Dyslexia Software

2nd Speech Center Zero2000 Software 

Converts any text into spoken words or MP3/WAV audio files! 2nd Speech Center is an award-winning text-to-speech player that lets you listen to documents, emails or web pages instead of reading on screen. In addition to text, 2nd Speech Center also allows you to convert text to MP3 or WAV files for listening later with your portable MP3 player. 2nd . Free download of 2nd Speech Center, size 3.95 Mb.


Nessy Fingers Touch Typing 1.0 Net Educational Systems Ltd 

Nessy Fingers is a touch typing program that helps children improve spelling and keyboard skills.Explore the land of Ness and battle dragons, skeletons and ghosts in the Dungeon of Doom. On Monkey Island score goals against Burt the boss gorilla. At Penguin Mountains crush Rocky under a giant snowball.Win bigger and better trophies, medals and . Free download of Nessy Fingers Touch Typing 1.0, size 36.93 Mb.

Best Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors 1.0 Best Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors 

Screensaver with a blinds for sliding glass doors theme. . Freeware download of Best Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors 1.0, size 1.83 Mb.

Faux Wood Blinds 1.0 Faux Wood Blinds 

Screensaver with a faux wood blinds theme. . Freeware download of Faux Wood Blinds 1.0, size 1.68 Mb.

Reading Comprehension Booster 1.00 Merit Software 

Reading Comprehension Booster helps students improve reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Students receive practice in using basic reading improvement strategies. They work with interactive exercises to determine main idea, make inferences, and draw conclusions. Assessments place students in appropriate units of instruction. Students . Free download of Reading Comprehension Booster 1.00, size 59.39 Kb.

Audio Notetaker 2. 5. 2277 Accessible Audio 

Audio Notetaker can benefit anyone who records audio or listens to audio recordings. Whether you are a student recording lectures, a professional making recordings of meetings or interviews at work, or someone who just wants a better way to listen to podcasts, Audio Notetaker makes recording, navigating, annotating and organizing audio effortless. . Free download of Audio Notetaker 2. 5. 2277, size 47.70 Mb.

FlameReader 5.0 FlameSoft Technologies Inc. 

FlameReader is a multi-function Text to Speech software with natural, human-sounding voice. This powerful software reads aloud any text from Word, Emails, web Pages, Power Points, PDF and more; converts any text into audio files to play on portable devices like CD player and Ipod.

FlameReader also provides special version for users . Free download of FlameReader 5.0, size 65.19 Mb.

Lightning Magnifier 2 2 SClaro Software Ltd 

Lightning is a magnification software program for the modern PC, working on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Whatever appears on the computer screen can be magnified up to 32 times. With Lightning you can magnify the entire screen or an area you choose, with a magnification strip or lens. Lightning works well with all Windows applications. You can . Free download of Lightning Magnifier 2 2, size 3.10 Mb.

Scan2Text 2.0.24 Claro Software 

Scan2Text V2 is an easy to use tool useful for publishing and easy access to printed text using almost any standard scanner. Users can convert text on paper from the scanner, or convert PDF files and other text contained in image files such as .tif format.

Scan2Text V2 can scan documents, letters and papers, and the text is imported . Free download of Scan2Text 2.0.24, size 0 b.

Accessible PDF 2 2 Claro Software and Foo Labs 

Accessible PDF is a free program from Claro Software that lets you read PDFs with the colours and fonts you want and makes it easy to read the text aloud with other programs such as ClaroRead. You can zoom in and out, use high- or low-contrast colours, and save your PDF as text or a web page for future use. You can even follow internal contents . Freeware download of Accessible PDF 2 2, size 8.40 Mb.

ClaroIdeas 2.0.3 Claro Software 

ClaroIdeas is an easy to use, powerful and fresh visual software solution for assisting with research, planning, outlining, studying and presenting.

ClaroIdeas will help users and groups to capture their ideas, pictures, research notes, web page links, audio and video files with more freedom, flexibility and creativity. . Free download of ClaroIdeas 2.0.3, size 196.08 Mb.

ClaroCapture 2.0.0007 Claro Software 

ClaroCapture can collect text, audio and images from any document or web page, grouping it as a project file. The research file can be sent to Word, PowerPoint or ClaroIdeas, this latest ideas mapping software. It can also extract highlighted text from Microsoft Word documents. ClaroCapture is a great study skills tool . Free download of ClaroCapture 2.0.0007, size 10.59 Mb.

ClaroRead PLUS 5. 7. 2005 Claro Software 

ClaroRead is a highly effective multi-sensory software solution for supporting individuals who struggle with reading and writing. Designed with maximum simplicity, adaptability and flexibility, users of any age and level of ability will have a world of information unlocked through ClaroRead.

As ClaroRead is closely integrated with . Free download of ClaroRead PLUS 5. 7. 2005, size 0 b.

Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader 12.0 Dolphin Computer Access Ltd. 

SuperNova Screen Reader has been developed for computer users who are blind and can be used at home, at work and in education.

Developed for blind computer users, SuperNova Screen Reader is a software screen reader that works by reading the screen interactively and communicating through a speech synthesiser or a refreshable Braille . Free download of Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader 12.0, size 82.36 Mb.

Rapid Reader 7.0 MATEST Systemtechnik GmbH 

RapidReader functions as a speed–reading tool rather than a program that teaches readers how to increase their reading speed. It is very similar to ReallyEasyReader in that they both focus on flashing words at varying speeds.

This produt however does not allow you to change the colors of the words or the background. It did . Free download of Rapid Reader 7.0, size 7.74 Mb.

Dolphin EasyConverter 5 1 Dolphin Computer Access AB 

EasyConverter empowers you to make reading materials and other information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia.
With EasyConverter you can quickly and easily create accessible Word docs, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille.
EasyConverter is easy to learn if you are new to creating accessible . Free download of Dolphin EasyConverter 5 1, size 609.22 Mb.

ClaroView Claro Software 

ClaroView is an innovative but very easy to-use-piece of software. ClaroView allows you to better view your PC screen, with the potential to make browsing and reading easier. It can change the color of the screen "overlay" and allows you to modify the tint level. . Free download of ClaroView, size 6.06 Mb.

ScreenRuler Demo 0.3 Claro Software 

ScreenRuler is a unique and popular tool for assisting with reading on the PC and Mac. It provides a strip or ruler across the screen, which can have the contrast changed and have the background coloured or greyed out.
ScreenRuler works with any piece of software as it acts as an overlay on the screen. From a technical point of view, it . Free download of ScreenRuler Demo 0.3, size 40.64 Mb.

ReadPlease 2000 1.0 MoneyTree Software Company 

ReadPlease 2000 shatters the myth that computers must sound robotic and monotonous. Just imagine having web pages and e-mail read aloud to you. If you are finding there is just too much on-screen reading with all of this technology, then you will love using ReadPlease. ReadPlease 2000 uses your PC sound card to read text in your choice of four . Freeware download of ReadPlease 2000 1.0, size 0 b.

Dolphin EasyReader 6 1 Dolphin Computer Access Ltd 

EasyReader is an accessible software ebook reader, allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images. EasyReader can be used by absolutely anyone who enjoys reading books with highlighted text and speech. EasyReader is ideal for readers with blindness, low vision, dyslexia and other specific learning . Free download of Dolphin EasyReader 6 1, size 263.19 Mb.