Functions Software

Q-Dir Portable 5.52 

Q-Dir is an extremely easy to use and small application designed for a better management of your files and folders. Fast and easy access, with an amazing Quadro-View technique. You don't have to renounce the usual, Drag and Drop, all Views, and other Functions of your system.

No! Q-Dir gives you other nice Functions, that make you happy. . Freeware download of Q-Dir Portable 5.52, size 471.86 Kb.


eDocPrinter PDF Creator Pro 6.56.5568 ItekSoft 

eDocPrinter PDF Creator Pro is eDocPrinter PDF Pro now, it allows you to create PDF files from any printable document, including web pages, MS Office documents, text. It works as a printer driver, enabling you to print from any applications that supports printing - just select the eDoc PDF Printer instead of your paper printer and the document will . Free download of eDocPrinter PDF Creator Pro 6.56.5568, size 5.48 Mb.

ReduceExe 1.4 Dirk Paehl Germany 

Reduce Exe is an easy to use tool for correcting Windows Portable Executable files .

- Clear binary trash in headers of PE files
- Erase section names
- Remove relocations table
- Examine the list of the export Functions
- Erase selected Functions in export section
- Reduce size of PE files . Free download of ReduceExe 1.4, size 41.94 Kb.

WD SCSI Workbench 1.40 Western Digital 

This is a MS Windows-based application that uses ASPI to provide support and utility Functions for Western Digital SCSI hard drives. With this application you can create dump files that contain support and log data, format drives, short stroke drives, copy one drive to another, perform read and write/read qualification testing, generate defect data . Freeware download of WD SCSI Workbench 1.40, size 283.12 Kb.

ASPI Menu 1.17 Western Digital 

This is a MS Windows-based application that uses ASPI to provide a generic interactive command interface to any SCSI hard drive. In addition to providing interactive commands to a SCSI hard drive, this tool provides advanced scripting features for writing Functions such as testing or applying updates to SCSI devices. ASPIMENU also has extensive . Freeware download of ASPI Menu 1.17, size 555.75 Kb.

Manager650 1.17 Freeware 

Manager650 is a simple and accessible application that can be used as a file manager for the Sony eBook Reader PRS650.

The software is aimed at providing a two-panel functionality along with a couple of Sony eBook Reader Functions.

Manager650 is aware about the .lrf, .epub, .fp2 and formats and displays the author / . Free download of Manager650 1.17, size 3.76 Mb.

FSNOOP 1.0 Gordon Sweet 

FSNOOP is a little File manager that allows you to delete or copy files. It provides other Functions providing the relevant files needed are accessible in your PATH settings
. Freeware download of FSNOOP 1.0, size 52.43 Kb.

Active Directory Provisioning and Administration 3.1.7304.0 Softerra, Ltd. 

Softerra Adaxes is a comprehensive solution for management, administration and monitoring of Active Directory. It enables you to automate and secure user provisioning and de-provisioning in Active Directory environments. With its granularly distributed role-based security, administrative tasks automation, approval-based workflow, and enterprise . Free download of Active Directory Provisioning and Administration 3.1.7304.0, size 36.64 Mb.

Indibar 4.0.11 Apoxsoft 

The program improves the menu top bar of your communicator.

Allows you to create a customized menu system 3 types:

Shortcuts launcher (include widgets);
StartMenu launcher;
TaskManager allows to operate the started application (Switch, Close, Close . Free download of Indibar 4.0.11, size 555.75 Kb.

Easy Pro ShutDown 1.1 Hi-SooFT 

Easy Pro ShutDown is a small utility that can automate a variety of tasks at a scheduled time. There is no need now to waste your time waiting for shutdown, restart or many more Functions, with this intelligent tool you can almost schedule all your work like turn off, restart and hibernate the computer after a period specified by the user. . Freeware download of Easy Pro ShutDown 1.1, size 1.20 Mb.

Morse Runner 1.68 Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA 



Call - enter your contest callsign here.

QSK - simulates the semi-duplex operation of the radio. Enable it if your physical radio supports QSK. If it doesn't, enable QSK anyway to see what you are missing.

CW Speed - select the CW speed, in WPM (PARIS system) that matches your . Free download of Morse Runner 1.68, size 734.00 Kb.

Portable Opti Drive Control 1.50 Erik Deppe 

Opti Drive Control is a program for testing optical drives and media.

Key features :

* Support for CD, DVD and BD drives/media
* Read / write transfer rate
* Create test disc / verify function
* Detailed drive information
* Detailed disc information
* Disc quality tests: BLER, PI/PO, C1/C2, . Free download of Portable Opti Drive Control 1.50, size 387.97 Kb.

SWF & FLV Player for Windows 2.0 ELTIMA Software GmbH 

SWF & FLV Player for Windows is the handiest and the most intuitive Flash player available for PC today. Standard version is free for all Flash lovers; however, for the small fee you can upgrade the free version to the advanced PRO one.

You can simply download our player right now, install it and start watching your Flash files in . Free download of SWF & FLV Player for Windows 2.0, size 2.67 Mb.

PS Crypt Me! 1.6 

PS CryptMe! encrypts and decrypts your text files quickly and securely with a 64-bit key. The operation is limited to the most important Functions and is therefore very easy. Also suitable for binaries. Batch processing power also. . Freeware download of PS Crypt Me! 1.6, size 3.43 Mb.

ViewSKV 1.2 Albert Bertilsson 

ViewSKV is a small utility to read .skv files. These files can be created with many programs, for example Excel.

New in v1.2

A - Optimized GUI performance and code size.
F - Removed buggs in some Functions when no file was read.
A - Implemented help system.
F - Fixed bugg that occured when Picking items. . Freeware download of ViewSKV 1.2, size 52.43 Kb.

DevExtras .NET Obfusasm 2.0.0 DevExtras 

DevExtras .NET Obfusasm allows you to protect your assemblies by using a variety of advanced obfuscation techniques and is very easy to integrate into your release process.

The assemblies are obfuscated after compilation as part of the build process so your development process is completely unaffected. Assemblies can be obfuscated either . Free download of DevExtras .NET Obfusasm 2.0.0, size 1.03 Mb.

iPF9000S Media Configuration Tool 2.8404 Canon U.S.A., Inc. 

The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S, 60" printer, a powerful print engine ideally built for professional print service providers who need to produce more output in less time. High speed throughput up to 403 ft2/hr, an 80GB hard drive, borderless printing and other features, are seamlessly integrated into a single, exceptionally efficient production . Freeware download of iPF9000S Media Configuration Tool 2.8404, size 97.28 Mb.

fbios 1.3 Canadian Mind Products 

Test floppy BIOS for bugs. FBIOS 1.3 tests your BIOS floppy disk routines for bugs. Just type FBIOS and follow the prompts. Please report any bugs to Roedy on BIX and to your BIOS manufacturer. If you run FBIOS under DOS it will check your your ROM BIOS. If you run it under Windows, it will check the known Buggy BIOS emulation Functions of Windows. . Freeware download of fbios 1.3, size 10.48 Kb.

WinSecurityGate 1.0.5 Matthias Withopf 

WinSecurityGate can secure your Windows-off system by preventing certain applications perform critical system Functions you . Free download of WinSecurityGate 1.0.5, size 146.80 Kb.

Index Author 1.0 Trost Media 

Also at this program, the motto is, that one should quietly leave annoying tasks to the computer. A particularly annoying task is to search a 100 pages book to write an index, a kind of table of contents which contains all relevant keywords.

The Index Author relieves you of exactly this task. In addition there are lots of other Functions . Free download of Index Author 1.0, size 817.89 Kb.