Fast Paced Game Software

Table Tennis Pro 1.94 Grass Games 

Bring the Fast-Paced Game of table tennis, better known to some as ping-pong, to your desktop. Using a unique artificial intelligence engine, Table Tennis Pro pits you against several opponents with different styles, strengths, and weaknesses, all in a nicely rendered 3D environment. Lob or slam, spin or spike, and become a master of the table in . Free download of Table Tennis Pro 1.94, size 6.03 Mb.


Family FeudOao 2007 iwin 

Family Feud is the Fast-Paced Game based on the successful TV Game show! Beat the average score, or go head-to-head with a friend or an entire family! Pass, Play, Steal and Strike -with over two thousand questions! Survey says: Play Family Feud!Also play the new multiplayer Family Feud Online Party. FAMILY FEUDOao is a registered trademark of . Free download of Family FeudOao 2007, size 212.99 Kb.

Super Smasher 32.0 GameOn 

Prepare yourself for the ride of your life in this Fast Paced Game filled with funny characters and hilarious attractions! There is even a Harmless Hitter gaming mode for kids and first time visitors!

Are you a Harmless Hitter or Super Smasher?
Enjoy 74 levels of shooting and smashing fun
Collect tickets for . Free download of Super Smasher 32.0, size 30.66 Mb.

Radia 1.2.44 Surrealix Productions 

Radia is a Fast Paced Game, made in the style of arkanoid. The player controls a paddle, which can be moved 360 degrees around the level.The levels are beautifully rendered, and 'bites' are taken out by a small ball, which the player has to attempt to contain inside the playing area.Bonuses can be collected to help progress through the levels, but . Free download of Radia 1.2.44, size 4.77 Mb.

Football-o-saurus 1.1 Sean OConnors Windows Games 

Football-o-saurus is a Fast Paced Game of 5-a-side dinosaur football. You control your dinosaur by simply pointing where you want him to move to, and pass the ball by clicking on where you want to aim. The computer controlled dinosaurs are all very intelligent and will run into space when their team has the ball, and mark their opponents when they . Free download of Football-o-saurus 1.1, size 1.14 Mb.

Neon Wars 1.01 BlitWise Productions, LLC 

BlitWise Production's newest Game, Neon Wars, is an arcade style Game where vivid, colorful graphics, great music, and exciting, Fast Paced Game play come together in an amazingly new experience for the next generation of players that stays true to its classic, retro roots. This easy to learn abstract shooter has you collecting stars to power up . Free download of Neon Wars 1.01, size 3.09 Mb.

SlickJump 7.0 Mans Olson 

SlickJump is a Fast-Paced Game of jumping, with powerful boosts to help you on your way. The goal of the Game is to go as far right as you can, and so getting a better score.
At any time, including in mid-air, press the Spacebar to jump. Note that you can only jump as long as the power meter is not empty.

Use the arrow keys to . Freeware download of SlickJump 7.0, size 11.26 Kb.

Wordsense Challenge Adveractive, Inc. 

WordSense is a fascinating Fast-Paced Game that will test your ability at forming words. It is great for kids as well as for non-native English speakers since it can help you learn new words and improve spelling.

The goal is to reach the highest score possible by forming as many words as you can with the letters given in the rack. The . Free download of Wordsense Challenge, size 4.53 Mb.

DCSquares 2.0.1 Sam Steele 

DCSquares is an addictive, Fast-Paced Game for the Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows, and MacOS X.
Using your mouse or analog stick, move your player around to collect points and avoid enemies.
The amount of points you get per square depends on how long you've been playing the current round. . Freeware download of DCSquares 2.0.1, size 9.92 Mb.

Critical Care 1.0 Critical-care 

A Fast Paced Game where hospitals have privatized many of their services, and ambulance drivers are forced to compete with each other for patients.

Critical Care 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Critical Care 1.0, size 0 b.

21's Lite 1.1 TGRAY 

A Fast Paced Game where the player places cards in columns of 21.

-The Game has five columns. Touch the column of your choice to place a card in that column. In each column, attempt to place cards that total up to 21 without going over.

-The Game continues so long as a total score of 100 or more is achieved. . Freeware download of 21's Lite 1.1, size 9.54 Mb.

4 Rings 1.0 Rajesh Mehta 

4 Ring is a Fast-Paced Game to stack up the rings. 4 Ring is not a Tower of Hanoi. 4 Ring needs strategy to score big. You have to think Fast and react Fast. It is simple to play yet challenging to score big.

For those who would like to practice first can start with Relax mode before jumping into Extreme mode. Caution: Relax mode starts . Free download of 4 Rings 1.0, size 15.52 Mb.

8 Bit Invaders 2 1.0 Peter Vasiliou 

* 8 Bit invaders 2 is a Unique RETRO styled Game that everyone knows!!!!!

* 8 Bit invaders 2 is a Fast Paced Game that only gets HARDER AND HARDER So challenge the invaders and see if you can win!!!! . Free download of 8 Bit Invaders 2 1.0, size 4.30 Mb.

Bacteria hd 1.1 MAAK EST. 

collect the gunk and look out for speedy power ups in the action packed Fast Paced Game.

Easy to play but will you last long enough to show off on the Game center leaderboard. . Freeware download of Bacteria hd 1.1, size 5.66 Mb.

Balloon Burst Challenge 1.0 Bolt Visual 

Can you save the boy's balloon?

How to Play:
Tilt to move the balloon
Do not hit the falling boxes!

Balloon Burst is a simple, Fast-Paced Game of skill. Tilt your device with precision and accuracy to avoid the falling boxes, escaping between narrow gaps. . Freeware download of Balloon Burst Challenge 1.0, size 1.47 Mb.

Celebrity - Who Am I? 1.1 Maverick Games Limited 

Test your Celebrity Knowledge with this addictive, Fast-Paced Game.

Its a race against the clock to identify three famous faces drawn at random from thousands of A-List celebrities from the world of Film, TV, Sports, Politics and more...

Can you recognise the celebrities as their faces are gradually revealed?

Use . Freeware download of Celebrity - Who Am I? 1.1, size 39.74 Mb.

Celtic Card Crush: Clan Attack 1.0.0 Galloway Studios, LLC 

**** Brand new Game from Twisted Tales Games ****
************** FREE for a limited time!! **************

Celtic Card Crush is an exciting, Fast-Paced Game of memory and wits! The faster you find the matches, the more points you can score and tournaments you can win!

* Stunning Graphics
* Lively Music
* Fast . Freeware download of Celtic Card Crush: Clan Attack 1.0.0, size 47.40 Mb.

Chicken Dash 1.1 Extrude Interactive 

Chicken Dash is a fun, highly addictive and Fast Paced Game that is easy to learn.
The Game is equal fun to play for both children and adults.
Challenge your friends or just try to beat you own highscore while earning achievements.
Do you have what it takes to get in top of the leaderboard?

In Chicken Dash you have to . Free download of Chicken Dash 1.1, size 1.05 Mb.

Eggy WORD SNAP 1.1 Blake eLearning 

Eggy WORD SNAP is an exciting Game that will build your childs vocabulary and improve reading skills.

Weve adapted the classic SNAP Game into a multiplayer experience where players match sound, pictures and audio in a Fast Paced Game full of fun and learning.

Children can play in three different playing modes:

. Free download of Eggy WORD SNAP 1.1, size 161.48 Mb.

EgyptDash Free 1.2 yao hong 

Highly recommend:Leisure Good Game!

To explore the mysterious a tomb in Egypt, unlock the secrets of the ancient, steal tomb treasure.

Fast-Paced Game experience.

In the 60 seconds finite time greedy for treasure, the more the better!

In the Game, constantly get of the gods of Egypt asylum, and back . Freeware download of EgyptDash Free 1.2, size 34.92 Mb.

Fast Paced Game Web Results - Transistorized! Web Site Interactives

Features two interactive games related to the development of transitors. The object of the Periodic Puzzle is to line up tiles to match a...


eDerby is a web-based game that allows up to 10 players per game to enjoy a fast-paced game of wagering on simulated horse-races.


Zetre is a challenging card game that combines math, an element of chance, and a time limit to make for a fast paced game.

Annas Ice Cream

Create an ice cream paradise in this charming and fast paced game. Make delicious ice creams, serve and entertain many different customers and upgrade your ice cream bar to make your customers...

Death Star Battle (Continuum)

A fast paced 2D MMO space simulation game. Has been in existance for well over 6 years. Updated regularly. Sick of spawn killers and campers? Try a game that takes skill!


A fast-paced, addictive word game where you race the computer or a human opponent to create the most words from a grid of letters. As you get better, your computer opponent becomes cleverer,...


A fast-paced, gritty action feature film set in Cardiff. Written and directed by Michael Barnes. Produced by Mark Faiers and Chris Dawson.