File Hash Software

Check File Hash 1.0 Przemyslaw M. Wiejak 

Check File Hash is a simple application that allows you to calculate a files' Hash, as well as compare two files.

Calculate Hash from any File in multiple hashing algorithms. Also have an ability of comparing hashes of two files. Each calculation is done in different thread for quicker calculations.

. Free download of Check File Hash 1.0, size 0 b.


Advanced File Hash 1.0.4 JacoSoft 

Advanced File Hash is a free security tool to calculate and check files integrity with most common Hash functions (MD5, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32). Simply add your files, choose the Hash type you prefer, then copy the values to the clipboard. . Freeware download of Advanced File Hash 1.0.4, size 82.43 Kb.

BD File Hash 1.1.1 Brett Slaski 

BD File Hash is a convenient File hashing and Hash compare tool for Windows which currently works with MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 algorithms.

The goal behind BD File Hash is to have a super simple to use hashing tool which doesn't force you to copy/paste Hash strings between documents and applications to match them. . Freeware download of BD File Hash 1.1.1, size 100.66 Kb.

Hash Compare 1.5 SecurityXploded 

Hash Compare is the FREE File Hash comparison tool. It performs Hash based Integrity Comparison using any of the the popular Hash algorthms such as MD5, SHA1 or SHA256. To make the task easier and quicker, it also supports the 'File Drag & Drop' feature. That means you can just drag & drop one or both files directly without wasting much . Freeware download of Hash Compare 1.5, size 2.77 Mb.

Waf File Hash Generator jbe2277 

This tool is a state of the art windows application that utilizes the resources of modern hardware. It uses multiple CPU cores and 64bit if available.


Simple tool that generates the Hash values of one or more files.
Supports: SHA1 and MD5.
Utilizes the resources of modern hardware: Uses multiple CPU . Free download of Waf File Hash Generator, size 199.23 Kb.

fast file checksum or hash 0.1 

fafisu is short name for "fast File Hash". it determines an md5-checksum from a 4 KB part of the middle of the File (you can change the size of that part). it is enough to use this checksum for determine if files could be equal. than use md5sum . Freeware download of fast file checksum or hash 0.1, size 305.49 Kb.

febooti fileTweak Hash and CRC 3.0 febooti software 

With Febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC it is possible to compute most popular File Hash checksums (such as MD5, CRC32, SHA-1 and other) in order to verify File integrity (if cryptographic Hash value is provided) or to supplement File with checksum, thus creating a possibility to verify the File upon further need.

Full list of supported . Freeware download of febooti fileTweak Hash and CRC 3.0, size 8.07 Mb.

.FilePropsMan 1.4 R-Soft 

FilePropsMan is a Windows Explorer shell extension, which adds a two tab's to the Window Explorer File properties: "Extended Version Information" and the "File Hash Information". Extended File Information contains information about executable File with developer-defined version records, such as E-mail, BuildDate etc. And File . Freeware download of .FilePropsMan 1.4, size 1.67 Mb.

Image Comparitor 1.0 

ImageComparitor is a utility for Mac OS X and Windows (technically everything since it's a Java program) designed to compare pictures/image files inside a folder for duplicate images (based on File Hash) and remove excess duplicates (while retaining you . Freeware download of Image Comparitor 1.0, size 46.42 Kb.

File Hash Delete Microsoft 

On a computer that has Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 installed, you may receive a prompt to insert the installation media with the message ‘The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.’

The File Hash Delete application was desigend in order to address and solve the issue by . Free download of File Hash Delete, size 0 b.

Download Hash Verifier 2.6 SecurityXploded 

Download Hash Verifier is the FREE tool to verify the integrity of your downloaded File. It makes File Hash verification easier and quicker with its smart features such as 'Auto Hash Detection', 'Drag & Drop File', 'Instant copy from Clipboard' etcHash verification is a standard mechanism used to verify that downloaded File is original and not . Free download of Download Hash Verifier 2.6, size 3.16 Mb.

DirHash Mounir IDRASSI 

DirHash is a handy and reliable command line application designed to calculates Hash values for a given File or folder.

For the latter, the hierarchy is explored in lexicographical order. The list of supported Hash algorithms includes SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.

. Free download of DirHash, size 0 b.

Flyingbit Hash Calculator FlyingBit Software 

Flyingbit Hash Calculator is an advanced tool for verifying the integrity of the files downloaded from Internet. This small utility can be used to calculate the most commonly used Hash sums of files easily via the context menu of any File. Hash functions like MD5, SHA-1 are commonly used so as to make sure that the files downloaded from specific . Freeware download of Flyingbit Hash Calculator, size 0 b.

File Hash Shell 1.0 McKechney 

File hashes are used to verify the authenticity and integrity of files - especially those transmitted over the internet. When downloading a File from MSDN for instance, you are presented with the SHA-1 Hash - a list of seemingly random characters and numbers that are generated using the SHA-1 encryption algorithm to uniquely identify that File. If . Freeware download of File Hash Shell 1.0, size 19.03 Mb.

MD5 File Hasher 1.3 Digital-Tronic 

MD5 File Hasher detects any File manipulation in your system automatically. The auto scan function checks all your vulnerable files for changes or manipulations. The scans are performed in scheduled tasks, which can be adjusted with specific filtering rules. In addition, this batch File integrity tool enables you to define File exceptions and . Free download of MD5 File Hasher 1.3, size 2.40 Mb.

File Hash Generator 5.0 BinaryMark 

Compute and save MD5, SHA1, SHA2, RIPEMD hashes and CRC16/32 checksums for multiple files! Calculate hashes and checksums for the whole File or just specified bytes. Insert hashes into files in text or binary form. Generate File list with hashes in specified format and save it to a File. Rename files and include hashes in File name.
Process . Free download of File Hash Generator 5.0, size 5.52 Mb.

eMule MET Viewer Werner Rumpeltesz 

eMule MET Viewer is a small and easy-to-use program that helps you to export various information from the .MET files.

The data can be exported in a CSV File which can be opened e.g. in Microsoft Excel.

The supported data fields are:
· Filename
· File Size
· Temporary Filename

ModernHash For Windows 8 New Sailr Solutions 

ModernHash For Windows 8 is a handy and reliable application designed to create hashes for all types of files.

Here's how it works: just load the files to be processed, select the Hash type (MD5 or SHA) and get the result instantly.

. Free download of ModernHash For Windows 8 New, size 0 b.

UCSoft Suite 1.0 Beta UC Soft 

UCSoft Suite comes with a collection of applications designed to ease your everyday work. It includes tools for encrypting files, modifying their time stamp, deleting or indexing them.

The System Info application will provide you with details regarding hardware and software components, while WinControl allows you to schedule computer . Freeware download of UCSoft Suite 1.0 Beta, size 0 b.

Atol for Windows 0.7.3 Miroslav Rajcic 

Atol is a dual panel File manager written using GTK+ toolkit and C++ programming language.


common File operations (copy,move,delete,rename)
support for achiver plugins (.zip, .tar, .gz, .bz2, .arj, .rar, .lst)
File search
browsing bookmarks (directory shortcuts menu)
File . Free download of Atol for Windows 0.7.3, size 7.65 Mb.