Find Duplicate Software

iYellow Pages 1.1 iMobile 

iYellow pages is free mobile Yellow Pages application, which helps you to search local and worldwide business contact information right from your mobile phone, while you are on the go. Download and use iMobile?s free applications on your mobile device and explore businesses to Find addresses, phone numbers - all right in the palm of your hand. . Freeware download of iYellow Pages 1.1, size 1.02 Kb.


MarkelSoft Library Switcher for iTunes 2.0 MarkelSoft, Inc. 

Easily create and switch between multiple iTunes Music Libraries. Allows the user to create new iTunes Music Libraries and switch between your current and new iTunes Music Libraries. Very easy to use and allows the user to create and switch between iTunes Music Libraries for multiple users on the same PC. New features include the ability to create . Free download of MarkelSoft Library Switcher for iTunes 2.0, size 29.43 Mb.

MarkelSoft Super PlaylistMaker for 1.0 MarkelSoft, Inc. 

Super PlaylistMaker 2.0 for iTunes - add 8 invaluable super playlists to iTunes. These are the playlists iTunes should already have. Super playlists include ‘By Artist’, ‘By Album’, ‘By Genre’, ‘By Kind’, ‘By Play Count’, ‘By . Free download of MarkelSoft Super PlaylistMaker for 1.0, size 17.96 Mb.

Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder 1.0 Boxoft Solution 

Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder provides you an easy way to search images by visual or non-visual comparison. It also enables you to manually define similarity percent for scanning out duplicates, and even helps you to delete checked duplicates at once to save your disk space

After scanning out all duplicates, you can choose whether to . Free download of Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder 1.0, size 4.07 Mb.

MarkelSoft StreamTunes for iTunes 11 1 MarkelSoft, Inc. 

StreamTunes for iTunes - securely stream your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any browser. Includes accessing additional media such as pictures, documents and web documents. New features include My Videos for including additional videos. . Free download of MarkelSoft StreamTunes for iTunes 11 1, size 41.70 Mb.

MarkelSoft Media Finder for iTunes 1 1 MarkelSoft, Inc. 

With MarkelSoft Media Finder for iTunes you cand easily Find lost audio and video and add the media to iTunes. Media Finder for iTunes Can scan any of your drives or folders for audio or video, specify criteria such as minimum file size, and specify exclusions. . Free download of MarkelSoft Media Finder for iTunes 1 1, size 29.23 Mb.

Music Duplicate Remover 6.0 ManiacTools 

Duplicate files are pretty common on modern computers. With huge capacities of hard disk drives, we save everything we want. Until one day we Find out that our file structure is a mess, and there is no more space to save another important file. Music Duplicate Remover will scan your audio collection and Find duplicates that occupy precious disk . Free download of Music Duplicate Remover 6.0, size 2.82 Mb.

Delete Duplicates for Outlook Brana Bujenovic 

Delete Duplicates for Outlook will enable you to delete Duplicate e-mail messages from your Outlook mailboxes. A variety of conditions, ranging from mail server errors to events that occur on one's own computer -- such as explicitly copying messages via a Outlook Rules Wizard, moving or copying and amalgamating mailboxes, especially in moving files . Free download of Delete Duplicates for Outlook, size 1.14 Mb.

UnDupe Noveline Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

UnDupe is an efficient application that aims to optimize your hard drive usage by identifying Duplicate files. You can use it to view the Duplicate files and remove the ones that are not required in order to remove the redundant data from the disk.

The binary comparison used by the program is able to detect duplicates even if the name of . Free download of UnDupe, size 0 b.

Image Comparator 1.7.0 Mustafa Bahadr Senel 

Image Comparator is an easy tool that finds Duplicate image files in your system. In order to do that it looks your images pixel by pixel; therefore even if two images have different formats and file sizes(MB/KB) Image Comparator finds them. Supported formats: jpg, bmp, png, gif, tif, ico. Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0. Works only on Windows. . Freeware download of Image Comparator 1.7.0, size 0 b.

DupTerminator 1.0.0 Dmitry Borisov 

As its name suggests, DupTerminator is a simple tool designed to scan folders and compare files by their MD5 checksum in order to detect dupes.

The identified duplicates can be easily renamed, deleted or moved to another location. Users can specify search criteria such as the file size and type.

. Freeware download of DupTerminator 1.0.0, size 0 b.

NoClone Home Edition 2011 Reasonable Software House Limited 

NoClone - Find and Remove TRUE Duplicate files. This software will search and Find Duplicate files. NoClone searches your computer for Duplicate files and removes them: this frees up disk space and improves file management.

Too often Internet users download files to their computers where Duplicate files may exist and waste storage . Free download of NoClone Home Edition 2011, size 2.20 Mb.

Dupy Scan 2.0.0 Moochos 

Dupy Scan is an easy-to-use application that will easily locate Find any Duplicate items. Each target file has priority that is either primary or secondary.

The application detects the duplicates of the files set to primary. In other words, you can narrow the scan results by setting the files you are concerned in to primary.

Portable AllDup 3.4.13 Michael Thummerer Software Design 

Portable AllDup is a tool for searching and removing file duplicates on your computer. The fast search algorithm Find duplicates of any file type, e.g., text, pictures, music or movies. The powerful search engine enables you to Find duplicates with a combination of the following criteria: file content, file name, file extension, file dates, file . Free download of Portable AllDup 3.4.13, size 3.15 Mb.

MobiFiles DyNiForm Software 

MobiFiles is an easy to use application that allows you to search for files in your computer. Using MobiFiles, you will be able to easily identify Duplicate files.

The program allows you to save the Duplicate files in a specific folder that you can later use to recover files. You will be able to select the desired file formats, as well . Free download of MobiFiles, size 0 b.

NoClone Free Edition 2011 Reasonable Software House Limited 

Easily locate and erase Duplicate documents, similar files or Duplicate Outlook messages.

Internet users download files to their computers, Duplicate files may exists and waste storage space. Especially using robot to download all files within the url, Duplicate files often exists. Buying a larger hard drive can solve the problem but . Free download of NoClone Free Edition 2011, size 0 b.

Bytessence DuplicateFinder Portable 1.3 Alexandru Trutia 

Bytessence DuplicateFinder is a freeware program designed to detect all the cloned files that you might have on your computer. Duplicate files have a negative impact over your system because they waste valuable space, they increase the antivirus scan time, they make defragmenting take ages and they make it harder for you to organize your files.

WeeDuplicateDetective Portable Guillaume Ranslant 

WeeDuplicateDetective is a handy and reliable utility designed to Find and clean Duplicate files on your system. In other words, if you have unneeded copies of files, WeeDuplicateDetective will Find them and will help you clean them.


+eTE Its easy to use
+eTE All you need is in one screen
+eTE There's . Free download of WeeDuplicateDetective Portable, size 0 b.

Best Duplicate File Finder Pro 9.83 Best Software, Inc. 

Best Duplicate File Finder Pro - easily Find file duplicates with the Best Duplicate Finder. User-friendly Duplicate file finder software can Find all file duplicates. Automatically Find Duplicate files with computer best Duplicate file finder program, PC best Duplicate file finder software, Windows best Duplicate file finder utility and automated . Free download of Best Duplicate File Finder Pro 9.83, size 19.85 Mb.

Weeny Free Duplicate Finder 1.2 Weeny Software 

Weeny Free Duplicate Finder is a free Duplicate file finder and cleaner software to instantly scan your computer for Duplicate files and list them for you to delete.

You'd be surprised just how many redundant or Duplicate files you could Find forgotten in an obscure documents folder. Weeny Free Duplicate Finder will deep scan for all . Freeware download of Weeny Free Duplicate Finder 1.2, size 1.72 Mb.