Document Sharing Software

eMEETplus 3.0 NEOTECHSOFT Co., Ltd. 

eMEETplus, a complete software based video conferencing, e-learning and webinar solution. It's a feature-rich solution that is robust, scalable and bandwidth-efficient and provides you the experience that you had never before.

eMEETplus delivers:
- Multi-party conferencing, webinar and e-learning
- Collaboration (document, . Free download of eMEETplus 3.0, size 26.54 Mb.


Review Manager 5. 1. 2004, Inc. 

ReviewManager is an outsourced client-review tool, perfect for creative professionals and businesspeople who want to show their work over the web. Instead of dealing with the hassle of email attachments, messengers, or having to ask your computer department to help you, anyone can use ReviewManager. Already have a website? ReviewManager lets you . Free download of Review Manager 5. 1. 2004, size 0 b.

Presto! Digital Converter 1 13 Newsoft 

Presto Digital Converter 1.10 helps in converting various home videos into DVD format. The software converts any video tape to DVD format. The installation is easy and requires only a few components. These components are composite video input, audio L/R input, S-Video input and a USB 2.0 connector. Presto Digital Converter has two modes convert . Free download of Presto! Digital Converter 1 13, size 0 b.

Presto! PageManager NewSoft Technology Corporation 

Improve the productivity in your organization with Presto! PageManager Professional.
Presto! PageManager Professional allows you see your entire file organization structure—from the overall picture to the smallest detail. You can create, write, and open PDF files without file conversion or other application. You can split multiple . Free download of Presto! PageManager, size 230.56 Mb.

Presto! BizCard 6.0 NewSoft Technology Corporation 

Presto! BizCard 5.6 is a tool that helps to manage your contact database and to create business cards in English or pan-European language. Presto BizCard can be easily used to search and manage contacts. The RecoreR OCR engine helps in recognizing the card data with ease. The SFIT or the Smart field identification technology helps in inserting the . Free download of Presto! BizCard 6.0, size 0 b.

Presto! ImageFolio NewSoft Technology Corporation 

Presto! ImageFolio 4.5 is a multimedia processing program helpful in processing photographs, graphics, and drawings captured from devices like scanners, VCR's, laser discs, digital cameras etc. The tool can capture images from sources such as scanners, capture boxes, digital cameras etc. It has a TWAIN interface support which features an . Free download of Presto! ImageFolio, size 0 b.

Presto! Forms 3 70 Newsoft 

This is a program to fill digital pre-printed forms and ensure the text is aligned and edited the way you expect. Whether you have your pre-printed form on digital format or you have it printed, with the help of this program you’ll be able to digitize it, open it, complete texts, including lines and check boxes as well as default stamps . Free download of Presto! Forms 3 70, size 0 b.

Presto! Image Folio NewSoft Technology Corporation 

Presto! Image Folio 4 is a program for image processing, combining in one application, utilities to capture images from multiple devices, retouching, editing and adding effects tools, and the ability to combine and compress files. It runs on Windows 2000, XP (32-bit and 64-bit), or Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and also with Mac OS X, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 . Free download of Presto! Image Folio, size 0 b.

Scribd Uploader 1. 2. 2002 Scribd Inc. 

Got lots of documents to publish? Use the Scribd Desktop Uploader to easily upload files from your hard drive. It comes with these features:

- Upload many files at once from your desktop.
- Edit titles, tags, and other metadata before uploading.
- Quickly and easily manage bulk uploads, straight from your desktop.
- . Freeware download of Scribd Uploader 1. 2. 2002, size 2.93 Mb.

Docstoc OneClick docstoc 

Docstoc OneClick lets you upload any document(s) to docstoc by simply right clicking on the file(s) from your desktop. You can also use the OneClick utility upload documents in bulk and easily add tags, categories, descriptions and a variety of additional information to your documents to make sure they are displayed the way you want and indexed in . Freeware download of Docstoc OneClick, size 62.95 Mb.

Docstoc Sync docstoc 

Docstoc Sync is a simple and handy application that allows you to sync documents from your computer to Docstoc's MyDocs. You can upload documents and keep them there privately to access them wherever you are and whenever you want. However, if you want, you can also publish any document or folder in "Docstoc Public Documents" folder . Freeware download of Docstoc Sync, size 0 b.

Presto! PhotoAlbum NewSoft Technology Corporation 

Want your family vacations family reunions and childhood memories to last forever? Now they can... with Presto! PhotoAlbum, the first digital photo album with a real photo-album-like interface and designed for digital cameras, scanners and other image capturing devices. Presto! PhotoAlbum is an award winning software that makes creating albums fun . Free download of Presto! PhotoAlbum, size 0 b.

Document Shuttle 3.0.0 Off-Site Labs, Inc. 

Engine to upload documents to the web site. Used in conjunction with other software titles, File Share Collector and SharePoint Collector. Runs on desktop or server. Documents can be stored on using personal account. . Freeware download of Document Shuttle 3.0.0, size 4.46 Mb.

File Share Collector 3.0.0 Off-Site Labs, Inc. 

Client application to prepare documents to be uploaded to the web site. Reads profile information generated by the File Share Collector Administrator application. Application runs on desktop or server. . Freeware download of File Share Collector 3.0.0, size 1.92 Mb.

File Share Collector Bundle 3.0.0 Off-Site Labs, Inc. 

Complete client application package to create document profiles and upload documents to service. Allows to select folders to sync from desktop/server, file filters, and approvals. Publish documents to or any web site using 'Portable document Views'. Runs on desktop or server. Documents can be stored on . Freeware download of File Share Collector Bundle 3.0.0, size 7.40 Mb.

File Share Collector Administrator 3.0.0 Off-Site Labs, Inc. 

Client application to create document profiles for service. Sync documents from desktop/server, file filters, and approval email addresses. Part of a turnkey system to make documents available on or any web site using 'Portable document Views'. Documents can be stored on using personal account. . Freeware download of File Share Collector Administrator 3.0.0, size 2.18 Mb.

SharePoint Collector Administrator 3.0.0 Off-Site Labs, Inc. 

Client application to create SharePoint document profiles for service. Allows to select documents in libraries. Manages new, update, and deleted documents from source SharePoint library. Runs on desktop/server. Documents can be stored on using personal account. . Freeware download of SharePoint Collector Administrator 3.0.0, size 2.23 Mb.

Simplessus Files 3.7.6 Simplessus Ltd. & Co. KG 

If you want to exchange large files with customers, suppliers or partners you know about the problem that the e-mails become so big that you block the user's inbox or the mail is not delivered. The common solution to this problem is to burn data to CD and send them by courier. This path is suboptimal because it wastes time and delays processes. The . Free download of Simplessus Files 3.7.6, size 52.43 Mb.

WorkZone 4.0 Trichys 

WorkZone is an easy-to-use online collaboration software that allows you to share documents and comments with teams, clients and business partners. Designed specifically for the non-technical user, WorkZone can be set up and maintained without IT support in less than an hour. There s no software or hardware to install or maintain; WorkZone can be . Free download of WorkZone 4.0, size 10.48 Kb.