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This is a Electronic Calculator featureing "HYSTERIC BEAR" from HYSTERIC GLAMOUR!

This app display calculation results with grunge guitar sound!! and equipped with an astonishment function.

Please refer to a HYSTERIC GLAMOUR salesclerk to know the details of the function.(We do not accept the inquiry over the . Freeware download of HYSTERIC GLAMOUR "HYSTERIC BEAR CALCULATOR" 1.1.0, size 314.57 Kb.


HP9100A Emulator 1.0 hp9100a.sourceforge.net 

"A New Electronic Calculator with Computerlike Capabilities" With these words Richard E. Monier announced Tom Osborne's HP-9100A in the late 60ties. This emulation, written in Gambas, tries to put the "green machine" onto a linux desktop. . Freeware download of HP9100A Emulator 1.0, size 1.12 Mb.

LM317 Voltage Regulator Calculator 1.0.0 RnD Warehouse 

Electronic Engeering Calculator to determine Resistor Values and Voltage Outputs for the common LM317 Programmable Voltage Regulator. . Freeware download of LM317 Voltage Regulator Calculator 1.0.0, size 1.02 Kb.

ISO Metric Tap Drill Calculator 1.0 RnD Warehouse 

Electronic Component Suppliers - ISO Metric Tap and Drill Calculator for Windows. Calculates metric tap and drill sizes for metric screws. Calculates loose and close fit screw clearance holes. M1 - M27 screws, Coarse and Fine screws. . Freeware download of ISO Metric Tap Drill Calculator 1.0, size 184.32 Kb.

Resistor Calculator 1.0.1 AB-Tools.com 

Resistor Calculator is very useful program that allows you to calculate the value of resistors, generate the color code, and calculate resistors for LED circuits. Resistors are Electronic components that are present in all the Electronic circuits. They determine the electric current that must flow in an electric circuit for a given voltage. . Freeware download of Resistor Calculator 1.0.1, size 2.72 Mb.

ElecToolBox 1.0 Lapp Group USA 

This is a smart and handy tool for all Electrical & Electronic Engineers. Your on-the-go virtual, simple to use converter and Calculator.

- Wire Inductance
- Frequency
- Units of measurement
- Voltage/Power Conversion . Freeware download of ElecToolBox 1.0, size 10.59 Mb.

HVAC PT Chart 1.5 Carmel Software Corporation 


HVAC PT Chart is an Electronic pressure temperature Calculator that allows HVAC technicians and contractors to quickly look up the temperature and corresponding pressure for 75 common HVAC refrigerants. This is the only PT Chart . Freeware download of HVAC PT Chart 1.5, size 2.73 Mb.

DPLS Scientific Calculator Dot Point Learning Systems 

This highly functional and easy to use Scientific Calculator is a must for science students. The main Calculator has over 40 functions while an extensive number of utilities, tools and science data reference systems can be called. The Calculator contains one of the most extensive measurement converters available. Listed are over 2000 equations for . Freeware download of DPLS Scientific Calculator, size 17.25 Mb.

Calculator Prompter 2.7 Softaddress 

Calculator Prompter is a math expression Calculator. You can evaluate expressions like sin(cos(tan(pi)))#2%10^3 Calculator Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results: - Paste operator here; - Paste number here; - Missing '('; - Missing ')'; - Unknown symbol ... etc. With Calculator Prompter you can . Freeware download of Calculator Prompter 2.7, size 985.00 Kb.

Free Loan Calculator 3.1 Wheatworks Software, LLC 

This free loan payment Calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate loan payments based upon variable payment frequency! Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, Biweekly 26/year, Bimonthly 24/year, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual payment periods. Free Loan Calculator is a financial Calculator designed for . Freeware download of Free Loan Calculator 3.1, size 848.90 Kb.

eCalc Calculator 1.01 eCalc 

eCalc is a free Windows Calculator with basic and scientific functions. The Calculator is designed with a high level of aesthetics, including large buttons and an easy to read display. The Calculator operates with a frameless border and stays open above your other programs - making it an ideal side companion tool. Notable features of this . Freeware download of eCalc Calculator 1.01, size 746.45 Kb.

Boise Lawyers Child Support Calculator 1.5 Boise Lawyers 

The Boise Lawyers Child Support Calculator is a great tool for estimating child support payments in the state of Idaho, in the case of divorce or other custody proceedings. The Calculator is based upon suggestions from the third judicial district court. The court provided guidelines to give specific guidance for evaluating evidence in child support . Freeware download of Boise Lawyers Child Support Calculator 1.5, size 677.29 Kb.

Calculator for Science Students 2.9 Dot Point Learning Systems 

This is a very useful Calculator for students. The system is designed to quickly carry out calculations and find commonly used reference data. The system contains a scientific Calculator that can also calculate molecular mass, and from this main Calculator over 80 other calculators and science tools can be called.These include a triangle . Freeware download of Calculator for Science Students 2.9, size 1.66 Mb.

Xmart Calculator 1.02 xmart soft ltd 

Xmart Calculator is a smart, simple and muti-functional Calculator based on text expression, where users can define personal functions and all calculations are traceable. . Freeware download of Xmart Calculator 1.02, size 766.46 Kb.

Linear Interpolation calculator 1.1 WeBBusterZ Engineering Software 

Linear Interpolation Calculator is a free solution that gives you the possibility to interpolate between values to arrive to the correct intermediate result. Linear interpolation has many uses usually in steam tables to find the unknown value. . Freeware download of Linear Interpolation calculator 1.1, size 28.67 Kb.

Bond Yield Calculator 2.0 Business Spreadsheets 

The Bond Yield Calculator for Excel or OpenOffice Calc enables the automatic generation of scheduled bond payments and the calculation of resulting yield to maturity. The model is equipped to handle odd first time periods and is ideal to speed up bond payment and yield calculations. Key features of the Bond Yield Calculator include: Ease and . Freeware download of Bond Yield Calculator 2.0, size 90.00 Kb.

Free Matrix Calculator 5.3 HAN 

Free Matrix Calculator is a practical math tool to Calculator real matrix and complex matrix. As you see, it's easy, various, and effectual. Download and try it.
Function: Matrix inverse. Matrix transpose.Largest component. Smallest component. Matrix or vector norm.Dimension. Sum of diagonal elements. Determinant.Matrix rank.Eigenvalues. QR . Freeware download of Free Matrix Calculator 5.3, size 581.60 Kb.

Precise Calculator 2.5 Petr Lastovicka 

Precise Calculator has more than 150 mathematical functions and all of them can return as many digits as you need. It can calculate with integers, real numbers, complex numbers, fractions, vectors, matrices. Commands if, goto, for, print can be used to create scripts. You can use history to edit and repeat previous expressions. Frequently used . Freeware download of Precise Calculator 2.5, size 127.14 Kb.

LDR Payment Calculator 1.0 Debt Consolidation 

LDR Payment Calculator enables you to easily calculate monthly payments on loans . Freeware download of LDR Payment Calculator 1.0, size 78.85 Kb.

Amortization Schedule Calculator 1.2 amortizations.biz 

Loan & Mortgage Calculator. You can calculate your loan plan using this tool. Just type your loan amount, loan length, annual interest and pay periodicity and you will get the detail of your loan payment. . Freeware download of Amortization Schedule Calculator 1.2, size 494.59 Kb.