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Leap'n'Croak 1.7 

Leap'n'Croak is a cool arcade Game with infinite number of Game Levels, and different skill Levels. Your playing strategies can vary from simple to very elaborated. It is suitable for all ages.Both installer and uninstaller are included.Now, how do you like playing a little green frog? Your lovely home pond has become quite a dangerous place . Free download of Leap'n'Croak 1.7, size 1.45 Mb.


Puzzle Mania: Chronicles of Unicorn! 1.0 EleFun Multimedia 

Puzzle Mania: chronicles of unicorn is a unique Game combining new but recognizable gameplay and perfect plot which will take you through all the Game Levels to the aim of your journey! Each stage is unique and does not repeat throughout the Game, as well as the form of puzzles for each level. Mini-games which are an integral part of the Puzzle . Free download of Puzzle Mania: Chronicles of Unicorn! 1.0, size 21.50 Mb.

Cheats for Logos Quiz Game! 1.0 Filip Tusla 



- All Logos Quiz Game Levels included
- Updates with new Levels as soon as they are released for FREE
- Unlike other apps you don't have to pay anything extra!

Enjoy the app and please rate it to keep . Freeware download of Cheats for Logos Quiz Game! 1.0, size 15.31 Mb.

ByChance Framework 1.0 Bychance 

ByChance is a generic framework for the generation of Game Levels that allows games to specify the nature of the level geometry, the different types of Game components to be added to the Levels as well as the post-processing algorithms to be applied.

Let ByChance generate unique Levels in no time for you and focus on more important parts . Freeware download of ByChance Framework 1.0, size 163.47 Kb.

Bambu 1.0.1 Olivier Guyot 

If you like multi-player card games, like Belote, Hearts, try Bambu card Game.

Bambu Game is a contracts Game like the Barbu card Game. Each player must play all the contracts and try to win the maximum of points.

With 2 Game Levels (beginner and expert) and with the 8 different contracts, you have access to:
- A . Free download of Bambu 1.0.1, size 37.75 Mb.

Caveman IQ 1.0 EmJa Interactive 

How evolved is your IQ? Find out if your IQ is that of a Primate or of a Modern Man with Caveman IQ!

Game Levels:
1) Monkeying Around
2) A Monkey's Uncle
3) Hey Look! Thumbs!
4) Walking Upright
5) Using Tools
6) Discovering fire

With dynamic graphics and head scratching puzzles, this Game throws . Free download of Caveman IQ 1.0, size 9.75 Mb.

Charlie China 1.5 Supermova LTD 

Charlie China is the brand new release from Supermova.

This is the story of a 'jumping red robot' from outer space that has found a new home on Earth.

Navigate your way through fun and exciting Game Levels that can be played by all the family.

Collect gold coins and uncover new Levels of fun. Challenge yourself and . Free download of Charlie China 1.5, size 35.23 Mb.

EcoSantini 1.0 GruppoSANTINI 

Do you think that recycling is a childs play?
Test your recycling ability between three different Game Levels, and the garbage disposal will have no secrets for you.

The aim of the Game EcoSantini is to educate and at the same time provide important information for a correct garbage disposal .

The app is based on the . Freeware download of EcoSantini 1.0, size 50.75 Mb.

Hop the Number Line 3.5 Steve Rhine 

Drag the Bunny across the number line of carrots to answer addition and subtraction problems in this fun race against the clock math Game.

Levels 1-4: Two term integer equations
Levels 4-8: Three term integer equations
Levels 9-11: Three term decimal and fraction equations

Created for the Center for Algebraic . Freeware download of Hop the Number Line 3.5, size 23.49 Mb.

Hot Las Vegas Poker - Multi Level 1.0 Tyrone Pinnoy 

A fabulous multi level video poker Game you'll love!

Download this great multi level Las Vegas style video-poker Game and enjoy hours of fun.

Start with 4000 credits and work your way through the many Game Levels.
Get FREE BONUS CHIPS every 4 hours
Winners can Double or Nothing!
Social? Share your success with . Freeware download of Hot Las Vegas Poker - Multi Level 1.0, size 42.26 Mb.

Hungry Cookie 1.2 Brum Apps 


Hungry Cookie is a Game about a very "hungry cookie" who needs you to feed him food by dragging and grouping the food to drop into his mouth. During the Game, Levels change rapidly, as speed and difficulty increase with each advancing level, giving this Game a classic arcade feel. There is also a Time . Freeware download of Hungry Cookie 1.2, size 7.65 Mb.

Hungry Cookie LITE 1.0 Brum Apps 


Hungry Cookie is a Game about a very "hungry cookie" who needs you to feed him food by dragging and grouping the food to drop into his mouth. During the Game, Levels change rapidly, as speed and difficulty increase with each advancing level, giving this Game a classic . Freeware download of Hungry Cookie LITE 1.0, size 7.65 Mb.

Laser Maze 2.1 Dimitrie Milinovich 

Use the touch screen interface to guide the ball to the purple block without touching the red walls. The Game Levels progress in difficulty so that the Game is always a challenge. For instance, in the later Levels, some of the walls move. It's a good Game for all ages so Laser Maze is a great choice for keeping kids quiet. We also have planned a . Free download of Laser Maze 2.1, size 2.83 Mb.

PetWings 1.2 Saito Games 

PetWings is an arcade shooting Game with cute cartoon-style graphics. It has 53 Game Levels, 5 huge bosses and 6 Levels of fire power-ups. . Freeware download of PetWings 1.2, size 1.19 Mb.

Puzzlic Advanced 1.0 Another Day Company 

Puzzlic Advanced is completely new generation of puzzle games, which differs from silly Tetris and Lines Clones. Your task is to combine similar blocks and clean up all 150 Game Levels. With the help of Levels Editor you can create a lot of your own different Levels. Moreover, you can send your own new Levels to our web site The . Free download of Puzzlic Advanced 1.0, size 1.86 Mb.

Bunduster 1.0 ITPremium 

Bunduster is an appetizing piece of gaming for cake-eaters and computer fans. The match Game is performed on the background of exquisite culinary images and sweet music. Cerebrate and use your wit's to go through all the Game Levels. And have a good bite of chocolate before, in full play and surely after the Game to stimulate your brain . Freeware download of Bunduster 1.0, size 3.18 Mb.

Shark Dominoes 2 1 Arthur Crump 

Whether you're brushing up on your Game or practicing for a Tournament, Shark Dominoes can help you. Shark Dominoes is the ultimate opponent. It features two Game Levels. You can play against a computer opponent at Novice or Expert level. It is easy to play. . Free download of Shark Dominoes 2 1, size 1.15 Mb.

Tonky Ponky 1.0 

Help Tonky-Ponky the monkey and his playful dolphin friend clear the balls from the shores of their tropical paradise! Game features: *105 Game Levels, plus 102 BONUS Levels! *Relaxing action gameplay! *A cast of lovable characters! *Gorgeous graphics of tropical, soothing scenery! *Various environments, from sandy beaches to rocky reefs! . Freeware download of Tonky Ponky 1.0, size 13.41 Mb.

Space Bubbles 1.0 

Endless hours of action and adventure await you in Space Bubbles! Be the hero and guide the dragons home! On your journey you will fight your way through hundreds of different Game Levels. Blast the space bubbles into oblivion! Capture bonuses and amazing power-ups! . Freeware download of Space Bubbles 1.0, size 6.87 Mb.

Brain Party 0.2 

Brain Party is a 2D puzzle Game for all the family. As you work your way through the Game Levels, you'll come up against over 50 brain-bending minigames designed to put all your mental faculties to the test. . Freeware download of Brain Party 0.2, size 47.57 Mb.