Folder Hiding Software

Tiny Security Suite 1 SVBook Pte. Ltd. 

Tiny Security Suite is a software that consists of encryption, shredding, VPN, Folder Hiding, Firewall, and Tor Browser. Tiny Security Suite has:

- File Encryption (AES and Triple DES)
- Text Encryption (AES and Triple DES)
- Shredder
- Secure Folder (Folder Hider)
- VPN (uses OpenVPN configuration files, need . Freeware download of Tiny Security Suite 1, size 232.45 Kb.


WinMend Folder Hidden 1.1 

WinMend Folder Hidden is a free file/Folder Hiding tool. While ensuring the absolute system safety, this application can quickly hide files and folders on local partitions and/or on removable devices. The hidden files/folders will be safely hidden whether the drive is accessed in another operating system on the same computer or reinstalled on . Freeware download of WinMend Folder Hidden 1.1, size 1.65 Mb.

XBoft Folder Lock 1.1 Chengdu Xiaobo Software Co., Ltd. 

XBoft Folder Lock is a secure and easy-to-use file/Folder encryption software. The software is simple and easy to use, powerful and convenient. The encrypted data file is protected from viewing, modifying, moving, copying, and deleting. The software is extremely fast and is especially suitable for encrypting large files or large folders.

Hide Folder Ext 1.5 FSPro Labs 

This unique program lets you hide a Folder on external or removable disks and protect it with a password. While all other Folder Hiding programs are intended to hide folders on internal hard drives, Hide Folder Ext hides data on external devices. It's important to protect data on external disks if you use them to move important data. Hide Folder . Free download of Hide Folder Ext 1.5, size 3.12 Mb.

SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection Brainzsquare Co., Ltd. 

SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection is a powerful, easy-to-use security software suite, designed to protect your privacy and prevent data loss. This simple and light security software allows you to enhance your PC usage experience with data encryption, Folder Hiding, file synchronization and permanent file deletion features. Instead of crying over spilled . Free download of SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection, size 7.68 Mb.

Hide Folders XP 3.7 FSPro Labs 

Every day we trust our personal files to a computer. Most of us store various bits of personal or business-critical information on our hard drives. If you share your computer with co-workers, children, or a spouse, or your computer is always connected to the Internet, your private files are under threat of being disclosed. Hide Folders XP in . Free download of Hide Folders XP 3.7, size 1.56 Mb.

Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00 Ognilab 

Ogni Free Folder Locker & Hider is a powerful free software for home or commercial use. This software includes locking techniques combined with Hiding which is very unique. . Freeware download of Ogni Free Folder Locker and Hider 1.00.00, size 660.60 Kb.

Ogni Free Folder Locker 1.00 Ognilab 

Ogni Free Folder locker is one of the free Folder locker currently available in Web.Thousands of people Use it and satisfied.It has very unique locking system which is combine by locking and Hiding features. . Freeware download of Ogni Free Folder Locker 1.00, size 587.20 Kb.

Hide Cloud Drive xSecuritas, Inc 

Do you want to protect your cloud sync Folder safe?

Do you want to keep your cloud sync Folder data safe while you are away from your PC? This 'Hide Cloud Drive' product hide sync Folder and Tray Icon of cloud drive. It also protects your files by Hiding the Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders.


* . Free download of Hide Cloud Drive, size 21.73 Mb.

Best Folder Encryptor 16.32 DoGoodSoft 

DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and Folder encryption package. It encrypts files and Folder with super fast, strong and faultless algorithms.
You can choose from five encryption methods when encrypting a Folder. Flash Encryption instantly encrypts a Folder on a local or removable drive without size limit. The . Free download of Best Folder Encryptor 16.32, size 3.68 Mb.

Invisible Files 2000 Pro 6.0 Anna Ltd 

Invisible Files 2000 Pro ('IF2000 Pro') is a program for Windows 95/98/Millennium that allows Hiding of any file or Folder on the local hard drives of personal computers. The files are not physically deleted but they are invisible (even in Windows safe mode and DOS session). File systems FAT16 and FAT32 are supported. IF2000 Pro also supports long . Free download of Invisible Files 2000 Pro 6.0, size 685.06 Kb.

Security Officer Pro 2.0 Compelson Laboratori 

Security Officer Professional is a powerful 32-bit application that offers task-bar accessible protection and monitoring of the file system, a unique virus shield, file & Folder protection & Hiding, internet monitoring, logging & filtering, as well as support for smart-card based access control and system locking. . Free download of Security Officer Pro 2.0, size 219.14 Kb.

BatchLocker 1.0 Batchlocker 

BatchLocker is a free utility software written for "Folder Locking & Hiding". . Freeware download of BatchLocker 1.0, size 66.13 Mb.

SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free Brainzsquare Co., Ltd. 

SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free is the essential tool for users who share a PC and wishes to hide specific folders from others. SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free allows the user to hide unlimited number of folders, which won+oOeCOaot appear even in the search results. The hidden folders become visible only while the program is running. Hide your secret photos, . Free download of SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free, size 1.57 Mb.

Change Folder Icons 8.6 Nesoft 

Change Folder Icons is an award-winning tool for Windows that allows you to easily find thousands of bright icons on your computer that you can use as Folder icons.Program features:- change the icon of a Folder simply and quickly by pressing the right mouse button on it and selecting "Change Folder Icon"- search for icons on your computer . Free download of Change Folder Icons 8.6, size 2.60 Mb.

Hiding CHAOS 5.6 Security Resources Group 

Stego product for Windows with a CHAOS interface and a very large Hiding capacity (~100% of carrier file). Includes built-in encryption and ability to hide data within specific sub-areas of the image. Chaos uses the newest chaos logic and stream cipher. It has high speed and allows variable-length keys, making it very reliable and easy to use. The . Free download of Hiding CHAOS 5.6, size 468.99 Kb.

Folder Cache 2.6 NeSoft Inc. 

Folder Cache lists the recently used folders in "Open"/"Save" dialog windows and in Windows Explorer.This program is for people who actively uses computers and often works with a large number of folders and documents.What's new in v2.6:- Now you can make alias for folders in Favorite List (make short names instead of long paths, . Free download of Folder Cache 2.6, size 591.87 Kb.

Folder Bear 1.0 Powode 

a Folder tidy,data synchronization and backup utility with an intuitionistic,treestyle user interface.


Execute tasks one by one or batchly
Manage relationships among tasks easily
Unlimited levels of tasks . Free download of Folder Bear 1.0, size 729.39 Kb.

Fast Folder Access 2.0 Eusing Software 

Fast Folder Access is a shell enhancement that gives you quick jump to your favorite folders in Common Open/Save dialogs, in Windows Explorer, the desktop and the Start Button.You access the Fast Folder menu by right-clicking anywhere in the File,Directory,directory background (right pane) of Windows Explorer, the "white area" of Common . Freeware download of Fast Folder Access 2.0, size 1.13 Mb.

Folder Style 1.4 6Bytes Software 

Assign different icons to individual Windows folders, make every Folder eye-catching and different from others. Just select a Folder then pick an icon you like for it from the built-in gallery of over 350 eye-catching Folder icons. Job can be done in only 4 mouse clicks. Quick access is also available via a Folder's shortcut menu. Folder icon . Free download of Folder Style 1.4, size 587.78 Kb.