Document Imaging Freeware

Document Master List 0.1.0 

The Document Master List (DML) is a dynamic website application to manage files. It supports a directory like content system with revision control, search (also in documents), user authentication and more. . Freeware download of Document Master List 0.1.0, size 101.75 Kb.


Document retrieval system on CUDA rc 

Document retrieval system on CUDA . Freeware download of Document retrieval system on CUDA rc, size 4.43 Mb.

Document Summarization 2.0 

Document summarization system. By adding Document content to system, user queries will generate a summary Document containing the available information to the system. . Freeware download of Document Summarization 2.0, size 860.84 Kb.

Epiware Document Management 4.8.6 

Epiware is an open source Document management software (DMS )that includes all the tools an organization needs to safely capture, manage, store, and share documents over the Internet. It is web based system written in PHP and uses MYSQL as the backend. . Freeware download of Epiware Document Management 4.8.6, size 9.06 Mb.

EVPO Document Ciulation rc 

This is a Document management / workflow web application. Its purpose is to store documents in electronic format in a single repository and automate the processes of their execution and consideration. It is implemented in .NET using MySql as a back end. . Freeware download of EVPO Document Ciulation rc, size 567.34 Kb.

Free FingerPrint Imaging Software 0.0.2 

Fingerprint Imaging Software -- fingerprint pattern classification, minutae detection, Wavelet Scalar Quantization(wsq) compression, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 reference implementation, baseline and lossless jpeg, image utilities, math and MLP neural net libs . Freeware download of Free FingerPrint Imaging Software 0.0.2, size 231.94 Kb.

Genus Document Management 1.0 

A simple Document management system including categories, check-in, check-out, versioning, category security. Written in PHP and MySQL, files are stored in the database and use a drag-and-drop upload tool. . Freeware download of Genus Document Management 1.0, size 5.04 Mb.

HP Linux Imaging and Printing 3.12.4 

The Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing Project provides a unified single and multi-function connectivity solution for Linux. For support and help, please visit . Freeware download of HP Linux Imaging and Printing 3.12.4, size 20.60 Mb.

Imaging unsigned floating point format 2.0 

A family of Unsigned Floating Point variables for Digital Imaging- Built in a linear domain - Allows easy conversion between logarithmic codes and linear values- Does not need a€sad hoca€t conversion parameters . Freeware download of Imaging unsigned floating point format 2.0, size 57.34 Kb.

LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS 1.0 

LogicalDOC is a modern Document management system with a nice interface, easy to use and very fast. It uses open source Java technologies such as GWT, Spring, Lucene in order to provide a flexible and scalable DMS solution. . Freeware download of LogicalDOC Document Management - DMS 1.0, size 66.58 Mb.

Lout batch document formatting system 3.39 

Lout is a batch Document formatter. It reads a high-level description of a Document similar in styleto LaTeX and produces a PostScript file which can be printed on most laser printers.Plain text and PDF output are also available. . Freeware download of Lout batch document formatting system 3.39, size 2.16 Mb.

LyX - The Document Processor 86 

LyX is a Document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG). . Freeware download of LyX - The Document Processor 86, size 108.75 Mb.

maxview document management 0.5 

This is a Document management program similar to PaperPort in aim. It allows scanning of paper into directories quickly and easily with a thumbnail/desktop view. Maxview decodes .max files and can convert them to PDF. . Freeware download of maxview document management 0.5, size 513.27 Kb.

MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0 

MKhoster Document plagiarism is an easy web application that enable you to check plagiarism in a text Document, Just upload your text file and start check now. . Freeware download of MKhoster Document Plagiarism Checker 1.0, size 749.30 Kb.

Multisite Document Managment System 0.4 

Docindex is an open, extensible system that permits web-based catalog searches and access-controlled fetch from a group of Document repositories on multiple CVS (or other) servers. When originally written, it filled a temporary need. Now, it seems to hav . Freeware download of Multisite Document Managment System 0.4, size 36.59 Kb.

OpenKM Document Management - DMS 1.0 

OpenKM is powerful scalable Document Management System (DMS). OpenKM uses Jboss + J2EE + Ajax web (GWT) + Jackrabbit (lucene) Open Source technologies. For product information and support please see our website at . Freeware download of OpenKM Document Management - DMS 1.0, size 192.85 Mb.

OpenLSD : Legacy Storage Document 1.0.4 

Open Legacy Storage Document: Generic Document Archiving on Disk and Network(using MINA) Framework in Java for huge number of docs(up to 2^192 documents), efficient(Java NIO), crypto, net transfert, web retrieve, J2EE and eMail archiving compatible. . Freeware download of OpenLSD : Legacy Storage Document 1.0.4, size 3.18 Mb.

Personal Document Manager DMS 0.6 

Personal Document Manager is a tool for storing, indexing and finding documents. In short: a simple, small Document Management System.Userguide at Project Webpage.Currently I am looking for people willing to join the project. Needed are: - Java developers.- Testers- Help writersEspecially developers working on windows would be needet to synchronise . Freeware download of Personal Document Manager DMS 0.6, size 20.81 Mb.

Phantom Imaging and Backup System 

Phantom Imaging and Backup System is a small live cd system to create and restore images of your partitions. . Freeware download of Phantom Imaging and Backup System, size 9.36 Mb.

RDF Document Manager alpha 

RDF-DocMan is a Document manager based on a Sesame (RDF repository) backend. Documents are stored in the filesystem and their metadata in a Sesame repository.It was developed for porQual web content generator (also in . Freeware download of RDF Document Manager alpha, size 145.86 Kb.