Dynamic Dns Service Software

Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client 4.3 Dynu Systems, Inc. 

This is a 100% free dynamic dns service for your domain name. If you have a dynamic IP Address provided by cable modem, xDSL, ISDN or Dialup internet access, this is a great way to host your own Web, FTP, Mail Server, Game Server or other servers. Dynu Premium works with all top level domains all over the world regardless of country of origin. Your . Freeware download of Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Client 4.3, size 715.00 Kb.


DDNSServ 10.6 Dynamic DNS Services 

DDNSServ allows you to Run your own DDNS or dynamic dns service. The server suite is fully featured with full support for MX, CNAME, and even NS records. With DDNSServ, you can offer the internet community a valid alternative to static IP addressing. This enables you to provide dynamic dns services, which enables people who use your DDNS service to . Free download of DDNSServ 10.6, size 4.60 Mb.

ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable Eric Arnol-Martin 

ZPanel dynamic dns Client is a lightweight application that allows you to scan for IP address changes.

It allows you to use dynamic dns with your local BIND dns installation. ZPanel dynamic dns Client has a clean, simple GUI with few options but lots of functionality.

Specify the scanning interval for retrieving your IP in . Free download of ZPanel Dynamic DNS Client Portable, size 0 b.

DynSite 1.12 No+zl Danjou 

DynSite automatically updates your dynamic IP address every time it changes on one or many dynamic dns services or by email. This allows anyone to connect to the servers (Web, FTP, NNTP, etc.) running on your own computer using a fully qualified domain name (e.g. myhost.dyndns.org, where myhost is a name of your choice). Since your host name never . Free download of DynSite 1.12, size 945.63 Mb.

FreeDNS Update 1. 8. 2004 TechKnow Professional Services 

This program is a dynamic dns updater. FreeDNS is the best dynamic dns service on the net.
Main Features :
- Free dns, dynamic dns, Static dns services
- Free subdomain hosting, free domain hosting, free backup dns, reverse IPv6 dns hosting (forward/reverse)
- Free URL redirection [web forwarding]
- Paid services . Freeware download of FreeDNS Update 1. 8. 2004, size 2.83 Mb.

Dynamic IP Update Service 2.4 Fleisoft 

dynamic IP Update service is simply a way of attaching a static hostname to a dynamic IP address. On the Internet, there are a limited number of IP addresses. When you connect to your ISP, you are assigned a temporary IP address that other computers use to find you while you are connected. Once you disconnect, that IP address is given to someone . Free download of Dynamic IP Update Service 2.4, size 366.59 Kb.

DirectUpdate 3.6.2 Fraggers.net 

DirectUpdate is a dynamic dns updater that runs as a NT service with remote (web) administration. It integrates with many of the free or pay dns services and you can automaytically update multiple dns accounts as soon as your IP changes. In addition, the program can perform local actions upon IP change, including FTP upload, application launching . Free download of DirectUpdate 3.6.2, size 1.33 Mb.

MintDNS 2008 2.0 Dynamic DNS Services 

MintDNS 2008 is a fully featured dynamic dns (DDNS) server suite that allows you to run your own enterprise level DDNS service. Our company has provided dynamic dns solutions for more than 7 years, and MintDNS 2008 Enterprise is our latest product. It is the most robust, feature rich, scalable product, that we have ever offered. If you are . Free download of MintDNS 2008 2.0, size 3.74 Mb.

Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.4 Dynu Systems, Inc. 

Dynu Basic dynamic dns client uses true dynamic dns client/server technology to fix a static domain name to a dynamic IP address. While this service is free, it allows Internet users with modems to host Web, FTP, mail and game servers, or other TCP/IP services from a home PC.If you have a cable modem, xDSL, ISDN or Dialup, this is a great way to . Freeware download of Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.4, size 920.00 Kb.

FCC DNS Grade 0.9.7 Olafur Gudmundsson 

Small and simple, FCC dns Grade is a tool that can be used to classify the dns service level from Resolver.

FCC dns Grade is a cross-platform instrument that's been designed in the Java programming language, and can be very useful if you need to evaluate a Resolver's dns service level.

. Freeware download of FCC DNS Grade 0.9.7, size 0 b.

DSL Web Hosting 2.8 DSL-SPEED.ORG 

DSL Webhosting is a free dynamic dns client program which includes a built-in web hosting , let you run your own webhosting from home on DSL connection with dynamic IP address, any Internet users could type in your domain and surf on your DSL Webhosting. easy , no banner, quickly and it's free . Freeware download of DSL Web Hosting 2.8, size 1.03 Mb.

Dynamic DNS Black List 0.4.5 ddnsbl.sourceforge.net 

ddnsbl - dynamic dns blacklist maker from sendmail and spamassassin logs. . Freeware download of Dynamic DNS Black List 0.4.5, size 10.28 Kb.

Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Service Client 4.30 Dynu Systems, Inc. 

If you have a dynamic IP Address provided by Cable modem, xDSL, ISDN or Dialup internet access, this is a great way to host your own Web, FTP, Mail Server, Game Server or other servers. Dynu Premium works with all top level domains all over the world regardless of country of origin. Your domain name's dynamic IP address is automatically tracked by . Freeware download of Dynu Premium Dynamic DNS Service Client 4.30, size 576.72 Kb.

ZoneEditDynUpdater 1.0 8Mail.de 

ZoneEditDynUpdater is a dynamic dns updater that works with your ZoneEdit accounts. This application lets you synchronize your domain/s name with your current Internet IP allowing you to run Web Servers or FTP Servers directly from your PC.
Username Field - This is your zoneedit.com username. Password Field - This is your zoneedit.com . Free download of ZoneEditDynUpdater 1.0, size 4.86 Mb.

DNS4Me RhinoSoft.com 

DNS4Me is the dynamic dns service that you need to start hosting your own Internet services. When you have a dynamic IP address, you need something to associate a static domain name with it to make it easier for visitors to access the services you provide. With DNS4Me, you can take control of your Web site by running your own HTTP server. . Free download of DNS4Me, size 2.54 Mb.

M0n0wall IPSEC VPN Auto Updater 1.0 unibia.com 

M0n0wall currently doesn't support IPSEC VPN where one or both ends are dynamic IP addresses. This PHP script along with the dynamic dns service built into m0n0wall, auto-updates the remote gateway IP address in the VPN configuration. . Freeware download of M0n0wall IPSEC VPN Auto Updater 1.0, size 2.51 Kb.

Left Eye 1.0 dnsp2p.com 

LEFT EYE is a versatile network tool. You can get many functions such as dynamic IP dns service, smart dial-up control, automatic Windows Messenger sending, elaborate activities log, convenient domain name management. By using LEFT EYE, even if your computer was turned off, you can control it remotely as if you are in front of it. LEFT EYE can . Free download of Left Eye 1.0, size 611.33 Kb.

Deerfield.com DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002 Deerfield.com 

DNS2GO by Deerfield.com is a dynamic dns updater for Windows. When you register a domain with the DNS2Go servers, you can set this application to update your IP address on a regular basis. Thus, by telling the servers what your IP address is, you can access your computer at any time by simply inputing the name of your domain, instead of an IP . Freeware download of Deerfield.com DNS2Go 4. 3. 2002, size 0 b.

Dynamic IP Monitor 3.6.2 Gulden Development 

Automatically performs secure dynamic dns updates and/or e-mails you when computer's LAN or WAN IP address changes. Additionally can FTP upload txt file, or execute custom http update string. Supports DynamicDNS, SecuritySpace, OpenDNS, dns-O-Matic. Starts minimized in tray and shows your IP addresses when you hover mouse over. Detailed logging. . Free download of Dynamic IP Monitor 3.6.2, size 241.17 Kb.

PlanetDNS Client 2.01 NewAce Corporation 

PlanetDNS Client allows you to easily create an Internet Name for your computer that automatically tracks your current dynamic IP address. PlanetDNS Client utilizes advanced dynamic dns technology to provide you with the equivalent of a static IP address without the need to ever again use an IP poster to publish your current IP address to a . Free download of PlanetDNS Client 2.01, size 5.63 Mb.