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File Text Finder 12oClocker Software 

File Text Finder is designed to help you search for a File that contains a keyword of your choice. Just choose the search location and enter the keyword.

The application scans every File in the selected directory and outputs the Text files that contain the keyword or the phrase you entered.

. Free download of File Text Finder, size 0 b.


File - Text Generator 1.0 Chris Hambleton 

The File-Text Replacement was developed to be a small tool that substitutes filenames from a File collection into a Text template/snippet, and then generates a block of the template for every File encountered in the iteration/generation process.

The File-Text Replacement Tool is very simple to use - just point to the directory where you . Free download of File - Text Generator 1.0, size 20.97 Kb.

File Text Imformation 1.0 fti.sourceforge.net 

Just simple library for get Text File information, for checking File Text description. for example calculate how much character (with space or without space), line, blank line where we can find in the File Text. . Freeware download of File Text Imformation 1.0, size 459.89 Kb.

Notemaker Pro 1.0 Notemakerpro 

My batch File Text Editor. Rather glitched, but only one that I know of.

Notemaker Pro 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Notemaker Pro 1.0, size 0 b.

Gaupol 0.19.1 Gaupol 

Gaupol is an Editor for Text-based subtitle files. It supports multiple subtitle File formats and provides means of correcting texts and timing subtitles to match video. The user interface is designed with attention to batch processing of multiple documents and convenience of translating.

Gaupol should run on all Unix-like (GNU/Linux, . Freeware download of Gaupol 0.19.1, size 11.46 Mb.

Textplorer 1 26 Moosware.net 

Fast and compact Text Editor for Text, binary and structured data files in Text format. Look at the features why this is what i need:
Coloring data fields of structured Text files.
Syntax coloring (C, C , Pascal, HTML, INI, JS, LaTeX, Java, PHP)
Define your own syntax coloring
Search in, and sum fields.
Fast load of . Free download of Textplorer 1 26, size 62.84 Mb.

TxtEdit 4.5.1 Luzius Schneider 

TxtEdit is an Editor for Text or Rich Text files. It includes a spell checker. TxtEdit contains a "send to" - feature, which is useful to have a quick view on many different File formats. Start the Explorer, right click any File, and choose TxtEdit under send to! A task bar allows to switch quickly from one document to another. You may . Free download of TxtEdit 4.5.1, size 935.94 Kb.

Phoebus 1 CobwebSoft 

Phoebus is an ID3 tag Editor, File renamer and File manager. It allows you to edit ID3 tags, update ID3v2 with older tag version, remove ID3 tags. With File manager you can easily access files on your computer or network. Phoebus also supports powerful searching that can find files by filename or by information included in a File. . Free download of Phoebus 1, size 589.82 Kb.

JavaEncryptor 1.0 javaencryptor.sourceforge.net 

An encryption/decryption engine which can encrypt any File(Text, pdf , doc, rtf , gpg , mp3 , mp4 etc..) or any data on your PC such that only you with the valid password can decrypt it.Also it will compress the File while encrypting it. . Freeware download of JavaEncryptor 1.0, size 32.47 Kb.

N0m3nc - Data Protection Software 0.5.0 n0m3nc.sourceforge.net 

Cryptographically secure your files with asymmetric and symmetric keys, as well as password based encryptions and File/Text checksums. Use upto 6 different keys to encrypt/decrypt and get checksums using MD2, MD5, SHA1, CRC32, etc.. . Freeware download of N0m3nc - Data Protection Software 0.5.0, size 81.48 Kb.

Treebeard 1.0 treebeard.sourceforge.net 

(XSLT transformer/Editor)A Text Editor that allows the loading and editing of an XML document and an XSLT document at the same time. It also can apply the XSLT to the XML and display the output for further editing/saving. Plugable XML and XSLT parsers . Freeware download of Treebeard 1.0, size 7.95 Mb.

Beckon 1.0 Beckon 

Beckon is a Python Tkinter based Editor with Text-to-speech output aimed at the visually impaired user who can touch-type but would prefer voice feedback. It leverages the WIN32/SAPI environment and the pyTTS Text to speech module.

Beckon 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Beckon 1.0, size 0 b.

VorTeXt 1.0 Vortext 

VorTeXt is a File Text format loosely inspired by LaTeX and aimed to be versatile. Focused on the Text structure, it can be handled to build many output format : pdf, LaTeX, ePub.
Hopefully, we will build an web (HTML / PHP / JavaScript) based implementation of a VorTeXt handler to view and edit VorTeXt files.

VorTeXt 1.0 License - . Freeware download of VorTeXt 1.0, size 0 b.

Simple Palm Doc Convertor 1.0 Ondrej Psencik 

Simple Palm Doc Convertor is a simple and easy to use application that is capable of converting simple documents in/from:

Palm Doc (pdb) File
Text File
Microsoft Word (docx) File for WindowsAll

. Free download of Simple Palm Doc Convertor 1.0, size 0 b.

Text To PDF Creator 1.0 PDF Converter 

Text to Pdf Creator is an efficient and easy to handle program designed to create pdf document from Text File. Text to Pdf Creator is a free utility that is convenient to convert plain Text File to professional PDF format. Text to Pdf Converter performs the conversion accurately with the fast execution speed. Text to Pdf Converter&Creator . Freeware download of Text To PDF Creator 1.0, size 983.46 Kb.

DataVoila Wulfsoft 

DataVoila is a programmable Editor for Text files, CSV documents and other structured or unstructured data. Using DataVoila's scripting support, you can easily automate tasks like converting between Text-based formats, performing search-and-replace operations or validating input data.
Scripts in DataVoila are written in C#, giving you access . Free download of DataVoila, size 4.39 Mb.

PHP Ajax File and Image Manager 1.0 Ajaxfilemanager 

PHP Ajax File and Image Manager. Features:1. Php and Ajax Based File and image manager 2. Build-In Image Editor and Text Editor 4. multiple Javascript Editors supported (tinymce,fckeditor) 5. Multi-language supported 6. access control supported

PHP Ajax File and Image Manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of PHP Ajax File and Image Manager 1.0, size 0 b.

Word to Sound Software Imbue Software Pvt. Ltd. 

Text to voice conversion utility has the facility to convert html pdf email eBook to audio File. Text to speak speech converter software converts word into audio format with talking sounds. PDF File to voice producer utility can read your documents like e-Book, web pages, RSS feeds, Word, Excel, plain Text, email, html, rtf File and save it to wav . Free download of Word to Sound Software, size 314.57 Kb.

X3 Editor 2.0.17 doubleshadow 

X3 Editor is tool for modifying object definition files and galaxy maps of X3 Reunion / Terran Conflict.

It can edit their content and show them in human readable form. It consists of: TXT Editor, Galaxy Editor and Text Resource Editor.

TXT Editor serves for editing object definition files (located in types directory). . Freeware download of X3 Editor 2.0.17, size 428.03 Kb.

Corrupt Office Salvager 1.0.3 S2 Services 

This program will extract the Text from some corrupted or all healthy Microsoft Office and Open Office files with the extensions .doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods and odp. It may succeed at doing so where MS Office and Open Office fail to salvage Text/data. It can also attempt to recover formatting for just Open Office files. At this time . Freeware download of Corrupt Office Salvager 1.0.3, size 22.13 Mb.