Dram Caching Software

SourceAnywhere 6.3 Dynamsoft 

SourceAnywhere is SQL server-based version control software with seamless integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other IDEs, cross-platform support, and unique Caching mechanism for remote performance.SourceAnywhere offers special optimizations for VSS users. Familiar UI and working style makes developers feel right at home, while Import Tool . Free download of SourceAnywhere 6.3, size 22.86 Mb.


apt-proxy 1.0 apt-proxy.sourceforge.net 

A small proxy for Caching apt-get requests for multiple Debian boxes behind a finite-bandwidth link. It builds up a partial mirror and serves later requests for the same file from that cache. . Freeware download of apt-proxy 1.0, size 3.50 Kb.

cache-annotations 0.9.beta cache-anno.sourceforge.net 

Spring friendly annotations for method Caching using ehcache and aspectj. . Freeware download of cache-annotations 0.9.beta, size 1.60 Mb.

Cocalores 1.0 cocalores.sourceforge.net 

Configurable Caching Logresolver. . Freeware download of Cocalores 1.0, size 10.86 Kb.

cppsh 0.07 cppsh.sourceforge.net 

cppsh is a utility for compiling C++ program fragments into executable form, and Caching and invoking the results. It simplifies the use of C++ for shell scripting tasks. . Freeware download of cppsh 0.07, size 89.66 Kb.

Curl Lib 0.8 curlib.sourceforge.net 

Curl Lib - Extended components for Curl language, such as String utility, collection utility, UI utility, logging, log-rotate, data Caching, encrypt/decrypt and such. . Freeware download of Curl Lib 0.8, size 657.06 Kb.

Distributed ISBN portal 0.5 isbnsearch.sourceforge.net 

A distributed search portal of common sources of ISBN numbers, with permanent Caching of results. To provide a open-source free interface for ISBN retrieval using HTML, SQL or XML to be independent of any toolkits or software. . Freeware download of Distributed ISBN portal 0.5, size 194.44 Kb.

emCache 1.0 emcache.sourceforge.net 

different php cache, cache as php files, A different view to php Caching. Cache files are php files, and, datas are, as possible as ready to serve. Also you may use grouping functions to avoid too many cache files and so do I/O cost. . Freeware download of emCache 1.0, size 4.00 Kb.

Frame Diverter 0.32.20010317 diverter.sourceforge.net 

Frame Diverter is mainly used for setting up a bridge with Squid running on it and transparently Caching Web traffic between the LAN and the router.It's beeing extended to allow forwarding frames to other machines. It also allows layer 3+ switching . Freeware download of Frame Diverter 0.32.20010317, size 7.77 Kb.

fuse-cache 0.0.2 fuse-cache.sourceforge.net 

fuse-cache is a simple Caching filesystem for Linux using FUSE. It works by copying the files you want to be cached at mount time to a cache directory, , and then using that copy for all subsequent read requests for the file. . Freeware download of fuse-cache 0.0.2, size 289.47 Kb.

geobake 32 geobake.sourceforge.net 

geoBake Maya geometry Caching plugin . Freeware download of geobake 32, size 102.91 Kb.

GeoCacher 1.0 geocacher.sourceforge.net 

The GeoCacher application for Geo Caching enthousiasts and is used in conjunction with a SymbianOS based phone and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. It contains basic navigation as well as map-based navigation based on open street map data. . Freeware download of GeoCacher 1.0, size 103.07 Kb.

Hawthorn 1.0 hawthorn.sourceforge.net 

Hawthorn provides a Caching and lookup mechanism for bioinformatics ontology formats such as OBO and DAG. . Freeware download of Hawthorn 1.0, size 12.97 Kb.

Heirloom mailx (nail) 11.25 heirloom.sourceforge.net 

Heirloom mailx (formerly known as "nail") is intended provide the functionality of the POSIX mailx command with additional support for MIME messages, IMAP (including Caching), POP3, SMTP, S/MIME, message threading/sorting, scoring, and filtering. . Freeware download of Heirloom mailx (nail) 11.25, size 267.96 Kb.

HTPL - PHP 5 HTML Template System 1.0.beta sourceforge.moonedge.ch 

HTPL is a PHP 5 HTML template system with the following features: hierarchical structure with inheritance, direct database access, application and session wide Caching, multiple language support, extendable by user defined functions. . Freeware download of HTPL - PHP 5 HTML Template System 1.0.beta, size 279.14 Kb.

InterMezzo 1.0.beta1 inter-mezzo.org 

InterMezzo is a high availability file system with disconnected operation and persistent Caching.It exploits existing Linux file systems as the cache and has protocols similar to Coda. . Freeware download of InterMezzo 1.0.beta1, size 475.63 Kb.

iSQUID 1.0 rhel5.sourceforge.net 

Interactive Squid or iSQUID is also an earnest attempt to develop an effective user interface for the complete functionality of a SQUID, which is both a web proxy server and a Caching software. . Freeware download of iSQUID 1.0, size 6.60 Mb.

Leafnode 1.11.8 leafnode.org 

Leafnode is a Caching Usenet news proxy that enables online newsreaders to read news off-line and aggregates news from various NNTP servers into one. It is designed for full-automatic maintenance, and IPv6 enabled. . Freeware download of Leafnode 1.11.8, size 449.34 Kb.

LibWebta 1.0.0 libwebta.sourceforge.net 

PHP5 class library, incorporating classes for Caching, multi-process execution, diskless ImageMagick routines, network protocols,Cryptography, API and application bindings, various Web services . Freeware download of LibWebta 1.0.0, size 1.89 Mb.

Linux Compressed Cache alpha. linuxcompressed.sourceforge.net 

Compressed Caching is a new level in the virtual memory hierarchy, where pages are stored in some compressed format, decreasing the number of page faults that are serviced by slow hard disks. We aim to implement this idea in the Linux Kernel. . Freeware download of Linux Compressed Cache alpha., size 37.34 Kb.