Excel Addin Software

Blue Excel 4.1 SmartXYZ 

Blue Excel is a powerful Excel Addin. It is designed to make program Gantt Chart. Excel is often used to make program plan instead of Microsoft Project due to it is familiar by most people.

Blue Excel provides faster way to create program Gantt Chart plan. It supports plan based on week, working day or calendar date. You can create . Free download of Blue Excel 4.1, size 3.39 Mb.


ASAP Utilities 4 8 A Must in Every Office 

ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel, and automates frequently used tasks.
ASAP Utilities is a high performance add-in for Microsoft Excel which brings you more than 300 utilities, extra functions and options for Microsoft Excel that will help you to reduce time-consuming work. In this way, ASAP Utilities is . Free download of ASAP Utilities 4 8, size 8.19 Mb.

Excel Power Expander 5.12 Vonixx 

Excel Power Expander is a very powerful Automation Toolbox for Microsoft Excel. It adds 87 automation utilities and 125 new worksheet formulas into Excel. The tools substantially extend Excel's functionality and add much intelligence to automate everyday complex spreadsheet tasks.

Feature categories:
-Formatting Tools;
-Range . Free download of Excel Power Expander 5.12, size 13.88 Mb.

eXcelatorCTR 2 2 Technocom 

eXcelatorCTR (Cells Text Remover) is an Excel Add-In. It removes text from Excel cells with different criteria and conditions. With eXcelator CTR you can process as many cells as you want in a single process. With this program you can remove leading, trailing and excessive spaces, lower/upper case characters, the basis of user-defined criteria or . Free download of eXcelatorCTR 2 2, size 54.54 Mb.

PDF2EXCEL 1.0 Technocom 

PDF2EXCEL is a converter program that will help you to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) to Excel (xls) format. There are plenty of these converters programs, choose the program that helps you more, let me share some information about this one. It runs individually, you can convert any PDF format file to Excel format. You just have to . Free download of PDF2EXCEL 1.0, size 0 b.

Multiple File Import / Export Utility 2 1 sam308 

Multiple File Import / Export Utility is an new and useful software that can imports data from a single file or all files within a directory and exports each row of data within a spreadsheet to individual files.

A powerful software that you can get it at a low price on your computers. Multiple File Import / Export Utility is a powerful . Free download of Multiple File Import / Export Utility 2 1, size 78.20 Mb.

ExcelTextMerger 1 1 Technocom 

ExcelTextMerger is a powerful Excel Addin application which can merge columns data, concatenate columns text in Excel files. You can merge as many cells text as you want in a single process. It is a cute little Addin to make your Excel more powerful than before. . Free download of ExcelTextMerger 1 1, size 54.54 Mb.

WorkSheet Manager 1.0 SigmaXL 

The Worksheet Manager is a powerful utility that allows you to list all open Excel workbooks, display all worksheets and chart sheets in a selected workbook and quickly select a worksheet or chart sheet of interest. To access, click SigmaXL > Worksheet Manager. . Freeware download of WorkSheet Manager 1.0, size 1.91 Mb.

KaotiXL 1 1 XLPert Enterprise 

KaotiXL is an add in use to do a rescaled range analysis with MS Excel. User will learn how easy it is to use a worksheet as a powerful forecasting tool. It also generate a report with all the calculated values shown and 2 graph are built. The R/S chart and V statistic chart. Hurst exponent is also calculated and shown in this report. Charting in . Free download of KaotiXL 1 1, size 87.04 Kb.

Excel Data Cleaner Professional 5.0 Lantech Soft 

Excel Data Cleaner Professional is an essential MS Excel Add-In. You can clean your tedious data in Excel easily by using its commands which are specially developed to give you the power of automation. You can remove extra spaces, digits, alphabets or any text from selected cells or records. You can also remove, format and count duplicate & . Free download of Excel Data Cleaner Professional 5.0, size 952.32 Kb.

MiniCharts for Excel 1.0 Xprss Design 

MiniCharts helps you understand complex relationships in your data with sparklines. Sparklines are tiny charts with an intensity of visual distinctions comparable to words and letters. When placed in an Excel cell, sparklines dramatically improve data visualization for fast, effective parallel comparisons.
MiniCharts works with Excel . Free download of MiniCharts for Excel 1.0, size 5.45 Mb.

Excel Text Merger 1 1 Technocom 

Excel Text Merger is a powerful Excel Addin to merge text within a short matter of time. You can merge as many cells text as you want in a single process. It is a cute little Addin to make your Excel more powerful than before. You can clean as many cells as you want in a single process. It is a cute little Addin to make your Excel more powerful . Free download of Excel Text Merger 1 1, size 232.45 Kb.

xl bit 1 1 XLPert Enterprise 

xl bit is a simple, powerful and affordable genetic algorithm add in for MS Excel. It can cater for unlimited variables in one optimization problem. It is support 4 type of variables i.e. binary, integer, non-integer and permutation. . Free download of xl bit 1 1, size 1.02 Kb.

MTools Enterprise Excel AddIn 1.067 Mueller Business Solutions 

The Excel Addin MTools Enterprise is the essential software, that significantly enhances the capabilities of Excel. It provides the users with a broad and carefully selected collection of time-saving tools. Even Excel novices will notice, that this plug-in helps them developing their Excel reports (spreadsheets) significantly faster and more . Free download of MTools Enterprise Excel AddIn 1.067, size 3.09 Mb.

mixlShortcuts 6.02 mightymacros 

The shortcuts add-in helps you to organize your short-cuts by putting them all in one place, and making them accessible from within your Excel worksheet by simply right clicking to open the add-in from the cell short-cut menu.

No longer will you have to switch to the desktop or anywhere else to open up your spreadsheets.

The . Freeware download of mixlShortcuts 6.02, size 306.18 Kb.

Multi-Filter 1.01 mightymacros 

Multi-Filter is a simple Addin for Excel that you can use to easily filter your data. With Multi-Filter, you don't have to select and deselect items in order to filter data.

Just create your filter lists and choose the one you want to view. You can choose what items should be included in your filter list and sort the lists according to . Free download of Multi-Filter 1.01, size 0 b.

Multi-Lookup 1.0 mightymacros 

Unlike the vlookup function, Multi-Lookup will enable you to find more then one result when looking up an item in an Excel spreadsheet.

vlookup only returns the first value associated with the lookup word, while Multi-Lookup outputs all the matches it finds.

. Free download of Multi-Lookup 1.0, size 0 b.

Short-cuts 5.01 mightymacros 

Short-cuts is an easy to use Addin for Excel that provides you with faster access to frequently used Excel documents.

Simply right-click in any workbook to browse through the file shortcuts and open new Excel files. You can create multiple shortcuts and organize them in different groups, in order to find them easier.

. Free download of Short-cuts 5.01, size 0 b.

Remove Styles New AKeeler 

Remove Styles is a handy and reliable add-in for Excel designed to clear all custom styles from any worksheet.

Remove Styles was designed especially for those situations when Excel triggers the following error: 'Too many different cell formats'. This fix will solve the issue without damaging your data.

. Free download of Remove Styles New, size 0 b.

Mapcite MAPCITE 

Mapcite is a handy addon that you can use to visualize mapping data in Excel and analyze it on maps.

The Excel Addin allows you to assign data in the opened workbook as geographical data and translate address based data into latitudes and longitudes. It allows you to generate heatmaps and control its elements.

Note: Additional . Free download of Mapcite, size 0 b.