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File Compression Extension for AnyFileBackup AAR Software Ltd. 

File Compression Extension for AnyFileBackup is an extension tat allows easy File Compression and decompression.

File Compression Extension for AnyFileBackup allows to compress and uncompress replicated files. This reduces the network traffic and decreases the time required to transfer files.

File Compression Extension for . Free download of File Compression Extension for AnyFileBackup, size 0 b.


Express Zip File Compression Software 2.17 NCH Software 

Express Zip Software for File Compression. Express Zip is an easy to use archiving and Compression tool to create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and folders. You can compress files to reduce size for email transmission or conserve disk space. Also convert other files archives to zip files to easily open and extract from rar, tar, 7z, iso . Free download of Express Zip File Compression Software 2.17, size 1.08 Mb.

Express Zip Free Compression Software 2.17 NCH Software 

Express Zip Free File Compression Software. An archiving and Compression tool to easily create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and folders. Compress files to reduce size for email transmission or archive data using less disk space when backing up information. Fast and efficient File zipping and unzipping lets you create zip files of your . Freeware download of Express Zip Free Compression Software 2.17, size 1.08 Mb.

File Robot 1.2 Lazar Laszlo 

File Robot is a handy and reliable application designed to automate tasks such as File Compression, sorting and filtering.

File Robot also allows you to rename, copy / move and delete files in batch mode. You can also use it to create photo albums.

. Free download of File Robot 1.2, size 0 b.

Acubix PicoZip 4.02 Acubix 

PicoZip is an easy-to-use award winning File Compression utility packed with lots of user-friendly features that makes it a joy to use. This is a complete File Compression and backup solution in one application. It offers extensive support for various archive formats found on the Internet, such as ZIP, RAR, ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, CAB, GZ, JAR, LHA, . Free download of Acubix PicoZip 4.02, size 3.10 Mb.

WeZip Easy 1.4.2 iWesoft 

WeZip Easy is the world's easiest free File Compression Software. Zip and unzip files in simple and quick steps. Everyone including novice could use it without any difficulty. There are many features specially designed for novice, and from very beginning, we have simplicity in our mind.


Incredible Easy
With . Free download of WeZip Easy 1.4.2, size 5.46 Mb.

ZipX 1.70 B 970 WinX Software 

ZipX is a powerful and easy-to-use File Compression and encryption utility. ZipX supports extraction of files from many different archive formats, and can create both Zip and CAB archives. ZipX is compatible with both WinZip and PKZip and many other popular archive programs. However, some of ZipX's features are quite advanced and might produce zip . Free download of ZipX 1.70 B 970, size 3.36 Mb.

PowerZip 7.21 Trident Software Pty Ltd 

Unzip downloads, create your own Zip files and password-protect (encrypt) confidential documents with PowerZip - an easy to use File Compression & security program. PowerZip Compression / Extraction Wizards make working with archives (such as Zip files) easy while providing an array of advanced features. The Wizards are quick to use because . Free download of PowerZip 7.21, size 2.45 Mb.

WinHKI 1.79 WinHKI 

WinHki is a File Compression tool which makes data-files very small. Winhki uses new technologies. Suitable for sending data-files using e-mail-programs or uploading files to the internet. Save money and time with WinHki, as the files are much smaller; save space on your HD or on your web-based disk storage. Use "best Compression" level . Free download of WinHKI 1.79, size 1.40 Mb.

m9P Zipper X 1 mental9Production 

m9P Zipper X is a simple File Compression (zipping) and decompression (unzipping) tool. It is specifically designed to handle zipping and unzipping using the [.zip] format. m9P Zipper X outputs very small zipped files! m9P Zipper X can e-mail zipped files, save copies of zipped files, and create detailed reports of zipping operations. It includes . Free download of m9P Zipper X 1, size 4.53 Mb.

m9P Zipper XT 1.0 mental9Production 

m9P Zipper XT is a user-friendly heavy-duty File Compression (zipping) and decompression (unzipping) tool. It is specifically designed to handle zipping and unzipping using the [.zip] format. Capable of level 9 Compression, m9P Zipper XT outputs very small zipped files in comparison to the original ones!m9P Zipper XT has a new and unique feature: . Free download of m9P Zipper XT 1.0, size 4.43 Mb.

Simplyzip Paehlsoft 

Simplyzip is a free File Compression utility. With this tool, you can compress your romantic and affair pictures, have them packed in a single password protected File and hide them from prying eyes. Almost a dream, isn't it?

With Simplyzip, you will be able to open most popular File Compression formats like ZIP, CZIP, ACE, CAB, . Freeware download of Simplyzip, size 2.41 Mb.

Inno Setup 5. 4. 2002 Jordan Russell 

Some of its features include: standard wizard interface; creation of a single EXE for easy online distribution; full uninstall capabilities; integrated File Compression, and support for installing shared files and OCX's; creating of Start Menu icons, INI entries, and registry entries. Full source code available. . Freeware download of Inno Setup 5. 4. 2002, size 1.75 Mb.

MicroZip 2.1 

MicroZip is a powerful File Compression utility for mobile phones which allows you to create and extract compressed archives in multiple formats and encrypt sensitive information with powerful AES-256 encryption. MicroZip can create and extract ZIP,TAR,TGZ,TBZ2 archives and extract many other formats as JAR,GZ,BZ2,TBZ,WAR,BZIP2,GZIP,Z,TAZ,CBZ . Freeware download of MicroZip 2.1, size 127.27 Kb.

SCZ-Compress 11.25.08 

Simple light-weight File Compression and decompression utilities. Written in C and portable to all platforms. Simple compress and decompress subroutines can be linked and called within applications to compact or unpack data on the fly or stand-alone. . Freeware download of SCZ-Compress 11.25.08, size 15.72 Kb.

QSimpleCompression 1.0 Qsimplecompress 

A Qt library for simple File-Compression, it is especially designed for direct and indirect data-transfers (for example for instant messengers). It is only made with Qt's standard libraries, so it is very portable.

QSimpleCompression 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of QSimpleCompression 1.0, size 0 b.

WinZip Mac Edition 5.0.3160 WinZip Computing 

WinZip -- the world's leading Compression utility -- designed for the Mac! WinZip Mac 4 is a simple, powerful tool that helps you compress and secure your files using the latest in File Compression and encryption technology. New sharing options let you seamlessly connect to cloud services, including iCloud Drive and ZipShare. Now you can zip and . Free download of WinZip Mac Edition 5.0.3160, size 11.84 Mb.

The Glinos File Compression Project 1.0 Glicompress 

This project is to create a new Compression algorithm and using old ones with hopes of out performing currently available algorithms and programs, and incorporating them in other Software projects.

The Glinos File Compression Project 1.0 License - MIT License . Freeware download of The Glinos File Compression Project 1.0, size 0 b.

Division File Compression 1.0 Divisioncomp 

A method of File compresison where the value of all the binary information in a File as one figure is divided by a number, therefore shirtening the size of the File. To decompress you multiply it by that number again.

Division File Compression 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Division File Compression 1.0, size 0 b.

Splittur 3.0 Stratopoint Software 

Splittur 3.0 is an advanced File Compression/splitting utility that is able to create customizable multi-volume "setup"-like packages out of ZIP and RAR archives as well as of single uncompressed files. The main difference of Splittur's packages from standard archivers' SFX modules is that they are very fast, very small and . Free download of Splittur 3.0, size 0 b.

File Compression Software Web Results

How Stuff Works: How File Compression Works

Detailed narrative fully describes how a file is actually deflated, or compressed to get rid of redundancy - and save space.

Rational Reducer

A 3D-image file compression tool designed to help speed 3D rendering by reducing polygon count. Supports VRML, AutoCAD's DXF, and 3D Studios 3DS formats.

Compact Pro

A shareware file compression utility that provides segmented archive and encryption features.


Creator of Mac file compression, installation, and decompression programs.


GNU License executable file compression and decompression utility that supports many executable file formats. Versions available for Linux, Win32, and DOS, will supports many executable file formats.


Offers Internet access acceleration using file compression and a network of cache servers. Includes pop-up ad and spyware blocking functionality. [Windows]

Compression FAQ on Wavelets

Compression applications including some code samples.