Detect Threat Software

UtilTool Antivirus 3.0.73 Utiltool 

Do you want to be protected against Computer Viruses and Spyware, Trojans and Worms? UtilTool Antivirus is a tool that can help you detect and get rid of the malware in your computer.

Thanks to its platform and operating system independent scanning methods it effectively scans for all known viruses, worms, trojans, backdoors, scripts, . Free download of UtilTool Antivirus 3.0.73, size 0 b.


Security Task Manager A. & M. Neuber Software 

Security Task Manager is one of a number of systems designed to help PC users manage their processes more effectively. Processes and programs can slow down a PC, causing it to appear sluggish. If your computer is running too many programs at once you may not be able to open games or other accessories. While Windows Task Manager can be helpful, it . Free download of Security Task Manager, size 3.00 Mb.

SDL Threat Modeling Tool 3.1.2008 Microsoft 

The Microsoft SDL threat Modeling Tool allows for early and structured analysis and proactive mitigation and tracking of potential security issues. The SDL threat Modeling Tool helps engineers analyze the security of their systems to find and address design issues early in the software lifecycle. The SDL threat Modeling Tool version 3.1.6 Beta . Freeware download of SDL Threat Modeling Tool 3.1.2008, size 3.77 Mb.

Messenger Detect 

Introducing our next generation of chat monitor - Messenger detect 3! Monitor and record all popular Instant Messenger chat or web chat* on your local network automatically and secretly! Do not need to install any client software on the target computers (if your network device support port mirroring feature or you have a HUB on your LAN). Do not . Free download of Messenger Detect, size 2.73 Mb.

KFSensor Professional 4.8.0 KeyFocus Ltd 

KFSensor Professional acts as a honeypot to attract and detect hackers and worms by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.
By acting as a decoy server it can divert attacks from critical systems and provide a higher level of information than can be achieved by using firewalls and NIDS alone.

KFSensor Professional is . Free download of KFSensor Professional 4.8.0, size 0 b.

PC Tools Threat Removal Tool 2012 PC Tools 

PC Tools threat Removal Tool is a handy and reliable utility designed to scan your computer for threats and remove them.

This threat Removal Tool is designed to fight malicious code that has been known to prevent PC Tools' antivirus software from being installed. It performs a quick system scan in order to identify and neutralize the . Free download of PC Tools Threat Removal Tool 2012, size 0 b.

Detect CPU Information Simon Cahill 

detect CPU Information is a lightweight and easy to use tool that you can use to view details about the computer's processor.

Despite its name, it can also read and display data about the motherboard, the BIOS and the operating system.

. Freeware download of Detect CPU Information, size 0 b.

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 07.00.7734.100 Microsoft Coporation 

Forefront threat Management Gateway 2010 allows employees to safely and productively use the Internet without worrying about malware and other threats. It provides multiple protection capabilities including URL filtering*, antimalware inspection*, intrusion prevention, application- and network-layer firewall, and HTTP/HTTPS inspection d-deOCt that . Freeware download of Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 07.00.7734.100, size 1181.12 Mb.

1Click Spyclean 2.4. Secure PC Solutions.Inc 

1 Click Spy Clean protects your computer by detecting and removing different kinds of Adware, Spyware and many other types of Malware that represent a great threat to your environment and security. It uses top notch detection algorithms and is based on the work of the best programmers and Malware analysts. Features such as deep scanning sustained . Free download of 1Click Spyclean 2.4., size 4.05 Mb.

PacketAlarm UTM 1.1 VarySys Technologies 

A unified threat management system must include a combination of firewall, network intrusion prevention system and gateway virus scanner. PacketAlarm UTM offers much more than this, however, and also integrates a vulnerability scanner, a complete VPN gateway, a spam filter and an application level gateway. User authentication both in-band and . Free download of PacketAlarm UTM 1.1, size 122.83 Mb.

Abee Compare MP3 0.91 AbeeTech 

This program allows you to create mp3 collection from files on your disks and then compare mp3-files and detect files with the same tags (mp3 duplicates). It also can determine similar mp3 files. For example if one file has 'The Beatles' in the author-tag but another file has 'The Beetles' in this tag this program will discover such alike mp3 . Freeware download of Abee Compare MP3 0.91, size 1.04 Mb.

Triple Threat Mahjong Solitaire 1.0 Online Mahjong 

Triple threat Mahjong Solitaire is 3x as hard as traditional Mahjong Solitaire. Triple threat Mahjong Solitaire has 3 pyramids of Mahjong Tiles to break down for you to beat the game. Eliminate mahjong tiles by clicking on matching pairs. You can also match any season tile with any season tile, and any flower mahjong tiles with other flower mahjong . Freeware download of Triple Threat Mahjong Solitaire 1.0, size 2.58 Mb.

Excel Automatically Detect Duplicates 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Excel Automatically detect Duplicates As You Type Software: detect duplicate cells in one or more MS Excel files while typing. Excel 2000 or higher required.

OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vis . Free download of Excel Automatically Detect Duplicates 7.0, size 2.80 Mb.

ThreatModeler 1.0 MyAppSecurity 

ThreatModeler™ will allow companies to build threat models in less than an hour without any knowledge of security. Its Intelligent threat Engine (ITE), identifies the threat to your application, classifies them based on risk so that the mitigation efforts can be prioritized to reduce the overall risk to the web application.

. Free download of ThreatModeler 1.0, size 0 b.

eAcceleration - StopSign Popup Blocker eAcceleration Corp 

The StopSign Popup Blocker stops Internet advertising that is always popping up, cluttering your computer screen. Based on your individual settings, the StopSign Popup Blocker is able to detect if a popup is good or bad. You decide which popups to view.

Frequently, popups are caused by spyware or adware programs on your computer. Our . Freeware download of eAcceleration - StopSign Popup Blocker, size 3.12 Mb.

ThreatFire PC Tools 

ThreatFire uses advanced patent-pending technology to detect signs of malicious behavior commonly used by malware threats. ThreatFire is unlike traditional antivirus products that rely on old fashioned "signature" technology and require updating every time a new threat occurs.

By constantly monitoring the activity on your PC . Free download of ThreatFire, size 9.88 Mb.

Spyware Vaccine 4 1 

Spyware Vaccine is a program that can detect and remove spyware, as well as prevent attacks.

Once installed, this program starts on every startup, and scans every file that is loaded in your system. This way, it secures your PC against 50000 known spywares. If it finds any threat in your files, it automatically deletes the suspicious . Freeware download of Spyware Vaccine 4 1, size 4.93 Mb.

Safe Returner 1 28 SafeReturner Anti-Malware Studio 

Safe Returner is an awesomely impressive anti-malware tool which aids in the removal of Malware - Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware, Rootkit - when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them.

Safe Returner's a relatively speedy malware remover, it works at a high speed with . Free download of Safe Returner 1 28, size 3.83 Mb.

Adware Away 4 1 FlyYaNet Technology Inc. 

Adware Away offers you the easy and effective method to detect and remove all kinds of malware from your computer. This malware removal tool and service makes your computer stay away from online threat such as Trojan, Rootkit, Spyware, Browser hijacker etc. . Free download of Adware Away 4 1, size 1.07 Mb.

Threat Killer 1. 7. 2003 NoVirusThanks Company Srl 

threat Killer is a fully-scriptable malware remover able to remove persistent files, kernel drivers installed by rootkits, registry keys and values, terminate processes (even if critical), delete an entire folder (also using recursive) and much more by executing custom scripts.

Main features:

- Backup Files Folders and . Freeware download of Threat Killer 1. 7. 2003, size 78.64 Mb.