Dwg Software

DevFont 1 1 The devCad Team 

DevFont, True Type font to DXF converter. DevFont creates a text in any installed true type font and save the result as dxf file. So you can plot the font to use it for engravings etc. The text will be saved as polygon line information in the DXF file. . Free download of DevFont 1 1, size 2.02 Mb.


Cad2Cad Solution Box 3 8 Cad2Cad Software 

Cad2Cad Solution Box is a package of professional tools for convertion of DXF/Dwg files.
The Plugins allows both simple file conversion and advanced operations at drawings and drawing elements.
Cad2Cad Solution Box has a modern and flexible user interface that allows an advanced file processing. . Freeware download of Cad2Cad Solution Box 3 8, size 0 b.

Eyeshot Solid Retail 4.0 devDept Software 

Eyeshot is the perfect solution for developers who are looking to add advanced, feature rich, visually appealing 3D viewports to their Windows Forms applications. With interactive Zoom/Pan/Rotate, four different shading modes, five selection methods, layers support and professional imaging/printing you get the most out of your 3D models. . Free download of Eyeshot Solid Retail 4.0, size 0 b.

PractiCAD 2 3 MetaLab 

For everything you ever wanted in your CAD system.

The working environment of PractiCAD™, based on a new interface concept, was designed and executed in a strict accordance with industry-wide trade practices, workflows and ergonomic requirements, with a built-in and virtually limitless customization, featuring not only . Free download of PractiCAD 2 3, size 55.17 Mb.

DevFus DevCadTeam 

Using DevFus you can create in a very simple way a fuselage drawing. he Project Wizard will drive you to draw the fuselage using a step by step approach.
To draw the fuselage Side and Top view you can for example adjust the Outlines to follow a scanned image of the fuselage

Main features:
-You can also draw the parts to . Free download of DevFus, size 14.93 Mb.

eDrawingsViewer Dassault SystAmes Corp 

In addition, eDrawings Viewer allows convenient viewing of supported AutoCAD® Dwg and DXF files and native SolidWorks® parts, assemblies, and drawings.

The eDrawings Viewer is intended primarily for people who do not use CAD software and thus do not need to publish eDrawings files themselves.

Innovative . Freeware download of eDrawingsViewer, size 35.17 Mb.

Amethyst CADwizz Ultra 1.4.001 CA Design Associates Ltd. 

Small and lean - the fastest and neatest AutoCAD viewer ever !
Amethyst CADwizz Ultra is actually an AutoCAD viewer and converter for Dwg and DXF files.

Main Features :

- AutoCAD is not required
- Small and lean
- Easy-to-use interface
- Greater stability
- Improved 3D features
- . Free download of Amethyst CADwizz Ultra 1.4.001, size 18.05 Mb.

Survey Import and Export 3 1 CADD Productivity 

The Survey Import and Export program works with AutoCAD (Dwg) and coordinate data in formats such as txt, ascii, and csv. The configurable interface makes matching survey descriptions (as assigned in the field) to text, blocks (with attributes) or various point types, straightforward. SQL drives the included Survey.mdb to support the constuction . Free download of Survey Import and Export 3 1, size 3.25 Mb.

AcceliCAD 2011 6 6 Autodsys 

AcceliCAD is the new standard for low-cost CAD software that offers Dwg compatibility and an AutoCAD-like command set and interface. Anyone who has used AutoCAD can easily learn to use AcceliCAD in no time at all.

At half the cost of AutoCAD LT and 1/10 the cost of AutoCAD it offers exceptional value while still retaining most of the . Free download of AcceliCAD 2011 6 6, size 276.35 Mb.

Slick! LT 8 5 CSUI 

Slick! LT is a useful application utility viewing your CAD drawings.View AutoCAD drawings (Dwg) and drawing interchange files (dxf) files from R12 to 2002 and a wide variety of raster formats. Free PDF batch printing. Batch printing of all supported files including PDF. Batch conversion of supported files to any standard size Adobe Acrobat PDF . Free download of Slick! LT 8 5, size 8.86 Mb.

Ale - Advanced Land Editor 4 6 ALE Advanced Landscape 

ALE (Advanced Land Editor) is a powerful software to help civil design.

The program is used by engineers and geologists who design roads, earth-moving, open mining, garbage dumps, pools, pits, basins, earth dams, land rehabilitation, civil general design and so on.

The ALE engine works by a 3D ground Modeler.
. Free download of Ale - Advanced Land Editor 4 6, size 6.31 Mb.

Auto-m8 3 1 m8tools 

AutoM8 - Batch process drawings with Change, Plot or Purge.
System requirements: Runs inside AutoCAD versions 2000 through 2011.
Computers are really good at replicating our mistakes, especially when drawings are created from other drawings. You can make changes to drawings where repetitive errors have occurred, whether you need to . Free download of Auto-m8 3 1, size 1.89 Mb.

DevFus Foam DevCadTeam 

DevFus Foam, the new application to draw and cut foam fuselages.
Using DevFus Cam you can create in a very simple way a fuselage drawing
The Project Wizard will drive you to draw the fuselage using a step by step approach.
To draw the fuselage Side and Top view you can for example adjust the Outlines to follow a scanned image of . Free download of DevFus Foam, size 17.74 Mb.

ExplorerView 1.0.3 Sound Doctrine Ministries 

ExplorerView is an add on feature to Microsoft Windows Explorer that allows the full instant preview of files from within Windows Explorer. Using ExplorerView there is no longer any need to open a file with its application to display its contents. With ExplorerView you can find the right file the first time, every time, and fast! Copy and paste . Free download of ExplorerView 1.0.3, size 11.78 Mb.

Block Attribute Modifier SkySof Software Inc. 

With Block Attribute Modifier (BAM) you can easily automate the process of modifying block attribute values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use BAM to delete attributes, clear attribute values, replace attribute values, and find and replace attribute values. BAM runs very quickly and can process thousands of drawing files with the click of only one . Free download of Block Attribute Modifier, size 0 b.

progeARCH 2008 5 8 Grove Technologies Inc 

Architectural AutoCAD Clone Software, no learning curve for AutoCAD users, Natively reads and writes AutoCAD Dwg files, no need for conversion! Includes Walls Doors, Windows with trim and cleanup, stair plans, sections, and ceiling patterns. Room, Door and Window schedules, furniture, plumbing, HVAC, lighting and power symbols. Draw parking stalls, . Free download of progeARCH 2008 5 8, size 0 b.

PDF Maker Class .NET 1.0.3223 SkySof Software Inc. 

PDF Maker Class .NET is a powerful .NET component for software developers to programmatically create PDF files from practically any type of file - Excel workbooks, Word documents, Powerpoint files, Access reports, Crystal Reports, AutoCAD drawings, Publisher files, image files, text files, etc. Create a single PDF file from multiple Postscript or . Freeware download of PDF Maker Class .NET 1.0.3223, size 5.41 Mb.

Balloon Tooltips .NET 2.0 SkySof Software Inc. 

Balloon Tooltips .NET is a powerful .NET component that allows you to create cool customized

tooltips for your controls! Some advantages that Balloon Tooltips .NET has over conventional

tooltips: multi-line text; balloon style interface; icons, sound, foreground color, background color. . Free download of Balloon Tooltips .NET 2.0, size 0 b.

DwgFind 2 10 Dynamo15 

Plug-in DwgFind gives AutoCAD (R14 ... 2006) the ability to quick search textual information among great number of AutoCAD drawings. DwgFind application is designed to provide a workaround for a problem regarding the text inside an AutoCAD drawing. Textual information inside an AutoCAD Dwg file is encoded along with the remainder of the . Free download of DwgFind 2 10, size 14.25 Mb.

Explorer View for Outlook GetData Pty Ltd 

Explorer View of Outlook is an outstanding add-on application to use with Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to preview documents in a lot of different formats, without leaving Microsoft Outlook and, what it’s even more surprising, without the need to have the software with which the document was created installed in your system. Not . Free download of Explorer View for Outlook, size 8.97 Mb.