Empty File Software

FMS Empty File Remover 2.9.4 FileManagerSoft Ltd. 

Empty File Remover is a tool to automatically check and delete Empty files on your disk. . Free download of FMS Empty File Remover 2.9.4, size 736.13 Kb.


Make Empty File 1.0 mkef.sourceforge.net 

Simple Read-Only protection tool for removable devices. Make Empty File on selected disk with required size. Most common usage - place executable File on USB-flash drive and run it for space filling. When free space will need, delete Empty File. . Freeware download of Make Empty File 1.0, size 67.67 Kb.

Flash Drive Protector 1.0 Flashprotector 

Small and portable utility for protecting flash drive from autorun and another viruses, by quick filling out free space, preventing from creating even Empty File, and more...

Flash Drive Protector 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Flash Drive Protector 1.0, size 0 b.

O&O CleverCache Server Edition 7 O&O Software GmbH 

O&O CleverCache resolves File cache problems under Windows. It does so by taking control of the storage resource management. As a result, it is possible to accelerate the answering times of applications. This is the only way to prevent straining the system to its maximum. Efficiency is increased and there's an improvement in the way existing . Free download of O&O CleverCache Server Edition 7, size 8.53 Mb.

O&O FormatRecovery Personal Edition 4 O&O Software GmbH 

With the new O&O FormatRecovery 4, O&O offers the ultimate supplement to its already impressive line of data recovery products. Guiding users with an onscreen Assistant, O&O FormatRecovery 4 enables the recovery of deleted or formatted partitions or hard disks to their pre-deletion form. File and directory information is likewise . Free download of O&O FormatRecovery Personal Edition 4, size 5.61 Mb.

FTP Shortcuts 0.3 Oliver Bell 

A small utility to make FTP Shortcuts easier to create and modify, using the standard Windows shell command to open FTP sites in normal 'explorer' windows. Passwords are always hidden and the files containing them are encrypted, making it a little more secure. Ideal for those wishing to use their normal browser to Access FTP sites.

This . Freeware download of FTP Shortcuts 0.3, size 492.83 Kb.

Delete Files Permanently (File Shredder) 3.0 Delete Files Permanently.com 

Delete Files Permanently is an advanced File shredder that allows you to permanently delete files, wipe free space, Empty and wipe the Recycle Bin. Delete Files Permanently supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003/2000/ME/98. When you delete files from your computer, Empty the Recycle Bin and even format your hard drive, Windows does not completely . Free download of Delete Files Permanently (File Shredder) 3.0, size 4.66 Mb.

Blancco - File Shredder Blancco Oy Ltd 

Blancco - File Shredder is a secure solution for your day-to-day destruction of files and folders
When you delete a File, Empty the Recycle Bin or even format your hard drive, the information is NOT removed from your computer. Your data can be easily recovered by anyone. Blancco - File Shredder is user-friendly, easy-to-install software that . Free download of Blancco - File Shredder, size 0 b.

Right File Cleaner 1.00.10 AllDataRight Lab 

The Right File Cleaner fixes a few typical problems with text data files: removes duplicated and Empty rows, removes extra spaces, fixes wrong capitalization, removes non-printable symbols from values, add lost spaces, etc. This utility is most suitable for clearing data received from external sources like B2B partners, customers, public storages. . Free download of Right File Cleaner 1.00.10, size 455.68 Kb.

Sprintbit File Manager 3.1.25 Sprintbit Software 

Sprintbit File Manager for Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista is a fully featured application for viewing and managing files on your computer. You can perform all standard File operations like copying, moving, renaming, deleting, creating folders, shortcuts or new Empty files. It has several File Managers with multiple browsers that supports Drag & . Free download of Sprintbit File Manager 3.1.25, size 11.76 Mb.

Win-Medic Registry Compressor 2.01.69 Win-Medic 

Registry Compressor for Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP will enhance your system's performance by removing registry gaps and Empty entries, and then compressing and defragmenting the registry File. Microsoft Windows includes no tool to perform this function! Over time the registry becomes larger and larger as new programs are installed, used and removed. . Free download of Win-Medic Registry Compressor 2.01.69, size 1.72 Mb.

File List Builder 2.8 whitecloudsoft.com 

File List Builder is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k WinXP and Vista.
It extract the filename and all level subfolder names orderly and save to a File.

Main Features:
1. Refined structure for filenames and subfolder names
2. Details of all folders
3. Size and date of files
4. Specifical File type . Free download of File List Builder 2.8, size 742.00 Kb.

ErrorTeck 1 4 ErrorTeck.com 

ErrorTeck allows you to safely scan and repair problems found in the Windows registry related to application paths, shared program files, program IDs, custom controls, startup programs, removed programs, File associations, start menu shortcuts, Empty registry keys, help files, windows fonts, event sounds, and invalid shortcuts. The program is easy . Free download of ErrorTeck 1 4, size 1.73 Mb.

RegZooka BluePenguin Software, Inc 

Are you receiving error messages such as: dll error, invalid File, startup errors, missing files, sound problems, missing fonts, Empty registry keys, application errors, runtime errors, invalid ActiveX keys, or computer crashes? RegZooka registry cleaner fixes these problems and all other error codes so your computer runs like new. . Free download of RegZooka, size 7.19 Mb.

SafeIT File Shredding 7. 5. 2001 SafeIT Security 

SafeIT File Shredding is an application for permanently removing (shred) files and folders from your computer. The software allows you to completely erase selected information on your hard drive and other memories. The product supports shredding of individual files, recycle bin, temporary files, unused disk space (free disk space) and Internet . Free download of SafeIT File Shredding 7. 5. 2001, size 8.23 Mb.

SendGuard 1.0.95 Standss(South Pacific)Limited 

SendGuard description :
Forgotten to attach an important File to an email
Had an email blocked because it got sent out with an Empty subject
Accidentally clicked Reply All (instead of Reply) on an email and informed too many people of confidential information
Accidentally clicked Reply (instead of Reply All) on an email and . Free download of SendGuard 1.0.95, size 0 b.

Ghost File Eradicator 1.0 KMCS Computer Software, LLC 

Ghost File Eradicator (GFE) is designed to automatically delete unwanted files every time you log onto Windows. The software will search your system for common garbage File locations, and also permits you to add as many custom paths as you require. Out of the box, GFE can locate and clean out IE temp folders, IE cookies, IT histories, program temp . Free download of Ghost File Eradicator 1.0, size 346.11 Kb.

4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 2.0 4dots Software 

Empty Folder Cleaner is a free advanced utility to delete Empty folders from your computer and remove the clutter in order to increase performance.

Removing Empty folders that are Empty, or do contain only Empty subfolders, or junk files , will increase the speed of File searches and the overall performance of your computer.
. Freeware download of 4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 2.0, size 15.17 Mb.

RVL File Shredder 1.0 RVL Soft 

Windows operating system does not delete a File permanently when a File is deleted using shift+del key combination or files from emptied recycle bin of Windows. The allocation area or the index of the File system (FAT or NTFS) marks the area used by the deleted File as Empty. The actual raw contents of the files are always present even if the File . Free download of RVL File Shredder 1.0, size 401.41 Kb.

PO Translator 0.7 potrans.sourceforge.net 

potrans is a useful tool that helps in the translation of po files, it runs through all the untranslated (Empty) terms in a po File, translates them using google's language tools, and marks them as fuzzy. . Freeware download of PO Translator 0.7, size 11.89 Kb.

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