Directx Plug In Software

FASOFT Compressor 1.1 Fasoft 

FASoft Compressor is a Compressor/Expander/Noise gate Directx Plug-In that works on mono and stereo audio data from within audio applications that support the Directx Plug-In architecture.Using this Plug-In you can "shape" the sound of wave files attenuating loud parts while boosting quieter ones, enhancing the sound of the recordings of . Free download of FASOFT Compressor 1.1, size 1.03 Mb.


FASOFT ParEQ 1.3 Fasoft 

FASoft ParEQ is a 20 bands Directx Plug-In that lets users equalize mono and stereo wave files tracks from within audio applications that support the Directx Plug-In architecture. Using this Plug-In you can modify the sound of a wave file boosting selected bands of frequencies, eliminating others, creating In this way new sounds or enhancing the . Free download of FASOFT ParEQ 1.3, size 825.34 Kb.

Adapt-X Engine SDK 2.0 

The Adapt-X Engine SDK allows to implement Directx Plug-In and DMO support In your own applications even if you don't have any DirectShow-specific knowledge. This SDK includes C++, Delphi and managed (.NET) interfaces to the Adapt-X Engine DLL, as well as sample source code of using the engine In C#, C++ and Delphi.The Engine itself, AdaptX30.DLL, . Free download of Adapt-X Engine SDK 2.0, size 0 b.

AIPL SpinCycle 2 2 AIPL 

Add big 24-bit Leslie / rotary speaker sound to your digital music and make it FAT with this Directx Plug-In! Building on years of research, AIPL SpinCycle is the best Plug-In to digitally simulate a rotating speaker. If you closed your eyes and played an actual Leslie speaker, then played SpinCycle, we bet you couldn't tell the difference! We . Freeware download of AIPL SpinCycle 2 2, size 0 b.

Adapt-X for WMP 9 1.0 Chronotron Inc. 

Adapt-X turns your favorite player into a true Directx Plug-In
host, allowing you to leverage the power of the industry-standard DSP Plug-In architecture. Now you can listen to your music with the same professional effects that are used In real-life recordings.Adapt-X for Windows Media Player is In fact a combination of two Plug-ins: a DSP . Free download of Adapt-X for WMP 9 1.0, size 49.12 Mb.

Lexicon PSP 42 VST DX 1.0 Lexicon 

Lexicon PSP 42 is a digital stereo delay and a phrase sampler Plug-In which includes VST and RTAS. The tool has high quality signal processing algorithms along with a continuous control of delay time. It features up to 9600 ms of delay time which depends on the internal sampling frequency.

For high absorption modeling the program has . Free download of Lexicon PSP 42 VST DX 1.0, size 0 b.

PSP Neon 64bit 

PSP Neon is a fully featured linear phase equalizer Plug-In (VST, RTAS for Windows and AudioUnit, VST and RTAS for OSX UniversalBinary) that offers eight bands of equalization, each of which can be assigned one of seven filter types. PSP Neon uses frequency-domain fast convolution based linear phase algorithms for the best balance between CPU . Free download of PSP Neon 64bit, size 3.61 Mb.

PSP VintageMeter 1.0 

The PSP VintageMeter is a professional volume unit (VU) and a Peak Program Meter(PPM). Volume unit meter and the Peak Program Meter used to measure the sound peak levels is what this Plug-In PSP VintageMeter does. It is compatible with any sound application. It provides accurate volume levels for you to adjust to your requirements.

. Free download of PSP VintageMeter 1.0, size 2.61 Mb.

dspfx 6.110 Power Technology 

The DSP-FX Plug-Ins are the most versatile effects available. They can be "plugged-In" to virtually all of the popular PC recording programs, or they can be run In two different "stand-alone" modes. When you purchase any DSP-FX Plug-In you will be able to use the effect In all of the following modes:

- Directx . Free download of dspfx 6.110, size 3.70 Mb.

PSP MasterComp 1. 5. 2004 

PSP MasterComp 1.5 is a 64 bit double precision software stereo dynamics Plug-In update application for WindowsVST, RTAS, Audio Unit, RTAS, and VST for Mac OSX Universal Binary. It can offer musicians transparency even at extreme compression settings and high sample rates and includes a wide range of controls for bus processing during mixing and . Free download of PSP MasterComp 1. 5. 2004, size 0 b.

PSP Nitro 1. 1. 2002 

PSP Nitro 1.1 is a multimode filter Plug-In for windows. It is available In a VST and RTAS format for Windows and AudioUnit, VST and RTAS for Mac OSX Binary. It features many filters which can be In the form of analog prototypes.

There are additional processing blocks also available along with it. These processing blocks can be . Free download of PSP Nitro 1. 1. 2002, size 0 b.

PSP 84 1. 5. 2002 UFox 

The PSP 84 1.5 is a software audio processor Plug-In application that offers delay based effects and a range of adjustable filters as well as a functional reverb unit with simplified settings tuned to reproduce exactly spring and plate reverberations.

Designed specifically with musicians In mind, this application’s . Free download of PSP 84 1. 5. 2002, size 0 b.

PSP MixPack2 2.0.3 

A package of five high quality audio processors dedicated to enhance the digital quality of your audio tracks the PSP MixPack2 2.0 is a good deal. This package is designed to help you to enhance the sounds and give a high quality output.

The package has Plug-ins each concentrated on a single feature of improving In an audio file. The . Free download of PSP MixPack2 2.0.3, size 0 b.

Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter (Win only 1.1 Blue Cat Audio 

Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter is a simple yet powerful signal analysis tool: it measures the peak value of the signal and lets you record it as an automation curve, as well as the fact that your signal clips ('clipping' occurs when the signal is higher than the maximum value accepted by your audio system). Thanks to this unique feature you can use . Free download of Blue Cat's Digital Peak Meter (Win only 1.1, size 838.86 Kb.

Acoustica 3.3 Acon Digital Media GmbH 

Acoustica makes it easy to record, edit and process audio on your PC. You can open or save files In different formats including wav, wma, ogg, mp3 and more. The improved audio editing engine allows unlimited undo and redo levels, ultra fast non-destructive editing and 24 or 32 bit editing with up to 192 kHz sampling rate. You can import tracks from . Free download of Acoustica 3.3, size 7.44 Mb.

iMagic Audio Editor 2005 pro iMagicsoft 

iMagic Audio Editor is an advanced and powerful, full-featured digital audio editor. You can use it to record your own music, voice or other audio information, edit it, apply different effects, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like Reverb, Chorus, Echo and many others, create MP3s and other compressed audio. iMagic Audio Editor . Free download of iMagic Audio Editor 2005 pro, size 8.88 Mb.

PSP MasterQ 1. 5. 2002 

The PSP MasterQ is designed to operate at 44.1 to 192kHz. It is one of the high quality equalizers that have been chosen by professionals due to the high performance.

This software has seven filters the 12 or 24 dB/oct low cut and high cut filters, low shelf and high shelf filters, low mid and middle and high mid peaking filters with . Free download of PSP MasterQ 1. 5. 2002, size 0 b.

ANWIDA Soft Spazio 1.0 ANWIDA Soft 

Thanks to the HAI proprietary technology, Spazio sets a new standard of quality In the field of synthetic reverberation. Years of research into acoustic and audio DSP are condensed into an efficient and reliable product that sounds unique.

Spazio offers natural and dense acoustic space simulation, vintage plate reverb and powerful . Free download of ANWIDA Soft Spazio 1.0, size 953.34 Kb.

WoLoSoft Juke 4.0.21 WoLoSoft International 

Audio and video player for Windows that supports .mid, .mp3, .wav, .mpg, various MOD formats, music CDs and more. Playlists are created easily by drag and drop from the Explorer. Advanced features incude random play, repeat mode and intro scan as well playlist search, sort and shuffle. Use Directx Plug-ins to turn Juke into a professional music . Freeware download of WoLoSoft Juke 4.0.21, size 0 b.

DirectDVD 6 HD Orion Studios 

DirectDVD HD is a professional Hollywood DVD Player, includes VST Steinberg Compatible engine, with Spatializer Ultra PC HD, SRS Circle Surround II, and WOWXT. Customize your speakers with an independent 32 Band Surround EQ. Users can use powerful Audio Modeling and Digital Filters to customize their DVD Experience. Built In MPEG2/MPEG1 Encoding . Free download of DirectDVD 6 HD, size 18.27 Mb.