Electronic File Management Software

Description explorer 0.5.2 Optima SC Inc. 

Description explorer is a collection of tools for metadata and File Management for Windows operating systems.

Main features:

- New Version 0.5.2 released, this version contains major bugfixes that makes the overall software much more stable.

- Easily classify and search multimedia files (pictures, audio . Free download of Description explorer 0.5.2, size 11.28 Mb.


PKZIP 64-bit 14.00.0023 PKWARE Inc 

PKZIP continues to be the gold standard in data compression and File Management, evolving as your needs have changed. PKZIP compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space and transmission times. And, by using the ZIP standard, the most widely used File standard in the world, you can easily exchange data across all major . Free download of PKZIP 64-bit 14.00.0023, size 29.05 Mb.

Bulk File Manager 1.6 bulkfilemanager.codeplex.com 

Bulk File Management. C# .NET local File system deduplication and name Management utility. . Freeware download of Bulk File Manager 1.6, size 126.22 Kb.

meltingice file system 1.0 meltingicefs.sourceforge.net 

MeltingIce File System is a comprehensive php personal File Management script. It allows users to upload to the server it is hosted on, and once the files are uploaded, users may link other people to them, and manage their uploaded files. . Freeware download of meltingice file system 1.0, size 292.16 Kb.

FilerPal Basic 3.01.00 KMSoft 

Time and Job Based File Management Automation for Networks and Desktop Computers.

FilerPal Basic is the tool for the job based and time-controlled handling of files and directories. Backup, copying, moving, deleting, synchronizing, locally or on a network with adjustable detailed search and automatic execution options.

The . Free download of FilerPal Basic 3.01.00, size 8.65 Mb.

Simple Rows Based File rc Rows-based-file 

Rows Based File is File Management software. User can access any row randomly in files without load whole File into memory. It can be used in somewhere, such as huge queue File or logging File.

Simple Rows Based File rc License - Apache License V2.0 . Freeware download of Simple Rows Based File rc, size 1.12 Mb.

File Location And Placement System 1.0 Flaps 

FLAPS is another PHP File Management System, but done right! Really simple UI makes it a breeze for your clients to use, and a handy javascript lib lets you integrate it in as little as 2 lines! All the good features you expect, and nothing poinless!

File Location And Placement System 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of File Location And Placement System 1.0, size 0 b.

enyone's PHP FTP File manager 1.0 Ephpftp 

enyone's PHP FTP File Management system written in php language.

enyone's PHP FTP File manager 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of enyone's PHP FTP File manager 1.0, size 0 b.

File Manager 2008 2008 Filemanager2008 

An easy to use, web-based File Management software. Edit, delete, rename, move, copy and make files, with built-in Administration.

File Manager 2008 2008 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of File Manager 2008 2008, size 0 b.

File Managment System 1.0 Newfilemgmt 

This is a small project I have developed after learning core java, for File Management. The basic idea of this project is to convert the case of File names and to search thru the files.

File Managment System 1.0 License - Academic Free License (AFL) . Freeware download of File Managment System 1.0, size 0 b.

Arbitrator Mini SI 1.9 Insight Video Net, LLC, 

Arbitrator Mini SI is a utility that was especially tailored for Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers and it connects to the In-Car Video unit to provide you with some File Management options.

With Arbitrator Mini SI you will be able to upload files directly from a recorder unit to a FTP site, burn them to a disc or export the files to . Free download of Arbitrator Mini SI 1.9, size 0 b.

MCME Lightning Ware Solutions 

MCME is designed to expand the capabilities of Media Center and ease the File Management. The File explorer Media Center add-in allows you to explore files on your Media Center PC and execute them. For example you could use this feature to browse your Blu-ray and DVD ISO files and automatically mount them and load them into CyberLink PowerDVD.

TextDiff 4.5 Angus Johnson 

TextDiff is a simple File Management tool that was designed to help you compare two text files, or two diferent folders.

Here are some key features of "TextDiff":

dlTE customizable color highlighting of differences
dlTE drag and drop enabled
dlTE accepts commandline parameters for File and folder . Freeware download of TextDiff 4.5, size 503.32 Kb.

Belvedere Automates Your Self-Cleaning PC 0.4 Lifehacker 

Windows only: Keep your desktop or any other folder on your hard drive organized and under control with Belvedere, an automated Windows File Management tool. Use Belvedere's friendly interface to create advanced rules to move, copy, delete, rename, or open files based on their name, extension, size, creation date, and more.

License: . Free download of Belvedere Automates Your Self-Cleaning PC 0.4, size 912.26 Kb.

SmartFile 1.21 ddisoftware 

SmartFile is a full featured File Manager intended to replace Windows Explorer and other Windows File Management utilities. Using a two panel approach to File Management, SmartFile ensures maximum functionality while minimizing the clutter often created by multiple overlapping windows. In addition, set up the software any way you like and unlike . Free download of SmartFile 1.21, size 1.08 Mb.

ETOS-File System,3D Browser,Pictures, music, videos, three in one 1.0 Jianzhong Liang 

ETOS,micro pc desktop.
1)File Management
Upload,many types File,like office word,excel,ppt,text type,video type,music type,web type and so on.
Preview,browser,search,edit and save your files.
Import your iPhone photo albums.
Send email with File.
Lock or unlock your folders.
Zip or unzip files and . Freeware download of ETOS-File System,3D Browser,Pictures, music, videos, three in one 1.0, size 22.33 Mb.

Switch Window 1.0.1 Desktop Boosters Software 

Operating systems have come a long way from primitive File Management tools to sophisticated home and office computing environments featuring a multitude of tools intended to ease up our life. Most of us have got used to the fact that each and every action within the operating system can be performed in a variety of ways: some prefer clicking . Freeware download of Switch Window 1.0.1, size 724.99 Kb.

DriveHQ FileManager 1.1 MBizGroup, LLC 

DriveHQ FileManager is a Windows Explorer-like desktop application that seamlessly integrates the web-based File storage and sharing system to users' local File system, making Internet File Management as easy as managing the local File system. Combined with DriveHQ.com free storage services, it is one of the best tools for upload, download, share . Freeware download of DriveHQ FileManager 1.1, size 3.28 Mb.

QuickMirror 1.29.2 QuickMirror 

QuickMirror is a Windows File Management utility that quickly transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. Variations of mirroring are allowed through basic and advanced options. All mirroring actions can be saved into a log for future review. A preview command enables testing mirroring options on the source and destination . Free download of QuickMirror 1.29.2, size 220.16 Kb.

ExplorerPlus 6.2 Novatix Corporation 

ExplorerPlus makes File Management fast, easy and efficient. This powerful yet easy to use suite of integrated tools provides all you need to quickly and easily organize and manage all your system files and folders. From digital photos to MP3 music files, or web files to Word files, ExplorerPlus lets you tackle even the most demanding File . Free download of ExplorerPlus 6.2, size 19.79 Mb.