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1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer 3.00 1-abc.net 

Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce temporary data. These disk space consuming files are used to remember personal data or user behaviour in the best case, but most of the time they only decrease the speed of your system the more is installed on it. Unfortunately there are not many programs that really take care . Free download of 1-abc.net Hard Drive Washer 3.00, size 358.20 Kb.


CloneMaster 5.00 SoftByte Labs 

CloneMaster will clean your hard drive of duplicate files that are just wasting space. CloneMaster searches for TRUE duplicate files (byte for byte). It does not find duplicates by filename, date, size or CRC. It does so by comparing the file data itself ensuring 100% accuracy. CloneMaster uses a special algorithm that makes the scan extremely . Free download of CloneMaster 5.00, size 150.00 Kb.

Empty Temp Folders 2. 8. 2003 Finn Ekberg Christiansen 

Do you know how many unnecessary temporary files your computer has? They could be thousands and thousands of junk files using a lot of space on your hard disk.
Empty Temp Folders is a useful and handy tool that clears the content of the TEMP folder. Windows programs should automatically delete any temporary files and folders they create, but . Freeware download of Empty Temp Folders 2. 8. 2003, size 66.57 Mb.

MySQL Search Database Records Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Search multiple tables for text using advanced methods. Features include: Find record(s) containing user-specified character(s), not containing user-specified character(s), containing space(s), not containing space(s) , enter(s) (carriage returns), tab(s), alphabet character(s), numeric character(s), alphanumeric character(s), non-alphanumeric . Free download of MySQL Search Database Records Software 7.0, size 3.04 Mb.

MS Word Remove Lines In Multiple Documents Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Remove entire lines, lines containing certain characters, blank lines or certain line numbers from one or more MS Word files. Word 2000 or higher required. . Free download of MS Word Remove Lines In Multiple Documents Software 7.0, size 777.22 Kb.

Excel Select Only Certain Cells Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Conditionally select many cells at once in MS Excel by various properties such as Empty, non-Empty, odd, even, color, same, small, large, equal, not equal, greater than, less than, etc. Excel 2000 or higher required. . Free download of Excel Select Only Certain Cells Software 7.0, size 915.46 Kb.

MS Word Employment Application Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for hiring agents who need to create employment application documents. It has the flexibility to add or to remove any section with the click of a button: Applicant Information (General Information), Education, References, Previous Employment, Military Service, and Disclaimer & Signature. The pre-loaded content of . Free download of MS Word Employment Application Template Software 7.0, size 1.73 Mb.

Venerable Master Hsu Yun Empty Cloud 2.0 Firstscreensaver.com 

Ch'an Master Hsu Yun was born on 26th April 1840 at Chuanchowfu in Fukien province. After his own enlightenment, the master immediately began his Bodhisattva work of guiding others out of the sea of suffering. . Freeware download of Venerable Master Hsu Yun Empty Cloud 2.0, size 1.78 Mb.

DDR Recovery DDR recovery 

DDR recovery software is complete solution to restore deleted or missing digital images from bad sector affected storage media in fastest and economical ways. Freeware data doctor recovery application is highly interactive tool to retrieve lost, corrupted or missing files and folders from FAT file system partitioned hard disk drives. Reliable data . Free download of DDR Recovery, size 1.55 Mb.

Automatically Delete Temporary Files Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

Automatically delete temporary files at specified intervals. File deletions can be set to occur every 1 hour, 4 hours, day, week etc. This application minimizes out of the way to the system tray at the bottom-right corner of the screen. . Free download of Automatically Delete Temporary Files Software 7.0, size 1.73 Mb.

Wine Cellar 3D toutenvrac.org 

This software is designed for owners of one or more wine cellars but not only. You can manage your stock bottles, and their location. Detailed statistics in 3D to visualize your data graphically, the number of full bottles, Empty, price, rating, and more... Models for quickly choose a preconfigured graphical statistics. The list of bottles can be . Freeware download of Wine Cellar 3D, size 8.78 Mb.

ALOT Say-It 2.5.7000.477 alot.com 

The Say-It widget is a d-deDUtext to speechd-deDt Tool that reads texts, paragraphs and words straight from your computer. From your Internet browser, just Highlight the text and click the d-deDUSay Itd-deDt button. From other programs on your computer, select and copy the text, Paste It into the Empty search field on the toolbar and click the . Freeware download of ALOT Say-It 2.5.7000.477, size 650.12 Kb.

WebMail Ad Blocker 2.7.1 MyWebber 

More screen space for your messages! Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail advertisements take up a lot of space even if they get blocked by other addons because they leave unused Empty space . Freeware download of WebMail Ad Blocker 2.7.1, size 31.46 Kb.

CheckSite for Windows 1.2.4 Colorize 

For most programming languages, tools have been developed to automate testing, find potential problems, and measure code quality. Examples are JUnit and FindBugs. Strangely enough, few of this tools exist for HTML. The W3C Validator checks if a page is well-formed, but it does not check if the page has a favicon, or if images have Empty alt . Free download of CheckSite for Windows 1.2.4, size 4.53 Mb.

CleanCIH 1.6 Proland Software 

Win95.CIH (also known as Chernobyl, CIH, Spacefiller, Win32.CIH) is a virus that infects 32-bit Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT executables files having the .EXE extension. When an infected program is run in a Windows 95 or Windows 98 computer, it infects the computer and becomes memory resident. The infected program will not work properly on . Free download of CleanCIH 1.6, size 20.97 Kb.

Portable Blowfish Advanced CS Markus Hahn 

Blowfish Advanced CS is a powerful file encryption and security tool for the Windows platform.

It protects your files with a key built from a password or a key disk, so that noone but you has access to the contents. Blowfish Advanced CS wipes sensitive files that are no longer needed, so nobody will be able to restore them. Working with . Freeware download of Portable Blowfish Advanced CS, size 933.23 Kb.

DelEmpty 1.2 Skrommel 

List and delete Empty folders.

- Show filecount, foldercound, programcount and size of files and subfolders.
- Sort by files, size or path.
- Doubleclick to explore a folder. . Freeware download of DelEmpty 1.2, size 429.92 Kb.

Portable Drive Cleanup Wizard 1.0 Mikhail Esteves 

Drive Cleanup Wizard is developed to help you clean your drive of unnecessary files.

You can specify custom file-types you want to search and destroy. Works across User Profiles on a machine. Handy tool for System Administrators and Home Users.

Here are some key features of "Portable Drive Cleanup Wizard":

Portable ZSoft Uninstaller 2.5 John T. Haller 

ZSoft Uninstaller is the better and easier way to uninstall programs on your computer, not only replacing Add/Remove programs, but finding and removing the leftover bits of software that's been removed. This application requires administrative rights.


Analyze an installation so it can be . Freeware download of Portable ZSoft Uninstaller 2.5, size 1.60 Mb.

Cyldir 5.5 Svend Olaf Mikkelsen 

The Cyldir application will search for lost and not lost directories in a lost or not lost FAT partition.

Usage: Cyldir
[copyfiles ] []

Lists lost, not lost and obsolete directories found in a FAT partition with FAT at the given location. Short filenames are shown.
in sectors. in KB. entries for FAT16, root cluster . Freeware download of Cyldir 5.5, size 115.34 Kb.