Entity Framework Freeware

The Grinder 3.8 Philip Aston 

The Grinder is a load testing Framework designed to make it easy to run a distributed test using many load injector machines. Now, you can use this Open Source, Java-based Framework to perform the tests you need in no time at all. Key features: Generic Approach Load test anything that has a Java API. This includes common cases such as HTTP web . Freeware download of The Grinder 3.8, size 5.87 Mb.


Limny 3.2.2001 Limny 

Limny is a free and open-source content management Framework with a focus on ease to use and develop. It can be used as a stable and powerful core for heavy and light web applications by having main features of web applications such as user and roles management, multilingual system and multiple theme support. Also its rich graphic library helps . Freeware download of Limny 3.2.2001, size 440.32 Kb.

Zenipex Beta 1.0 Mitchell Keith Bloch 

Zenipex is specially designed to be a game development Framework. Zenipex's main goal is to allow someone with C++ knowledge to create 3D games for multiple platforms. OpenGL and Direct3D 9 are both supported by this framewrok. . Freeware download of Zenipex Beta 1.0, size 806.91 Kb.

Karrigell 3.1.2001 Pierre Quentel 

Karrigell is a flexible Python web Framework, with a clear and intuitive syntax. It is independent from any database, ORM or templating engine, and lets the programmer choose between a variety of coding styles. It applies to web programming what Python applies to programming : simple, clear, easy to code and to maintain. To achieve this, Karrigell . Freeware download of Karrigell 3.1.2001, size 4.09 Mb.

Standard Widget Graphics 3.2.2001 IBM 

Standard Widget Graphics brings you a powerful toolset that is desigend especially for providing both new widget controls and an animation Framework that share a common programming model with the existing controls in SWT. Standard Widget Graphics (SWG) is a cross-platform client technology comprising rich vector-graphic controls and an animation . Freeware download of Standard Widget Graphics 3.2.2001, size 6.08 Mb.

Mantra 0.81 Beta 1.0 Mantra Team 

Mantra is such an innovative product, a security Framework built on top of a browser. Its cross platform, portable and can run out of the box. You can take it with you where ever you go in absolutely any rewritable media including memory cards, flash drives and portable hard disks. More over, Mantra can be used for both offensive security and . Freeware download of Mantra 0.81 Beta 1.0, size 44.35 Mb.

2d java game framework 1.0 javagameframew.sourceforge.net 

A little Framework for building 2d games in java . Freeware download of 2d java game framework 1.0, size 49.02 Kb.

2D Computer Graphics / Imaging Framework 1.6.3 j2dcg.sourceforge.net 

j2dcg: Java 2D Computer Graphics and Imaging Framework. This Framework is targeted for academic use, to reduce the amount of Java / User Interface coding for assignements targeting both raster and vector graphics. . Freeware download of 2D Computer Graphics / Imaging Framework 1.6.3, size 128.39 Kb.

4Ever XML Framework rc fourever.sourceforge.net 

The 4Ever Framework provides a OO access layer to a single or a set of XML files. The Framework offers a set of basic management services as loading/saving, change history, and consistency checking. It is realized in a component-oriented way. . Freeware download of 4Ever XML Framework rc, size 5.16 Mb.

A generice executable process framework 1.0 genericprocess.sourceforge.net 

a Framework library with a template method interface and inheritable classes for an executable process design which produces an executable which is both a GUI and a console application. It provides multi-threading for work items of the provider process . . Freeware download of A generice executable process framework 1.0, size 938.82 Kb.

Abbot Java GUI Testing Framework 1.2.0 abbot.sourceforge.net 

Abbot is a simple Framework for unit and functional testing of Java GUIs. Facilitates generating user actions and examining component state. Supports recording and playback on any Java application. . Freeware download of Abbot Java GUI Testing Framework 1.2.0, size 10.31 Mb.

ABY FRAMEWORK beta.20090917 abyframework.sourceforge.net 

An short but powerfull Framework for PHP 5+. based in the Model View Controller (MVC), it can use Mysql, Microsoft Sql Server and partially Oracle . Freeware download of ABY FRAMEWORK beta.20090917, size 6.21 Mb.

Ada Cryptographic Framework (ACF) 1.0 adacf.sourceforge.net 

The Ada Cryptographic Framework (ACF) is a set of Ada packages that implement the most popular cryptographic algorithms. The main goal of the proyect is to implement a complete set of cryptographic primitives entirely in Ada 95 . Freeware download of Ada Cryptographic Framework (ACF) 1.0, size 843.35 Kb.

Advanced Bot Framework 0.7.0.beta bot-framework.sourceforge.net 

Using this plugin-based Framework, you can instantly start working on the *brain* of your bot (irc bot, chatterbot, robot, ...). With support for db, irc, logging and programming-language independent plugins, users can easily enhance the functionality. . Freeware download of Advanced Bot Framework 0.7.0.beta, size 79.81 Kb.

Agent Developing Framework 0.2 adf.sourceforge.net 

ADF is an open source Framework for developing software agents, using J2EE and JBoss. . Freeware download of Agent Developing Framework 0.2, size 380.08 Kb.

Adventure PHP Framework (APF) 1.0 adventure-php-framework.org 

The adventure php Framework understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications. It supports the developer to create programms in compliance with approved software design patterns. . Freeware download of Adventure PHP Framework (APF) 1.0, size 924.96 Kb.

AFNER Named Entity Recognition system 1.02 afner.sourceforge.net 

AFNER is a C++ named Entity recognition system that uses machine learning techniques. It is customisable to various domains. It also allows for multiple and overlapping named Entity labels. . Freeware download of AFNER Named Entity Recognition system 1.02, size 816.23 Kb.

Archetype Javascript Framework 0.10.0 archetypejs.org 

Archetype is an Entreprise Javascript Framework. Get documentation at http://archetypejs.org ! . Freeware download of Archetype Javascript Framework 0.10.0, size 2.25 Mb.

Architectural XML Editing framework 2003.10.20 metaEngine.org 

This is a client side XML Editing and XML Messagegeneration Framework which is flexible/powerful yetstandard compliant and easy to implement.The idea is based on SGML Architectural Form Processing and XHTML Modularization. . Freeware download of Architectural XML Editing framework 2003.10.20, size 631.79 Kb.

AspectSharp - .NET AOP Framework aspectsharp.sourceforge.net 

AspectSharp is an AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) Framework for .NET . . Freeware download of AspectSharp - .NET AOP Framework, size 120.17 Kb.