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Demo Video Maker v2.0 Inc 

VeryDOC demo video Maker is very useful when you need to demonstrate the activities on your screen and the sounds you can hear from the earphone. demo video Maker key features: 1.Make demo video to demonstrate what you can see, do on the desktop. 2.Make demo video to record the sounds from the microphone. 3.Make demo video to record both the . Free download of Demo Video Maker v2.0, size 8.23 Mb.


Download Pocket PC Video Converter 

download Software For Windows download Pocket PC video Converter is an intuitive to use program which convert your favourite Movie to Pocket PC File for playing on Pocket PC easily and quickly! Watch your own Videos on your Pocket PC anytime, anywhere. It features superb video and audio quality and the fastest conversion techniques available on the . Free download of Download Pocket PC Video Converter, size 4.82 Mb.

HeirSplit 1.1 Equitable Splits 

Divide the possessions in an estate: Fast, Easy, Fair!

demo video ->
No Ads
No In App purchases
App data is yours to download, control and change
Completely confidential - all information entered in the app is stored on your phone and not transmitted to HeirSplit, or . Free download of HeirSplit 1.1, size 4.82 Mb.

VKSaver 2.2.2 AudioVkontakte.Ru 

This program allows you to download audio and video from the contact easy and fast way. In this case, it is absolutely free!

How to install

* download the program
* Be sure to close all open browser windows
* Please install VKSaver
* If during the installation program will ask questions, answer them, YES, I . Freeware download of VKSaver 2.2.2, size 4.18 Mb.

6x Video Poker Free 1.1 Sentactio, LLC 

Clearly you can choose not to, but would you please download this free video poker game today? Awesome payouts! Fast game play! It's six times the fun! Six times the intensity! Can your video poker skills beat the house?

Featuring the six most popular forms of video Poker: Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus, Acey Deucey, Aces & . Freeware download of 6x Video Poker Free 1.1, size 8.39 Mb.

EFI Math Alfredo Ramirez Garcia 

*iOS 7 Compatible*

EFI conversion? EFI tuner? Turbo? E85? Import Tuner? Hot Rodder?

Look no further this is your App!

Watch demo video at:

This is what this App will do for you and your ride:

* Injector Size Selector.

Need to find the required injector . Free download of EFI Math, size 1.78 Mb.

EFI Math "iPad Version" 1.8.9 Alfredo Ramirez Garcia 

EFI conversion? EFI tuner? Turbo? E85? Import Tuner? Hot Rodder?

Look no further this is your App!

Watch demo video at:

This is what this App will do for you and your ride:

* Injector Size Selector.

Need to find the required injector flow rate for your engine? . Free download of EFI Math "iPad Version" 1.8.9, size 9.44 Mb.

FileCroc 1.0.1 FileCroc 

FileCroc is a free filesharing application to search and download audio and video files on a decentralized p2p network. Among its features there are an internet browser a buil-in audio/video player and a chat server, which allows you to host your own chat channel. Search and download your favorite files through the anonymous network. Chat and meet . Freeware download of FileCroc 1.0.1, size 782.34 Kb.

TGPgrabber 1 BE Soft 

TGPgrabber is a program that allows to download images and video from TGP sites without web surfing! It will download thousands of graphic images in the shortest time possible due to simultaneous downloading. If you enable autosave, all the downloaded images will be automatically saved to your hard drive. You don't need to surf through galleries . Free download of TGPgrabber 1, size 2.20 Mb.

MadLogic Encryptor 1.0 MadLogic, Inc. 

MadLogic Encryptor, encrypt files for privacy; encrypted files are self-extracting; download the demo for free. . Free download of MadLogic Encryptor 1.0, size 189.44 Kb.

HTTPRipper Jonas Wagner 

Main features:

-download movies from video sites

-download music of you favorite bands website

-Free Software (GPL 3)

-Generic (works with almost every website)

-Brought back icons on ubuntu

-Added support for multiple set-cookie header

-Fixed a few minor . Freeware download of HTTPRipper, size 6.96 Mb.

EasyProjectViewer Excel Project Viewer 3.0 

download the demo at LICENSE INCLUDES UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION TO PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS AND UNLIMITED VERSION UPGRADES EasyGantt simulates an enterprise task management system using an easy-to-use Excel file that requires no installation program or add-ins. EasyProjectPlan is designed for distribution to project team members . Free download of EasyProjectViewer Excel Project Viewer 3.0, size 1.02 Kb.

python-webrobot 1.0 Python-webrobot 

Allows to automatically download files and video streams from web hosters.

python-webrobot 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) . Freeware download of python-webrobot 1.0, size 0 b.

SolEol 0.255 Eduardo Gutierrez 

SolEol has been an ongoing pet project of mine to automate some tasks I do routinely regarding subtitle download and other video treatment.

Id-deOaove been asked to share what I had and after some quick clean-up Id-deOaove made just that. Id-deOaove disabled the screens I know would be just too buggy for general use and focused on . Freeware download of SolEol 0.255, size 4.31 Mb.

10X Camera Tools Pro 1.0.3101.1 Reallusion Inc. 

10x Camera Tools PRO adds the most critical missing tools for iPhone camera & photo management. Get more than 10 of the best add-on camera features in one app.

* check the demo video

? Add 7 camera modes to iPhone camera
? Digital zoom, timer, full-screen shooting, & rule of . Free download of 10X Camera Tools Pro 1.0.3101.1, size 3.67 Mb.

12 Colors Pendulum Painting 1.0 Modebiz 

12 colors creative painting inspired by the famous Foucault pendulum! ~demo video please visit

Features of the app:
* Easy-to-use with 12 sharp colors for you to draw;
* 4 background options including snow-white, sky-blue, flora-green, and black;
* Colorful combinations, . Free download of 12 Colors Pendulum Painting 1.0, size 419.43 Kb.

3xBoing - 3Cushion 1.0 Codegrapher 

** Next update : Online ranking **

** demo video Available - **

A ball that looks VERY REAL move with a boing sound.

Boing! Boing! Boing! Tinkling!!

The goal of the game is to take the gold coin with ball on the 3rd bounce against the sides of the screen by tilting.

Erasmophone 1.00 Erasmos Inc 

Looking for a musical moleskin?
Check out the brief demo video:

starting to like it! ()
This is playable! ...
by montevideo-iOS (USA)

The Erasmophone is a simple musical 'instrument' that can be simply played, or used to explore melody & harmony; consider it a . Freeware download of Erasmophone 1.00, size 11.11 Mb.

EV3 Port Viewer 1.0 Hongkun Song 

This an app for LEGO EV3 Geek Player!
If you can connect your iPhone and EV3 to the same WiFi Network,then you can use this App to view every Port's status on the EV3 Brick!

demo video:

Source Code:

GuitarNotes - Guitar Fretboard Notes Trainer 1.2.2 XiaoZhou Su 

A guitar fretboard trainer, help you master the notes on the guitar fretboard.

demo video--


1. Guessing Note -? Punch the note name when given a place
2. Finding Places -? Punch the right places when given a note


Support . Free download of GuitarNotes - Guitar Fretboard Notes Trainer 1.2.2, size 19.71 Mb.