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Firefox Addon Maker Jonnyboy 

Firefox Addon Maker, also known as FFam is an application written in C# that will create a silent Firefox.

You can create an installer matching your current system, an installer with no modifications, or anywhere in between. Can be used as Firefox Backup utility.

. Freeware download of Firefox Addon Maker, size 0 b.


kannada-firefox Toolbar kannada-firefox 

kannada-Firefox Toolbar is a great utility for those who are busy and don't have the time to search on different web sites to find news. Because this simple utility can offer you, instantly, the most freshest and importan news, also announcements. Try and use it! . Freeware download of kannada-firefox Toolbar, size 2.74 Mb.

Infinity Downline Reviews 1.0 Infinity Downline Reviews 

"Infinity Downline Reviews" Custom Firefox Toolbar Free Download, Courtesy of and Alan Cosens. Open with Firefox to install. . Free download of Infinity Downline Reviews 1.0, size 744.49 Kb.

Freezer Rack 1.0 Freezer Rack 

Freezer Rack, ie Toolbar, Firefox Toolbar . Freeware download of Freezer Rack 1.0, size 1.90 Mb. Toolbar 1.0 GmbH 

The Firefox Toolbar lets you look up translations straight from your browser by choosing the desired dictionary from the drop-down menu (see screenshot). You can start searching from any website without having to load the website. In addition, the Toolbar provides search fields to Wikipedia and Google as further information resources. . Freeware download of Toolbar 1.0, size 23.86 Mb. Firefox Toolbar 1.0 Linqee Ltd. 

The Firefox Toolbar is mandatory for the service. SeeToo offers one cool feature that I hadn't seen before. It allows you to share videos with your friends and family in real-time. I have seen services that allowed you to e-mail videos or upload videos. But SeeToo actually allows you to open up a video on your web browser which will . Freeware download of Firefox Toolbar 1.0, size 0 b.

Open Play Save 1.0 Openplaysave 

Firefox Toolbar to send videos from your browser to a Sony Bravia TV which supports the functionality.

Open Play Save 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) . Freeware download of Open Play Save 1.0, size 0 b. lite Windows 1.7.5 Matthew Flaschen 

Simple extension to let you use, Google's URL shortener. After installation, right-click your Firefox Toolbar, click "Customize", and drag the button to a Toolbar. Clicking it will make a URL and copy it to your clipboard. . Freeware download of lite Windows 1.7.5, size 20.97 Kb.

Hotel Tuscany // Accommodation Tuscany 1.0 Hotel Tuscany // Accommodation Tuscany 

The Hotel & Accommodation Tuscany Toolbar is just another way to utilize
Firefox Toolbar to navigate and to be informed about tourism, bed & breakfast and hotels in Tuscany, Italy.
With the Hotel & Accommodation Tuscany Toolbar is possible to book rooms, to see images, panoramas and views of . Freeware download of Hotel Tuscany // Accommodation Tuscany 1.0, size 734.21 Kb.

Scrap My Car Wales Firefox Toolbar 1.0 Scrap My Car Wales 

Scrap My Car Wales Toolbar for Firefox browser. Find out how you can be paid Cash for your old car. Free rmoval of unsightly cars. Information available from this Toolbar. . Freeware download of Scrap My Car Wales Firefox Toolbar 1.0, size 3.30 Mb.

How to Setup Wireless 1.0 How To Setup Wireless 

How to Setup Wireless Toolbar for Firefox. Wireless network designs can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor environments including the use of wireless access points. . Freeware download of How to Setup Wireless 1.0, size 471.86 Kb.

Toolbar Studio 4.2 Toolbarstudio Inc. 

With ToolbarStudio Toolbar Builder software package you'll be able to: - Drive Customers Back to your website - Keep your website in Front of your customers - Create your own fully branded toolbars in a matter of seconds - Auto-Update your toolbars on the fly when you want to - Interact with webpages via Javascript API - Make money from promotions . Free download of Toolbar Studio 4.2, size 11.69 Mb.

Create IE toolbar online 1.2 

With Online Dynamic IE Toolbar Builder you'll be able to:- Drive Customers Back to your website- Keep your website in Front of your customers - Create your own fully branded toolbars in a matter of seconds- Update your toolbars when you want to- Make money from promotions in your toolbarCreate a Toolbar for your site which will help increase your . Free download of Create IE toolbar online 1.2, size 184.32 Kb. Toolbar 

The LDS Toolbar provides links to Official Church Websites, Online Scriptures and over 200 Church related websites. You can also use a search facility straight from the tool bar, just click the magnifying glass on the search bar to choose where you want to search. The church related links are grouped into categories to help you find what you are . Freeware download of Toolbar, size 2.75 Mb.

Internet Explorer Toolbar Maker 3 Text-Reader Software 

You don't have to be a programmer to create your own Explorer bar. Explorer Bar (Band) Maker is a Windows tool (one-step wizard) that lets you create your own Explorer bar from any HTML page, picture or Macromedia Flash file. Usually, making Explorer bars includes COM programming, that can be complex and confusing. This work has done for you. Now, . Free download of Internet Explorer Toolbar Maker 3, size 329.73 Kb.

Forex Currency Trading Firefox Toolbar 1.0 Forex Currency Trading Firefox Toolbar 

Forex Currency Trading Free Toolbar download. Find out what the hype is about.Learn the basics of a currency trade, advanced strategies, curves, software, expert advisors & more. . Freeware download of Forex Currency Trading Firefox Toolbar 1.0, size 546.82 Kb.

Webmaster SAPE 2.19.3 Andrew Remennikov 

The additional toolbox for Firefox expanding possibilities of a filtration of new demands in the webmasters interface of

To fully use and enjoy its features, just download the Webmaster SAPE tool on your computer.

. Free download of Webmaster SAPE 2.19.3, size 0 b.

FFaM 1.0 

It can be frustrating to manually reinstall Firefox with all its extensions, themes, personas and other add-ons. Even for those administrators who need to deploy Firefox on hundreds of network computers will find it a cumbersome task to do it manually. To assist you in building a silent Firefox installer with all of the settings preset, here is . Freeware download of FFaM 1.0, size 2.76 Mb.

TheBase360 Toolbar 6 3 TheBase360 

If none of the stations or podcasts work, then check whether your computer meets all the requirements below:

-Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS
-Windows requirements:
-JavaScript is enabled in your browser . (See How do I enable JavaScript in my browser? )
-Cookies are enabled in your browser . Freeware download of TheBase360 Toolbar 6 3, size 2.15 Mb.

TextAloud 2.173 

TextAloud is the leading text to speech program, available with exciting premium voices (including several languages) from ATT Natural Voices, Cepstral and NeoSpeech for the best in computer speech for your PC. TextAloud uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio. Listen or your PC or create MP3 or WMA files for use on portable devices . Free download of TextAloud 2.173, size 5.94 Mb.