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Sharest 4.1.0 Sharest 

Sharest is a fast, all-embracing p2p tool, designed for easy and secure downloading. It has great connecting capabilities and a high overall performance. The program helps you find and grab the movies, songs, games or other types of files, from the p2p networks with great accuracy and lets you to specify fields for title, artist, album, track . Freeware download of Sharest 4.1.0, size 4.82 Mb.


TurboWire 4.2.0 GoForSharing 

TurboWire is currently one of the strongest p2p clients built. Think at Limewire but with an attitude. To be as comfy as possible with the downloading process and to enable a more precise search, TurboWire let you specify you fields for title, artist, album, track number, genre, year, length and bitrate.

TurboWire is a multi-platform . Freeware download of TurboWire 4.2.0, size 7.98 Mb.

P2P Doctor 2 1 Madz Software 

P2P Doctor is a good option among the available protection solutions that combines different tools for tuning up your computer: You can scan your computer for malicious Software, optimize the Internet speed, activate real time protection against spyware from P2P applications, and remove temporary Internet files and cookies.

The . Free download of P2P Doctor 2 1, size 5.01 Mb.

DataMotion SecureMail for Outlook 4 3 DataMotion Inc. 

Whether you’re a single user or a Fortune 500 company, DataMotion SecureMail has packages that are right-sized for you. And since it’s a cloud-based solution, you’ll be up and running quickly without needing special Software or server hardware. All of our packages combine military grade security with amazing ease of . Free download of DataMotion SecureMail for Outlook 4 3, size 4.89 Mb.

BitDrom 3.7.0 BitDrom 

Bitdrom is a Java based BitTorrent client with a plethora of functions and options built-in to make your downloading through BitTorrent smooth and unfailing. Additionally, Bitdrom provides plug-in capabilities meant to expand the download experience according the user's needs.

Bitdrom will be to the liking of advanced users due to its . Freeware download of BitDrom 3.7.0, size 14.04 Mb.

bitShare 4.4.0 MyNetSharing 

bitShare is File Sharing at its best - a p2p application based on the original Shareaza client (now controlled by iMesh/MusicLab LLC) adding perfect features an options for a perfect downloading experience. Users will be able to grab movies, music, applications, eBooks, etc at tremendous speeds and best manage them through a fantastic File . Freeware download of bitShare 4.4.0, size 6.77 Mb.

BitHit 3.8.0 P2PHood 

BitHit is a File Sharing client based on the former Azureus Software, developed for both basic and advanced usage. It makes downloading via BitTorrent fast and unlimited. The app is light and strong with a great plug-in system that ensures very attractive download possibilities.

BitHit appeals to savvy users thanks to a resourceful . Freeware download of BitHit 3.8.0, size 12.68 Mb.

Easy File Sharing Web Server 6.7 EFS Software, Inc. 

Easy File Sharing Web Server is a Windows program that allows you to host a secure peer-to-peer and web-based File Sharing system without any additional Software or services. Not even additional HTML page design. It allows you to run a web site on your own PC, share photos, movies, videos and music/MP3 files securely. It also allows visitors to . Free download of Easy File Sharing Web Server 6.7, size 3.18 Mb.

ShareGhost 4.3.0 Sharest 

ShareGhost is one of the most technologically capable p2p File Sharing application ever made. It was created with a focus on user-friendliness keeping at the same time all the range of useful features like multinetwork support, ghost ratings, and a queue area which users can entirely configure. ShareGhost offers exceptional support when it comes to . Freeware download of ShareGhost 4.3.0, size 4.41 Mb.

ShareDix 3.8.0 ShareDix 

ShareDix is a clear-cut File Sharing client using the up-to-date architecture to help you download movies, music, text documents and other with greater efficiency. The availability in terms of networks, ghost ratings, a queue area you can easily configure, make it an optimal solution as a p2p Software.

The program works with Gnutella2, . Freeware download of ShareDix 3.8.0, size 6.00 Mb.

BitRope P2P 3.2.0 BitRope 

BitRope is a powerful, far-reaching p2p (peer-to-peer) client, capable of downloading any movies, applications, games and its special talent - individual songs, fast and safely. It connects you to a large number of sources to download from (peers) due to the highly capable Gnutella networks it uses.

The application comes with . Freeware download of BitRope P2P 3.2.0, size 5.43 Mb.

BitRope Torrents 3.2.0 BitRope 

BitRope Torrents is a powerful File Sharing Software that downloads any torrent using increased speeds and efficiency. It comes with a very large number oof functions and options designed to deliver a BitTorrent downloading experience to suit any need. Additionally, it packs in plug-in capabilities for advanced configuration.

BitRope . Freeware download of BitRope Torrents 3.2.0, size 14.17 Mb.

BitHost 3.0.0 TorrentRaptors 

BitHost is a BitTorrent p2p client, based on the original Shareaza code that makes no compromises when it comes to efficiency and speed. Given its multi-network support, boosted download speeds and unique features in terms of File management, BitHost is one of the best solutions for grabbing files over the Internet whether movies, music, Software . Freeware download of BitHost 3.0.0, size 4.49 Mb.

Sharetastic 4.9.0 GoForSharing 

Sharetastic is a straightforward, solid File Sharing program that simply knows what a user wants - it loads up exceptional features such as ghost ratings, a completely user-configurable queue area, and multinetwork.

This application supports Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent networks. You'll have no problem installing it (in . Freeware download of Sharetastic 4.9.0, size 9.44 Mb.

iRemotePC Free 1.6 iRemotePC 

FREE Remote Desktop Access and File Transfer service with integrated Remote Support Service. Simply install iRemotePC on each of the PCs you wish to remotely access, and you will have secure full screen view of your home/office PC and the ability to transfer/synchronize files back and forth between local and remote PCs via any web-browser from a . Free download of iRemotePC Free 1.6, size 3.30 Mb.

ShareZilla 3.5.0 ShareZillas 

ShareZilla is an elite BitTorrent File Sharing client developed for fast and easy downloading offering a wide range of user-friendly features and extended support for multiple p2p networks such as Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent.

The main trait of the program is its ease of use allowing undemanding handling from both . Freeware download of ShareZilla 3.5.0, size 10.32 Mb.

ShareWire 2.4.0 Devhancer 

ShareWire is the response of the developers to the need for a p2p File Sharing program that combines the best features in most popular p2p clients conserving simplicity and user-friendliness.

Based on the original (trouble-free) Limewire, this app focuses on a simplified downloading process that enables accurate searching; it lets you . Freeware download of ShareWire 2.4.0, size 4.86 Mb.

KoolWire P2P 3.4.0 BestWebSharing 

KoolWire P2P is a newly developed p2p client which means you have the latest File Sharing technology working on your side to make that downloading experience the best that you have ever had. Inspired by the worldwide popular Limewire, this Software leaps forward to offer even more convenience and user-friendliness, simply put: it's more simple, . Freeware download of KoolWire P2P 3.4.0, size 8.51 Mb.

Quantum 3.6.0 Quantum Torrents 

Quantum is a most resilient File Sharing program capable of downloading torrents at high speeds and with remarkable competence. Oriented towards a user with plenty of needs, the app provides multiple downloads (you can download multiple torrents at the same time), priority control feature (ability to drag-and-drop your downloads to modify . Freeware download of Quantum 3.6.0, size 12.22 Mb.

GnutellaWire 4.2.0 MyNetSharing 

GnutellaWire is an advanced p2p client that employs the latest technology available in this field for faster and safer downloads. It's a product built upon one of the most popular File Sharing programs around since the emerging of peer-to-peer which, at the same time, brings its own specific contribution and flavor to the overall architecture and . Freeware download of GnutellaWire 4.2.0, size 5.78 Mb.