to catch-up with the latest tricks used by spammers. Relay Test Pro is not . Free download of RelayTest 1.9.4, size 1.21 Mb.

Blood Pressure Recorder 1.0 Lifestyle Toolbox 

Record your daily blood pressure measurements using this fast and easy freeware program from Lifestyle Toolbox. From the Detailed Report of your measurements, you and your doctor can assess if you have high blood pressure and perhaps the causes. . Freeware download of Blood Pressure Recorder 1.0, size 7.00 Mb.

MyCleanPC Registry Scanner 1.2.1990.2076 CyberDefender Corp 

Registry Cleaner gives you control over the errors it finds. You'll see a Detailed Report that allows you to select all or only specific items to delete or repair. Errors are grouped by category to help you decide how to act. Most people don't realize just how "dirty" a computer can get over time. You'll be amazed how much . Free download of MyCleanPC Registry Scanner 1.2.1990.2076, size 4.97 Mb.

Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool(SERC) 1.0.1 eTatvaSoft 

Keyword rank checker tool allows you to easily get search engine results page (SERP) ranks for your website quickly. You can add any number of websites and get a Detailed Report for an imprecise number of keywords too. All you have to do is download this keyword rank checker tool and install in on your computer. Get this Keyword Rank Checker . Freeware download of Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool(SERC) 1.0.1, size 3.45 Mb.

Argentum Money 1.0 Argentum 

Argentum is a personal financial analyser. It is designed to give a review of current spending while automatically categorising costs to produce a Detailed Report on spending over a certain time.

Argentum Money 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Argentum Money 1.0, size 0 b.

SE Rank Checker 2.0 eTatvaSoft 

SE Rank Checker is a handy and reliable utility designed to allow you to easily get search engine ranks for your website quickly.

You can add any number of websites and get a Detailed Report for an imprecise number of keywords too. All you have to do is download this keyword rank checker tool and install in on your computer.

AxiKit Accident Report Kit 2.1.06 AXIKIT, INC. 

Accidents happen without warning. With AxiKit you're prepared so you can avoid costly mistakes. AxiKit guides you step by step and makes it easy to capture vital information quickly and accurately. Everything is saved to a Report you can email to yourself and others.

Protect yourself and your family with AxiKit. Download now for peace . Freeware download of AxiKit Accident Report Kit 2.1.06, size 12.69 Mb.


WinFocusMon (WFM) is a diagnostic utility used to monitor a specified window and determine why it loses input focus unexpectedly. WFM can notify the user when the state of the monitored window changes, as well as create a Report with greater detail about the event.

WFM can monitor almost any application window, such as your word . Freeware download of WinFocusMon, size 1.06 Mb.

Win32Whois 0.9.15 Gennady Feldman 

Win32Whois is a free, small and efficient tool that lets you retrieve registration information for a particular domain or website. It takes URL, hostname or IP address and will generate a Detailed Report listing all the available technical and contact information it can find. The generated Report can be saved as a file or used to track down website . Freeware download of Win32Whois 0.9.15, size 20.97 Kb.

Varicent Model Analyzer 3.0 Varicent Model Analyzer 

Varicent Model Analyzer is a peerless developer tool which eases analysis on Varicent ICM models efficiently. The tool features various hand-on supports to developers working on Varicent 6 and above, the leading Incentive Compensation Management solution.


Browse and preview Detailed Report on . Free download of Varicent Model Analyzer 3.0, size 3.00 Mb.

DBF Comparer 2.7 Astersoft Co. 

DBF Comparer is a sure way to find out if your DBF files bear similarities or not, if their data fields have matches or not. Basically, this comparison wizard helps you to manage your information and analyze your data at a new level of quality.

The program has an easy-to-use intuitive interface, which presents the comparison process as . Free download of DBF Comparer 2.7, size 2.39 Mb.

Detailed Report Web Results

Mexico Trip Report

Detailed report from Texas-Guatemala trip in April-May 2000 by Karl Overman.

Learning about Karen Cushman

An 8th grade student writes this detailed report on Cushman's life and writing style.

BlackGem Books

Large selection of secondhand hardback and paperback books. Detailed report on condition or dust wrapper / jacket scan available on request.


Excavations at the ancient city of Aphrodisias by New York University. Location map, plan, history and detailed report with bibliography.

Assessment of Knowledge on Impacts of Climate Change

A detailed report for the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) into the effects of dangerous anthropogenic interference on ecosystems, food production, water, and socio-economic systems....

Industrial Hemp and its Potential for New Zealand

Detailed report for the 1999 Kellogg Rural Leadership Course, providing background information on industrial hemp and the political, legal, economic, social and environmental issues surrounding it,...


A free on-line accessibility and browser compatibility checker. Hermish will test your web pages for accessibility issues and provide a detailed report.