Digital Audio Processing Software

Wavosaur free digital audio editor Wavosaur free wav editor 

Wavosaur is a free , powerful digital audio editor for Windows, edit, record, add effects, repair clean your audio. record, playback, and mix sounds and apply effects using the infinite variety of VST effects, including all the high quality freeware VST effects available nowadays. - clean interface for working with multiple files in one session. - . Freeware download of Wavosaur free digital audio editor, size 218.11 Kb.


Super Digital Audio Recorder 5.39 ZeallSoft 

Super digital audio Recorder is a powerful real-time sound recorder from any digital resource. Enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone , midi, vcr, microphone, Internet audio streaming, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, Games, etc. All these work could . Free download of Super Digital Audio Recorder 5.39, size 576.51 Kb.

E-MU PCIe Digital Audio System Application 2.20.00 Creative Technology Ltd 

E-MU PCIe digital audio System Application is a package designed to offer you the original drivers and applications found on the E-MU PCIe digital audio System series of audio devices installation CD.

The E-MU PCIe digital audio System Application supports the following audio devices only:
E-MU 1616M PCIe digital audio System

Digital signal processing magic 1.1 Epson omega software systems design 

digital signal processing magic operates in a similar fashion as a calculator to make it easy and simple to use. It covers so many digital signal processing options that makes it serve a wide audience in the engineering and applied physics communities whether as professionals where it can have a significant role in the design of filters.

Nero Digital Audio 1.330 Nero Inc. 

Nero digital audio Reference MPEG-4 & 3GPP audio Encoder

Here are some key features of "Nero digital audio":

+eTE Compression Ratios ranging from ultra high (58 CDs fit on one!) to High-End audio (2.5:1), for absolutely perfect audiophile encodings
+eTE Crystal Clear, Award Winning Sound Quality at every . Free download of Nero Digital Audio 1.330, size 1.81 Mb.

CDex - Digital Audio CD Ripper 1.70 CDex 

CDex is a CD-Ripper, extracting digital audio data from an audio CD. CDex can extract the data directly (digital) from an audio CD, which is generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility. he resulting audio file can be a plain WAV file (useful for making compilation audio CDs) or the ripped audio data can be compressed using an audio encoder. Many . Free download of CDex - Digital Audio CD Ripper 1.70, size 14.88 Mb.

Digital AudioRescue Professional 3.0 Regall LLC 

digital AudioRescue Professional recover lost data from whole host of multimedia devices - from digital audio recorders, MP3 & WMA players to PDAs and mobile phones. Program support recovery from Hard Drives, CompactFlash cards (type I/II), IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia cards, MultiMedia cards (MMCs), Secure digital (SD) cards, Memory Sticks, . Free download of Digital AudioRescue Professional 3.0, size 1.29 Mb.

DarkWave Studio 5.8.0 ExperimentalScene 

DarkWave Studio is a free digital audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. DarkWave Studio allows the connection of machines in an ad-hoc fashion. The installer ships with both a 32-bit . Freeware download of DarkWave Studio 5.8.0, size 3.36 Mb.

Soundscape Editor 6.0 Sydec Audio Engineering 

The Soundscape Editor is the working environment for all Soundscape 32 and compatible digital audio Workstations. It runs under Windows™ 2000 or XP. Because it relies on the DSPs in the Soundscape 32 or Soundscape 16 hardware for all audio processing, mixing, DSP effects, disk handling and synchronization, the level of performance is . Freeware download of Soundscape Editor 6.0, size 2.08 Mb.

Cakewalk Pro Audio Cakewalk 

The award-winning digital audio and MIDI workstation for producers, audio engineers, multimedia authors, web developers, and professional musicians with dedicated hardware. Cakewalk Pro audio 9 is the new version of the industry's leading multitrack digital audio and MIDI software. It's the professional's choice for creating, mixing . Free download of Cakewalk Pro Audio, size 0 b.

PlayPad Audio Player 1.12 NCH Software 

PlayPad is a free digital audio player program for Windows. Playing your music on a computer has never been easier. Within minutes you will be able to import your audio, create your playlist and simply listen. PlayPad is deliberately designed to be light and easy to use without the add-ons which commonly weigh down other media players, yet it . Freeware download of PlayPad Audio Player 1.12, size 284.67 Kb.

PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.0 NCH Software 

Play audio, mp3 and music with this playlist software
PlayPad is free digital audio player software for Windows, Pocket PC or Smartphone devices. Playing your music and mp3s on a computer has never been easier. Within minutes you will be able to import your audio, create your playlist and then sit down and listen.

This audio player . Free download of PlayPad Digital Audio Player 1.0, size 283.12 Kb.

SignalLab VCL 7.0 Mitov Software 

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL and FireMonkey (FMX) components library for fast digital Signal processing (DSP) and data visualization.
Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code.

The library is fully multithreaded, utilizes very well modern multi-core systems, and runs at full native performance.

SignalLab VC++ 5.0.3 Mitov Software 

The SignalLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast digital Signal processing (DSP) and data visualization.
Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code.
SignalLab consists of SignalPlayer, SignalLogger, Signal Generator for Sine, Triangle, Square, DC and Jaehne signals, Noise generators, Simple Scope, . Free download of SignalLab VC++ 5.0.3, size 197.75 Mb.

SignalLab .NET 6.0 Mitov Software 

SignalLab is a set of .NET 2.0-4.5 components for fast digital Signal processing (DSP) and data visualization.

Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code.

The library is fully multithreaded, utilizes very well modern multi-core systems, and runs at full native performance.

Also includes . Free download of SignalLab .NET 6.0, size 259.66 Mb.

Melody Assistant 7.6.0c Myriad Software 

Melody Assistant is a powerful score editor with digital audio capabilities.
The list of features in this program is so large that it cannot be enumerated here. Let's quote some of them anyway :
- Complete score editor, with unlimited number of staves
- Tablature calculation for miscellaneous string instruments
- Embedded . Free download of Melody Assistant 7.6.0c, size 10.00 Mb.

QuickAudio 1.0 Sion Software 

QuickAudio is audio editing software, allowing you to edit, play and record digital audio as well as convert between various popular audio formats. It has standard audio editing features, audio spectrum analysis as well as support for up to 24 VST plugins. . Freeware download of QuickAudio 1.0, size 2.91 Mb.

d-lusion DiGiTAL AUDiO SERVER d-lusion interactive media 

digital audio Server was first presented in 1998. With this program you could synchronize up to 3 DAS aware software sound machines and had a sample accurat timing between clients and server. Further features were the synchronization to external Midi Clock signals and the possibility to record complete sessions and export them to the harddisk. . Freeware download of d-lusion DiGiTAL AUDiO SERVER, size 20.41 Mb.

DBMix Digital Audio Mixing System 1.0 

DBMix is a DJ mixer for digital audio. Current features: combines multiple streams into one output stream, pitch control, cueing, audio format conversion. DJ Mixer style gui (crossfader), xmms output plugin, command line client. . Freeware download of DBMix Digital Audio Mixing System 1.0, size 313.05 Kb.

Digital Image Processing Toy 

digital Image processing Toy process in real time live images captured from video4linux compatible hardware. Remove background from captured tv camera images, invert image colors, split rgb field, display coor istograms, etc.... Strong changes in light i . Freeware download of Digital Image Processing Toy, size 1.04 Mb.

Digital Audio Processing Web Results

DAVIC (Digital Audio Video Council)

Workin on creating the industry standard for end-to-end interoperability of broadcast and interactive digital audio-visual information, and of multimedia communication.

UCT Digital Image Processing

Home Page of the Digital Image Processing research group in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Cape Town

Bayer Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing hardware and software services supporting DSP of various companies

SPECTRUM: A Student Tool for Digital Signal Processing

A freeware Macintosh program for post-run digital signal processing.

SFB Electronics

Manufacturer of digital audio interfaces, custom-built audio equipment and distributor of professional radio and studio equipment. Online purchasing available. Netherlands.

Digital Signal Processing Group - University of València - Estudi General

Digital signal processing and applications to Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Systems.

Pyramind Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training

[San Francisco, CA] Pyramind is a post-production, digital media facility offering the Digital Producer Certificate, Digidesign ProTools Operator Certificate, and Apple Logic Audio Pro Certificate.