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Wise Password Recover 2010 Top Password Software, Inc. 

Wise Password Recover is a must-have toolkit providing you a complete solution to Find all your lost or forgotten passwords in an easy way. It enables you to easily recover login and Password information to various instant messengers, quickly retrieve email accounts created in Outlook, reveal any passwords hidden under asterisk characters, and much . Free download of Wise Password Recover 2010, size 1.25 Mb.


Manyprog Zip Password Recovery 1.9 ManyProg 

This simple program will help to Find Password to zip file, if the Password is lost. A distinctive feature of this handy tool is the high speed of its work, which does not depend on the number of files included in the zip file. The utility includes a number of settings, including the ability to specify the range of the Password length and the type . Free download of Manyprog Zip Password Recovery 1.9, size 22.76 Mb.

Paradox Password Recovery 1.6 Scalabium Software 

This tool allow to Find the lost Password for Paradox tables.

An application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on any computer without any additional setup/install.

You may customize the extended settings for brute-force or dictionary break to search the entire Password. . Free download of Paradox Password Recovery 1.6, size 178.26 Kb.

DBISAM Password Recovery 1.5 Scalabium Software 

This tool allow to Find the lost Password for DBISAM tables (dat-files).

An application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) and you may run this tool on any computer without any additional setup/install.

The Password revelation is very-very fast because no data loaded, no brute force or dictionary . Free download of DBISAM Password Recovery 1.5, size 167.77 Kb.

SpotIM Messenger Password Recovery 2.1.1 Nsasoft US LLC 

SpotIM Password Recover is a tool that is able to automatically Find and decrypt the passwords of most popular Instant Messenger programs. The program recovers lost or forgotten passwords for ICQ, Trillian, Miranda, RnQ, Camfrog, IpSwitch Messenger and Easy Web Cam instant messenger accounts. SpotIM is the best Instant Messenger Password finder . Free download of SpotIM Messenger Password Recovery 2.1.1, size 1.78 Mb.

Password Resetter 2.0 Password Resetter Inc. 

Finding safe software that will unlock your Windows Password is hard to Find. Password Resetter offers you the easiest and safest way to reset your Password. Password Resetter recovers 99, 9% of passwords from nearly any Windows installation in matter of seconds. You don't need to know any older passwords in order to crack your windows Password. . Free download of Password Resetter 2.0, size 45.19 Mb.

Password Recovery for Digsby Reactive Software 

Password Recovery for Digsby is a tool that will Find and decrypt Digsby account passwords stored on your computer. This Digsby Password recovery tool works if you are able to login to your Digsby account without entering your Password (saved Password checkbox ticked). Recovery from external Digsby user data files is also possible which means you . Free download of Password Recovery for Digsby, size 398.46 Kb.

Password Recovery for Trillian Reactive Software 

Password Recovery for Trillian is a tool that will instantly Find all Trillian accounts on your computer, extract encrypted Trillian passwords and decode Trillian passwords that were discovered. All versions of Trillian are supported (for both Trillian Basic and Trillian Pro). Passwords are recovered from all profiles found on your PC. This program . Free download of Password Recovery for Trillian, size 325.06 Kb.

Advanced Windows Password Reset 9.0 

100% Find Any Windows Password! Get Back Into Your Windows Now. Windows Password Reset 9.0 is an easy-to-use tool designed for resetting local administrator and user passwords on any Windows system. If you have forgotten your Password, or are locked out, or you do not have access to the Password of the system, you can easily get back in with it. It . Free download of Advanced Windows Password Reset 9.0, size 4.20 Mb.

Manyprog Excel Password Recovery 1.9 ManyProg 

This simple tool allows for a very short time easy to make Excel Password recovery. Password in Excel can be set not only for the whole book, but also for individual sheets of the book. If the Password is set to the book, the Excel file cannot be opened without knowing the Password. Password on separate sheets of Excel workbooks restricts access to . Free download of Manyprog Excel Password Recovery 1.9, size 34.74 Mb.

Password Kit Spotmau, Inc. 

Find and Recover Your Password in Seconds. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Instantly Find or reset your Windows Administrator or user account passwords. - Get access to your computer now. No need to reinstall the system. Super user-friendly graphic interface, even kids can do it.

One click to recover your email Password, . Free download of Password Kit, size 0 b.

GTalk password restoration tool 5.0.1 GTalk password restoration tool 

Google Talk Password Recovery- Restore google talk Password Google Talk Password Recovery Program recovers stored login information (when the "Remember Password" check box is checked) on the Gtalk Messengers. Google Talk Password Recovery Software Utility Find decrypt restores and retrieve lost forgotten Google Talk passwords that are . Free download of GTalk password restoration tool 5.0.1, size 576.72 Kb.

Windows Password Reset Audit 1.9.3 FrontierDG 

Windows Password Reset Audit is a handy and reliable utility designed to detect lost, unknown, or forgotten local user accounts.

Find Administrators group account members that do not have passwords. Quickly and easily audit local user accounts.

Note: Free for personal use. Organizations may use it for a period of 30 days, . Free download of Windows Password Reset Audit 1.9.3, size 0 b.

Password Supervisor for Windows 8 Vbfnet Apps 

Password Supervisor for Windows 8 is a useful application designed to store your passwords on your device. The program allows you to enter email passwords, card numbers and other credentials in order to Find them in a time of need.

You can organize the passwords in various categories and to protect them by setting a master Password. The . Free download of Password Supervisor for Windows 8, size 0 b.

Wireless Password Recovery 2.6.2 Passcape Software 

Wireless Password Recovery is a powerful tool providing you with a range of features which can help you to recover lost wireless networking passkeys and carry out security audits of your wireless network. The software offers more than ten powerful methods of recovering lost Wi-Fi network keys including support for several unique methods exclusive . Free download of Wireless Password Recovery 2.6.2, size 10.14 Mb.

Proactive Password Auditor 2.02 ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. 

Audit security policies, examine network security and recover account passwords with Proactive Password Auditor. Find out exactly how secure your network is by running a full-scale attack on account passwords. By recovering exposing insecure passwords, Proactive Password Auditor determines the security of your network.

Not all security . Free download of Proactive Password Auditor 2.02, size 0 b.

Firefox master password recovery 5.12 SmartKey 

Firefox master Password recovery is an easy-to-use tool designed for finding out the Firefox master Password and get back your lost signon information. It uses various methods such as dictionary and brute force techniques to recover the master Password from the firefox key database file. . Free download of Firefox master password recovery 5.12, size 1.64 Mb.

Windows Live Password Recovery Reactive Software 

Windows Live Password Recovery is the tool that will instantly Find, decrypt and recover Windows Live passwords that were saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login. This decoder will recover multiple accounts and supports all known versions of Windows Live Messenger including Messenger Beta, MSN Messenger and Windows . Free download of Windows Live Password Recovery, size 220.20 Kb.

Spotmau Windows Password Finder 2010 Spotmau Inc 

Lost Windows Password or Windows Administrator Password? Spotmau Windows Password Finder can instantly Find or reset Windows Password or Windows Administrator Password. 100% recovery rate guaranteed!

Spotmau Windows Password Finder supports all Windows versions including Windows XP Password, Windows Vista Password, Windows 7 Password, . Freeware download of Spotmau Windows Password Finder 2010, size 7.70 Mb.

Pasprog ZIP Password Forgotten 2.8 Pasprog 

This small and very simple utility will help to remove Password from zip archive if the user has forgotten it or lost it. With this software you can very quickly Find the required Password, no matter how many files are included in the ZIP archive. The program interface is intuitive and contains several tinctures for the most effective search, for . Free download of Pasprog ZIP Password Forgotten 2.8, size 22.76 Mb.