Dns Hosting Software

MintDNS 2008 2.0 Dynamic DNS Services 

MintDNS 2008 is a fully featured Dynamic Dns (DDNS) server suite that allows you to run your own enterprise level DDNS Service. Our company has provided Dynamic Dns solutions for more than 7 years, and MintDNS 2008 Enterprise is our latest product. It is the most robust, feature rich, scalable product, that we have ever offered. If you are . Free download of MintDNS 2008 2.0, size 3.74 Mb.


Deerfield.com DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002 Deerfield.com 

DNS2GO by Deerfield.com is a Dynamic Dns updater for Windows. When you register a domain with the DNS2Go servers, you can set this application to update your IP address on a regular basis. Thus, by telling the servers what your IP address is, you can access your computer at any time by simply inputing the name of your domain, instead of an IP . Freeware download of Deerfield.com DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002, size 0 b.

FreeDNS Update 1. 8. 2004 TechKnow Professional Services 

This program is a dynamic Dns updater. FreeDNS is the best dynamic Dns service on the net.
Main Features :
- Free Dns, Dynamic Dns, Static Dns services
- Free subdomain Hosting, free domain Hosting, free backup Dns, reverse IPv6 Dns Hosting (forward/reverse)
- Free URL redirection [web forwarding]
- Paid services . Freeware download of FreeDNS Update 1. 8. 2004, size 2.83 Mb.

DSL Web Hosting 2.8 DSL-SPEED.ORG 

DSL Webhosting is a free dynamic Dns client program which includes a built-in web Hosting , let you run your own webhosting from home on DSL connection with Dynamic IP address, any Internet users could type in your domain and surf on your DSL Webhosting. easy , no banner, quickly and it's free . Freeware download of DSL Web Hosting 2.8, size 1.03 Mb.

Hosting Controller Software 6.1 Advanced Communications 

Hosting Controller is an add-on to your Windows based Hosting server. It automates all Hosting tasks and give full control of each website into hands of respective owners without compromising any security. In addition to Microsoft products, it supports most third party products that are commonly used by Hosting providers as a standard.With its . Free download of Hosting Controller Software 6.1, size 44.03 Kb.

Hosting Controller 8.0 Hosting Controller 

Hosting Controller is an add-on to your Windows based Hosting server. It automates all Hosting tasks and give full control of each website into hands of respective owners without compromising any security. In addition to Microsoft products, it supports most third party products that are commonly used by Hosting providers as a standard.With its . Free download of Hosting Controller 8.0, size 148.78 Mb.

WildcardContent 1.0 Wildcardcontent 

Lightweight, web-based blogging/CMS application built with wildcard Dns subdomain Hosting in mind. WildcardContent simplifies the creation of a blog to 1 click.

WildcardContent 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2); GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2) . Freeware download of WildcardContent 1.0, size 0 b.

Blue Quartz Web Hosting Software 1.0 bluequartz.org 

BlueQuartz is an open source web Hosting platform. It is a management platform used for; Virtual Web Sites, E-Mail Servers, Dns, FTP, SQL, etc. Everything needed to run a Web Hosting Company.

Blue Quartz Web Hosting Software 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Blue Quartz Web Hosting Software 1.0, size 0 b.

ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable Eric Arnol-Martin 

ZPanel Dynamic Dns Client is a lightweight application that allows you to scan for IP address changes.

It allows you to use dynamic Dns with your local BIND Dns installation. ZPanel Dynamic Dns Client has a clean, simple GUI with few options but lots of functionality.

Specify the scanning interval for retrieving your IP in . Free download of ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable, size 0 b.

HOSTEK 1.1 Hostek 

Hosting control panel to give you quick access to the common control panel functions utilized in our web based control panel.

Create and Manage the following from the app:
- FTP Accounts
- Email Accounts
- Dns Records
- Databases (including db users)
- DSN's (datasources)
- Review usage
- Resellers

Simple DNS Plus 4 JH Software 

The simple yet powerful Dns server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003Thanks to Dns servers we surf the Internet using names such as "www.simpledns.com" instead of impossible to remember IP addresses.Dns servers translate these domain names into machine readable IP-addresses needed to locate the requested web-server on the Internet.With Simple . Free download of Simple DNS Plus 4, size 7.65 Mb.

DNS4Me RhinoSoft.com 

DNS4Me is the dynamic Dns service that you need to start Hosting your own Internet services. When you have a dynamic IP address, you need something to associate a static domain name with it to make it easier for visitors to access the services you provide. With DNS4Me, you can take control of your Web site by running your own HTTP server. . Free download of DNS4Me, size 2.54 Mb.

DNS Watcher 1.2 SB-Software 

Dns Watcher is a program designed to monitor and query Dns servers. Dns Watcher is mainly intended for use by webmasters and website operators to keep watch on their Dns entries and make sure the name servers are responding correctly. Dns Watcher allows you to enter a list of server names and host names, and Dns Watcher will query those servers . Free download of DNS Watcher 1.2, size 651.26 Kb.

MiniPortal 1.3.9 InstantServers, Inc. 

Host multiple web sites on Windows with this Apache-based web server with plug-ins for PHP and MySQL.MiniPortal is a complete web Hosting solution for personal homepages, complete web sites,and multiple domains. It can run as an Application or Windows Service. The built-in dynamic Dns client provides continuous operation even if the computer's IP . Free download of MiniPortal 1.3.9, size 5.62 Mb.

PageFix DNS error fix 2.0 Fix DNS errors 

PageFix Dns error fix software fixes websites that display the 'The page cannot be displayed' 'Cannot find server or Dns Error' in Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are able to visit certain web pages on your laptop or on another computer but not on the one you're using now then PageFix may be able to fix the problem for you. PageFix works with . Free download of PageFix DNS error fix 2.0, size 1.46 Mb.

Dns Monitor 1.0 TallSoft 

Dns Monitor is a powerful graphic network monitor tool. It is able to monitor simultaneously the working states of thousands of Dns servers ,send messages when states of these Dns servers change and take necessary steps to deal with troubles.

Dns Monitor is very useful for network administrators, server administrators, webmasters . It . Free download of Dns Monitor 1.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Web Hosting Ratings 1.1 Web Hosting Reviews 

web Hosting ratings by real webmasters and customers for best web Hosting providers with fresh promo codes and discount coupons. Unbiased ratings and reviews of top ten web Hosting companies with many tutorials which explain web Hosting definitions. . Freeware download of Web Hosting Ratings 1.1, size 881.66 Kb.

Interactive DNS Query 1.2 SB-Software 

Interactive Dns Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of Dns records. It is similar to the unix 'dig' or 'nslookup' commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Interactive Dns Query allows you to query for all types of Dns records, including A, MX, TXT, NS, etc. . Freeware download of Interactive DNS Query 1.2, size 534.53 Kb.

Free forum hosting 1.1 Click BG Ltd. 

Host E-Blah free forum , free Hosting service for the powerful E-Blah forum software writen in Perl. Our service is free, easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge. And best of all, you can get started in minutes with your new forum community! Our free forum Hosting service of E-Blah forums offering your own free subdomain, many . Freeware download of Free forum hosting 1.1, size 1.02 Kb.

Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM 1. 1. 2004 JH Software 

What makes Simple Dns Plus "simple" is its user interface and automation features. All options and settings are available directly from the intuitive Windows user interface. It provides wizards for common tasks such as setting up new zones, importing data, making bulk updates, etc.

You never need to mess with cryptic . Free download of Simple DNS Plus API for .NET and COM 1. 1. 2004, size 3.53 Mb.

Dns Hosting Web Results

LaneChange.net DNS Hosting

Self serve DNS hosting using web based DNS manager. Geographically distributed, reliable, TinyDNS based network. Domain health check feature verifies DNS entries for reliable domain name operation.

NewTech Web Services

Provides a full array of web hosting, DNS hosting, software development services. Web hosting including ASP, ASP.NET, Perl 5, CGI, SSI, SSL, FrontPage Extensions support.

Nicolas' Internet Services

Offers dynamic DNS, hosting, web mail, and URL forwarding.


Offering shell accounts for Eggdrop, BNC, Ircd, BitchX and DNS hosting.


ShellFX is providing BNC, Eggdrop, IRCD, Shoutcast, Email and DNS Hosting.

Microtech Dynamic DNS

Provides services including free basic Dynamic DNS accounts, hosting of full domain names, backup MX servers, and secondary DNS service


A hosting provider specialized in Python.