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2xExplorer Varate Vgiolitzndes Records 

2xExplorer is a free, lightweight Norton Commander type (dual-pane) file manager for Win9x/NT4/2000/Me/XP, fully shell-integrated. Easy navigation and loads of tools make it a good replacement for Windows Explorer, for the advanced user and the novice alike.
* Dual pane layout with extra tree in a dockable pane
* . Freeware download of 2xExplorer, size 0 b.


Carbonite Online PC Backup 3. 7. 2006 Carbonite 

Why Carbonite Online Backup?
Because your life is on your computer
Protect yourself today with Carbonite Online Backup:
* Completely Automatic
* Secure and Encrypted
* Only $54.95/year
Have you considered how much of your life is on your computer? Photos, emails, music, financial records, documents, and so much . Free download of Carbonite Online PC Backup 3. 7. 2006, size 3.36 Mb.


Forumizer is a file sharing and media search engine software that can help you search files on multiple file sharing and uploading websites.

The interface is well organized, which makes the application very easy to use. Just enter the keywords, choose the websites and the program will display all the relevant links. Moreover, you can . Free download of Forumizer, size 0 b.

Search Manuals 3.2 LaszloSoft Solutions 

Search Manuals provides you with a simple and lightweight application designed to help you easily find files and folders in your computer.

Users can choose the folder to search and enter the desired keyword. The search results are displayed in the main window, enabling you to open the files using the corresponding default . Freeware download of Search Manuals 3.2, size 0 b.

MD5Look 1.0.0 Tigzy 

MD5Look is a handy and reliable application designed to help you find a user-defined MD5 hash code within a given local directory.

The usage is simple: just enter the MD5 code you want to search for, the target location and press the 'Start' button. The application can generate a search report and save it in TXT format on your . Free download of MD5Look 1.0.0, size 0 b.

X-AstroGrep 4.2.5 [rev7] winPenPack 

X-AstroGrep is developed as an accessible and user-friendly utility that can help you search for files on your system.

X-AstroGrep features support for regular expressions, comes with versatile printing options, stores most recently used paths and has a "context" feature that can be used to analyze source code.

. Freeware download of X-AstroGrep 4.2.5 [rev7], size 0 b.

Recent file seeker Carifred 

Recent file seeker is a simple utility that searches for files based on their extension of the date of the last modification / access.

You can set other filters too, such as the maximum file age (in days) and the file name pattern. The application scans the user-defined folder and saves the search results to a text file in your . Free download of Recent file seeker, size 0 b.

M3WFileFinder 1.0.30 Matt Wright 

Developed as a simple software, M3WFileFinder enables you to search for specific files in a computer.

M3WFileFinder can be used to search in one or multiple folders and for different files types.

Now, you can use this accessible piece of software to quickly search for the documents you need.

. Freeware download of M3WFileFinder 1.0.30, size 0 b.

Reveal Everything ! Beta Ashok Poolla 

Reveal Everything ! was created as an easy-to-use software that can help you find hidden files in your computer.

Reveal Everything ! is a Microsoft Visual Studio-based that you can use to find image, audio, video or executable files.

. Freeware download of Reveal Everything ! Beta, size 0 b.

Portable Everything David Carpenter 

Portable Everything is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to quickly locate files on your computer.

Usage is simple: once you open the application, it will start scanning your computer and listing all the files and folders inside it. In order to locate a certain file, just type its name in the search field.
. Free download of Portable Everything, size 0 b.

Dropout 0.91.1 Plus3 

Dropout is a portable application that makes it easy to search your USB, Dropbox or any other directory. Written in C# it uses the Lucene full text search library and IFilter's to search the content of your files. Simply place the executable in the directory you want to search and it does the rest.

Have you ever want to find files on . Free download of Dropout 0.91.1, size 1.47 Mb.

FindRecentFiles 1.0.2134.15984 Joe Lynds 

FindRecentFiles is a handy application that was created in order to provide you with a simple means of locating files in any directory of your choice.

Using FindRecentFiles you will be able to quickly view, for example, which files occupy most space in a certain folder.

. Free download of FindRecentFiles 1.0.2134.15984, size 0 b.

DirFind Stijn Sanders 

DirFind is a tool that works like a 'recursive directory' file content searcher and content indexer.

When searching for something in source-code, what users are typically searching for is in the few lines in the neighbourhood of the matching line. If you double-click the matching file, the matching lines are shown. If you double-click . Free download of DirFind, size 0 b.

Directory Searcher Sharafat Ibn Mollah Mosharraf 

Directory Searcher is a simple and lightweight application that will help you search for a file in a selected folder.

You just have to choose the directory and the program displays all the containing files. Then, the program will filter the directory content as you type the desired keyword.

. Free download of Directory Searcher, size 0 b.

File Investigator File Find 2.34 Forensic Innovations, Inc. 

The file Investigator Engine is the core program that tries to identifies a file by its contents before it falls back to using the filename extension. You might assume that it has to be slow if it opens every file, but it is almost as fast as any other program that just reads the disk directory.

Most applications only look at a file's . Free download of File Investigator File Find 2.34, size 0 b.

GoGet 1.1 SD Software 

Over time, your photos, music, download, and other documents can get scattered throughout your computer. Bring your files back under control by pointing GoGet to your drive or folder, tell it what files to get, and it will do the rest.

Users will be able to create and save GoGet search templates for later usage.

. Free download of GoGet 1.1, size 0 b.

Mcrenox File Finder 1.1 Build 0110000 David Aguirre Grazio 

file finder is a really fast and easy to use file search utility. It provides a highly efficient interface for quickly locating files. FileFinder is especially useful when you don't know the exact name of the file you want, and includes word or phrase searching within files.

Once the file is found, the user can open it (shell execute), . Free download of Mcrenox File Finder 1.1 Build 0110000, size 0 b.

FRSFileList 1.0.0 Fourth Ray Software 

FRSFileList is a software application which helps you to quickly and easily find the largest, smallest, oldest, or newest files on your computer's disk drive. Features includes quickly find the space-eating files on your computer's disk drive, find the file you just saved, but don't remember where, limit your search to just one folder, or an entire . Free download of FRSFileList 1.0.0, size 2.94 Mb.

Vista Ai File Finder 1 - Leader of Digital Goods 

VistaAi file finder is a revolutionary program with elements of artificial intelligence that gives you a wonderful ability to get documents you want or run programs you need within several seconds. Vista file finder utilizes results of original research in computer human interaction and human perception to increase efficiency of documents-related . Free download of Vista Ai File Finder 1, size 3.15 Mb.

File Finder eXtra 1.52 EN3.BIZ 

There is a new sheriff in town! A simple Tool to help you in your daily routine. Find your files quickly, locate and delete your duplicates, make backups, syncronize file from your laptop to work network. FFX does it all.

FFX is a very versatile tool.

* Affordable
* Easy to use
* Fast results
* Comprehensive . Free download of File Finder eXtra 1.52, size 3.46 Mb.