Flight Simulator Software

Condor 11.0.0002 Condor Team 

Condor (also known as Condor: The Competition Soaring simulator) is a flight simulation game that features superb sceneries and a wide range of aircrafts. Initially, the game provides 13 planes, but we can get a pack containing 5 new models at an extra price. This game includes flying classes so that we can learn to use the gliders and be ready for . Free download of Condor 11.0.0002, size 26.55 Mb.


757-200 Base Pack 4 6 Captain Sim 

Interesting simulator game that helps you learn and also practice your plane skills.

Main features:

- 4 Highly detailed and accurate Boeing 757-200 Models (including PW and RR variants)
- High resolution textures of 36 Liveries
- Hundreds of Custom Animations
- Animation Control Panel
- Stewardess . Free download of 757-200 Base Pack 4 6, size 37.40 Mb.

Real Environment Xtreme FS2004 1.3.2010.1027 Real Environment Simulations 

An ultra-realistic breakthrough in simulation analysis, comprising a vast assortment of NEW, graphical content based on PHOTO-REALISTIC elements.

Combined with a NEW Weather Engine & flight Planner, REX will enhance your complete sky, water, airport, lighting and weather environment.

With over three years of research . Free download of Real Environment Xtreme FS2004 1.3.2010.1027, size 0 b.

Real Warfare 1242 2. 2. 2003 Unicorn Games 

Real Warfare: 1242, is a realistic real-time strategy game based on authentic historic events. It invites you to experience the glorious times of princes, knights and vast battles. The player’s goal is to direct Alexander Nevsky through meticulously recreated historic battlegrounds and achieve the greatest of victories by repelling the . Free download of Real Warfare 1242 2. 2. 2003, size 442.38 Mb.

Real Environment Xtreme - Overdrive 2.5.2010.1027 Real Environment Simulations, Inc. 

REX customers can enjoy this FREE gift of 256 cirrus and 192 3D cumulus and stratus cloud formations, 2 sets of asphalt runways, 1 set concrete runways, 9 sets asphalt taxiways, 9 sets of concrete taxiways, 1 set of a snowy runway, 6 sets of dawn sky colors, 19 sets of day sky colors, 8 sets of dusk sky colors, 2 sets of tropical water and reef . Freeware download of Real Environment Xtreme - Overdrive 2.5.2010.1027, size 4.10 Kb.

Condor Scenery Toolkit 1. 1. 2003 Condor Team 

Condor Scenery Toolkit is a free application that is designed to help owners of the game called "Condor: The Competition Soaring simulator" to design their own sceneries. This game is a multiplayer flight simulator that can be played online. This utility makes it possible for you to create realistic flight sceneries. This tool features . Freeware download of Condor Scenery Toolkit 1. 1. 2003, size 1.30 Mb.

Vultee for FSX or FS2004 1 10 Jens B. Kristensen 

You can fly from the 2D or 3D cockpits – there is little difference. For general flying, the virtual cockpit is the best because you can get a better view of the gauges.
The Vultee was a fast, single-engined airliner of the mid 1930's. American Airlines was the main user. Version 1.1 is modified to work with FSX as well as . Freeware download of Vultee for FSX or FS2004 1 10, size 6.13 Mb.

Ultimate Traffic 3 2 Flight One Software 

Ultimate Traffic is a nice and easy to manipulate software. It is a great utility for those who like airplanes and air simulation. It has a lot of features. It is a must have program. It is easy to install. So, try it now! You will never regret this choice. . Free download of Ultimate Traffic 3 2, size 169.43 Mb.

Instant Scenery 2.0 Flight One Software, Inc. 

Instant Scenery is a tool for adding 3D objects to flight simulator scenery in a very easy way. It allows you to enhance scenery without leaving flight simulator. Easily add, move and delete objects and see the results of your actions directly in the flight simulator view without having to reload scenery every time.

This allows you to . Free download of Instant Scenery 2.0, size 241.17 Mb.

'757 Captain' Soundset 1 4 1999-2007 Captain Sim 

- No obligations, hidden fees, registrations, banners, adware etc
- Unparalleled visual quality and realism
- Designed according to FSX standards
- DirectX 9/10 compatible

- Highly detailed and accurate Model . Free download of '757 Captain' Soundset 1 4, size 37.40 Mb.

Delta Virtual Airlines 777 (FS2004) 2 50 Delta Virtual Airlines 

The flight simulator FSX Boeing 777-200 plane joined the Delta Virtual Airlines fleet in 2007 and is Delta Virtual Airline's flagship, the largest plane in its fleet. Deployed on long-haul international service, Delta Virtual Airlines will be getting all 11 of its Boeing 777-200LRs for flight simulator FSX by 2009. These flight simulator . Freeware download of Delta Virtual Airlines 777 (FS2004) 2 50, size 12.53 Mb.

WhazzUp 1.20.0260 Project Magenta 

After very many downloads, some awards and a lot of useful feedback, we have decided to add on to the existing WhazzUp - on one hand the proven tool for online pilots and controlers, on the other a useful program by itself or as an addition to Project Magenta flight management system software. We will continue to provide the freeware WhazzUp and it . Freeware download of WhazzUp 1.20.0260, size 4.41 Mb.

GoFlight Key Mapper GoFlight Inc. 

GFKeys is a control-to-key translation program for using your GoFlight ® modules with ALL games and simulation programs -- even other types of software.

If you're a fan of programs such as Falcon 4, IL-2, LOMAC, or any of the leading racing sims, you'll really appreciate GFKeys. In fact, ANY software that accepts . Freeware download of GoFlight Key Mapper, size 3.93 Mb.

Canadair CRJ-700 2.0 United Virtual Airlines 

United Virtual's fleet mirrors the actual aircraft used by United and the various United Express carriers. There are literally thousands of aircraft models available for download or purchase via the internet. Pilots are permitted to use any model that matches the aircraft type United Virtual uses. . Freeware download of Canadair CRJ-700 2.0, size 10.17 Mb.

SceneryTech South America Landclass 1.0 SceneryTech 

You can download the appropriate installer upgrade kit from the link(s) below which allows you to transform your existing installer into a newer version. The included readme.txt explains in detail how to perform the installer upgrade.
Alternatively, you can re-download the product from the place where you initially purchased it:

. Free download of SceneryTech South America Landclass 1.0, size 19.91 Mb.

Abacus International Fighters for FSX 1.0 Abacus Software 

Eleven mighty fighters from all corners of the world in a single package. Diverse, exciting and spectacular.

Introducing a brand new series for FSX flyers. Download and fly any of our innovative packages complete with new aircraft, detailed scenery and full-length creative mission with professional quality sound and narration. . Free download of Abacus International Fighters for FSX 1.0, size 157.29 Mb.

F14 ops on CV69-12 1.0.6 Perfect Flight 

FSX Mission--F-14 Ops On CV69-12. Start off in Dino Cattaneo's F-14 Tomcat on Javiers (Thrawns) CV69-12 Busy Carrier. Five Tomcats will be flying patterns and landing. Fly in free flight mode or fly the quick mission. Simply land three times on either carrier. Three rewards are possibly, three traps reward, buzz the tower reward, cable three . Freeware download of F14 ops on CV69-12 1.0.6, size 14.02 Mb.

Premier Collection AS 565 Panther for 1.0 Abacus Software 

Premier Collection AS 565 Panther for FSX is a new and useful flight simulation software which enables you to learn how to fly a AS 565 Panther on your own computer.

This tool is easy to download and install, has a very friendly user interface and comes at a minimum price. . Free download of Premier Collection AS 565 Panther for 1.0, size 157.29 Mb.

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury Apogee Development,Ltd. 

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is a realistic simulation of the Mercury spacecraft. More than a mere game, A-OK! The Wings of Mercury is so realistic, you will use the actual checklists used by the astronauts. A-OK! WoM simulates Orbital and Sub-Orbital missions and features. . Free download of A-OK! The Wings of Mercury, size 63.29 Mb.

727 Freighter Expansion Model 2 4 Captain Sim 

Outstanding visual quality and realism
Designed according to FSX standards
DirectX 9/10 compatible
Wing Flex
Blended Winglets
Custom Self-shadow
Custom Views
Exterior Model Systems Programming
Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
Repaint Kit
Effects . Free download of 727 Freighter Expansion Model 2 4, size 26.99 Mb.