Dos Program Software


This Program helps to extend life to old Dos programs. Nowadays, many laser and jet printers have powerful features but ... can not print a simple text accurately. Besides, some inexpensive printers can not print in text mode at all (the so-called win-printers or GDI-devices).

DOSPRN allows you to use a good old Dos Program with new . Free download of DOSPRN 1.86, size 1.75 Mb.


EnvMath 1.0 

A small Dos Program enabling math operations at the command line and in batch files. You can use it to count how many times a Program is run, control batch file looping, create parameters on the fly for other programs (including Windows programs!)

Note: Does not work on NT systems (including Windows 2000 and XP).

ENVMATH.COM . Freeware download of EnvMath 1.0, size 10.48 Kb.

Visual Anthropac 4 9 Analytic Technologies 

ANTHROPAC is a menu-driven Dos Program for collecting and analyzing data on cultural domains. The Program helps collect and analyze structured qualitative and quantitative data including freelists, pilesorts, triads, paired comparisons, and ratings. ANTHROPAC's analytical tools include techniques that are unique to Anthropology, such as . Freeware download of Visual Anthropac 4 9, size 7.33 Mb.

Cheese Tracker 1.0 

Cheese Tracker is a software sampler and music sequencer modeled after the MS-Dos Program Impulse Tracker, with many enhancements. It can generate music by manipulating samples in various ways. . Freeware download of Cheese Tracker 1.0, size 1.31 Mb.

Simulated Evolution 1.0 Sev 

MS-Dos VGA Program demonstrates the concepts of evolution via reproduction, mutation and natural selection, all in an interactive graphical environment you can control in real time. This is not your grandfather's Dos Program. Must see to believe!

Simulated Evolution 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Simulated Evolution 1.0, size 0 b.

Loadest 14. 5. 2014 USGS 

LOAD ESTimator (LOADEST) is a Program for estimating constituent loads in streams and rivers. This has only a command line interface (Like a Dos Program). You feed the required data variables using the command line. It then finds the estimated loads over a user-specified time interval (estimation). Mean load estimates, standard errors, and 95 . Freeware download of Loadest 14. 5. 2014, size 15.24 Mb.

Music Menu 4 4 

Pure nostalgia: play over 190 songs with the small Dos Program Music Menu over PC speaker, while the appropriate lyrics are shown on the screen. The lyrics can also be printed out or stored in an external file. The tempos are freely selectable and a German, English and Spanish help is contained. The Music Menu contains: - 193 songs (English: 93; . Freeware download of Music Menu 4 4, size 2.68 Mb.

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211 Tao Computing Solutions 

Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite is a comprehensive printing solution for Dos applications. The product allows the Dos application to print to any printer, including WinPrinters without support for Dos, direct printing to Fax, PDF documents (a 3rd party PDF conversion software is required) and image files (GIF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP). The product supports all . Free download of Tao ExDOS 2009 Lite - Trial 9.0211, size 6.82 Mb.


COMM Extender enables 16-Bit Serial Communication Software (Dos or Win16) that read serial ports to run in Windows environment.
COMM Extender, Legacy serial communication Dos Program run in Windows

With COMM Extender it's now easy to run old and new Dos serial communication software in modern Windows environment. With ease . Free download of ADONTEC - COMM Extender (TEST), size 76.15 Mb.

HomeKey 96.5 DOT Solutions. 

Homekey A simple beginners touch typing Program. Make your own lessons. Ideal for beginners. Will work on most 286 IBM, 1Mb RAM, VGA machines and above, a Dos Program will run in Windows. Will run from a floppy disk. . Freeware download of HomeKey 96.5, size 153.60 Kb.

Bible Student 1 1 Responsive Software Limited 

The Bible has been published in every format imaginable, and since the appearance of personal computers, different digital versions have been created. This is maybe one of the first one. It is a simple little Program based on Dos platform. It features the entire text of the Protestant Bible divided into four subsections: Law, Prophets, Gospels and . Freeware download of Bible Student 1 1, size 4.80 Mb.

DeltaPRG 1.0 Dave Karr, KA9FUR 

This Program is a quick little utility I created that allows very flexbile programming of the GE/Ericsson Delta radio's from Windows using GE's serial RIB, the TQ-3330. I found GE's Dos Program to be problematic on some computers and cumbersome to use when performing simple tasks.

Despite the fact that I took the time to . Freeware download of DeltaPRG 1.0, size 4.48 Mb.

Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.3.0 Tac-Software 

The Teaching Templates Global Edition is a new varied and timesaving set of nine authoring tools to help you create interactive, web-based exercises, tests and quizzes - including Multiple Choice, Question Time, Gap Text (based on the Cloze test procedure), Energy Saver (fill in the missing letters), In Other Words, What's Your Opinion?, . Free download of Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.3.0, size 7.79 Mb.

Dos Printer 12 9 DSBGlobal 

DOSPRINTER runs under Windows, and allows you to print from a file to any WINDOWS printer. You can print to network printers, USB printers, and even all the latest printers that have "Windows Only" written all over them!
Dos Printer can now capture the lpt1: port directly even if your Dos Program cannot print to a file! . Free download of Dos Printer 12 9, size 3.91 Mb.

KOSSEL 1.0 JCrystalSoft 

KOSSEL is designed to simulate Kossel patterns and Kikuchi patterns for periodic crystal systems. The Program does not perform intensity calculations but reflection conditions for the chosen space group will be observed. KOSSEL is a successor to KOQUA, which is a Dos Program for the simulation of K-patterns for crystals and quasicrystals. . Free download of KOSSEL 1.0, size 2.73 Mb.

Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 11.0.0 TAC-Soft Limited 

The Teaching Templates Quiz Maker is a new, varied and timesaving set of twelve authoring tools to help you create interactive, web-based exercises, tests and quizzes - including Multiple Choice, Question Time, Gap Text (based on the Cloze test procedure), Energy Saver (fill in the missing letters), In Other Words, What's Your Opinion?, Flashcards, . Free download of Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 11.0.0, size 21.06 Mb.

12Ghosts ShellX 7.1 12Ghosts Inc. 

Add new commands to the Explorer context menu. Just right-click on any file or folder to access the new commands. Copy path to clipboard, new subfolder, show several file properties. 'Dos Prompt here' automatically does a 'dir' and starts a Dos Program without closing afterwards. Integrated 3x shredder, fast file compression, search and replace . Free download of 12Ghosts ShellX 7.1, size 1.54 Mb.

WinMail Decoder Pro 2 Traction Software 

WinMail Decoder Pro 2 Extracts attachments and email message from WINMAIL.DAT files with ease!, simply drag and drop the WINMAIL.DAT on the WinMailDecoder.exe or with our new version you can run the Windows application and browse for a file/drag and drop and extract the files in a nice and easy usable interface.WinMail Decoder Pro 2 consists of two . Free download of WinMail Decoder Pro 2, size 901.12 Kb.

ODBiC - Open DataBase Internet Connector 1.64 Odbic Software 

ODBiC - Open DataBase Internet Connector is an interface that sits between your Web pages and your ODBC database.It can be run as a CGI Program or ISAPI server extension to dynamically insert your data into your HTML documents or to update your databases from Web browser forms, or it can be run from the command line to 'publish' HTML documents.It . Free download of ODBiC - Open DataBase Internet Connector 1.64, size 144.38 Kb.

Internet Timer 3 3.0.348 Designer Software 

The ultimate online tracking and control software, designed to log online usage while displaying real-time session costs on-screen. iT3 supports world call schemes, application processing, custom events, restrictions, limits and includes a comprehensive log viewer showing filterable listings, user and connection statistics, usage graphs, ranked . Free download of Internet Timer 3 3.0.348, size 4.44 Mb.