Games Factory Software

The Games Factory Europress Software 

The Games Factory provides everything you need to manufacture Arcade Games, Platform Games, Adventures, Screen Savers, and much much more. The Games Factory offers you fast screen scrolling, fade effects, and can display FLI animations, Video for Windows, and QuickTime movies. You can also play your favorite music tracks directly from your CD. . Free download of The Games Factory, size 0 b.


Mallard Games Designer 0.0.1 

Mallard is a graphical game design package, akin to many applications for Windows such as The Games Factory, RPG Maker, Game Maker, etc. It is written in Python with wxWidgets and PyGame, and therefore should support any OS which supports Python and SDL. . Freeware download of Mallard Games Designer 0.0.1, size 344.01 Kb.

MooAPI Game Server 1.0 

This is a server side implementation of the Multiplayer Online Object protocol (MooAPI) as found in Clickteam products such as The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion and Jamagic. This game server runs on the Java platform and is truly cross platform.

MooAPI Game Server 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of MooAPI Game Server 1.0, size 0 b.

The Games Factory 2 1.0 Clickteam 

Get ready to amaze your friends and family! Be ready to hear, "How did you do that?" Nothing beats the feeling you get when you complete your first game and other people play it. Nothing is more inspiring than having people anticipate your next creation. Make your computer into a Games Factory today!

The Games Factory 2 is the . Free download of The Games Factory 2 1.0, size 19.51 Mb.

Horse Manager 2014 1.2 Jacopo Ponsele 


In 50% discount only for the launch period

JP Games Factory presents Horse Manager 2014 !!
A manager game with theme Riding.
Take control and management of a racing stables .
Train your horses and take part in races to earn money.
Raise your Colt and have it become a champion at the . Free download of Horse Manager 2014 1.2, size 256.90 Mb.

10 in 1 Racing games 1 1 SWFBOX 

Game collection with 10 free racing Games: "Alex Trax", "Diesel and Death", "Dirt Bike", "Grand Prix Challenge 2", "Knugg Rally", "Monster Truck Trials", "Shadow Factory", "Stunt Dirt Bike", "Turbo Spirit", "VS Racing". No Setup Requirements! . Freeware download of 10 in 1 Racing games 1 1, size 11.21 Mb.

Escape The Factory 1.0 Jayant C Varma 

Watch the gameplay video at

You are trapped in the Factory of an evil corporation, you have to escape. This brings back the nostalgia of move one step at a time Games and the screen is the direction pad.

<blockquote>Please read the instructions before you start. The game does not work . Free download of Escape The Factory 1.0, size 8.18 Mb.

Power Game Factory Game Engine 1.0 Pgfgameengine 

This is a game engine for 2D side-scrolling action/adventure Games for Mac OS X. It has been used extensively as part of the Power Game Factory game creation software (

Power Game Factory Game Engine 1.0 License - BSD License . Freeware download of Power Game Factory Game Engine 1.0, size 0 b.

111 mini 1.0 Miguel Angel Alfonso Guerrero 

We are happy to present you this App celebrating the opening of our small Factory of dreams 111 (

? We are a small independent team and we know what good Games are made of. We love art, comics, composing music and weve grown programming on wonderful inventions such as our dear Spectrum 16 Kb and surrounded by delicious . Freeware download of 111 mini 1.0, size 12.79 Mb.

Chips Flick 1.1.6 sazanami 

Please help the Chips Factory!
Your job is to remove bad chips flowing.

"Chips Flick" came top place in free Games section in Japan. We appreciate your support.

* There is also the Standard version
[[ Lite version ]]
There are only few differences . Freeware download of Chips Flick 1.1.6, size 11.53 Mb.

Qwidz 1.02 Lizard Attack 

Introduce your friends, and enemies, to a new concept in guessing Games. Discover hidden talents for singing like Julius Caesar, drawing a bicycle Factory or mimicking the behavior of carrots. Play it at home, on the beach, on a bus or in your space shuttle. Cast people into creative, goofy and qwiddling situations.

Qwidz is a team game . Freeware download of Qwidz 1.02, size 62.29 Mb.

Board Games Collection 1.06 GameOver-Games, Ltd 

The game is a collection of four Games – Speed Lines, Super Blocks, Fast Balls and Real Clicks. The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game.The player gets bonus points and thus increases game level. Higher level means more bonus points and faster appearance of new chips. . Free download of Board Games Collection 1.06, size 3.14 Mb.

Euchre and Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games 2006 MeggieSoft Games 

MeggieSoft Games Euchre and Ecarte is a comprehensive implementation of two popular card Games: Ecarte and Euchre (the two-player version). Play against an online opponent or against your computer. Euchre and Ecarte has a rich user interface and many customizable graphic, sound (including MIDI music and speech output), rule and scoring options. Six . Free download of Euchre and Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games 2006, size 2.80 Mb.

Canasta by MeggieSoft Games 2006 MeggieSoft Games 

MeggieSoft Games Canasta is a comprehensive two-player implementation supporting both the Classic and Modern American rules. Play against an online opponent or against your computer. Canasta has a rich user interface and many customizable graphic, sound (including MIDI music and speech output), rule and scoring options. Six different computer . Free download of Canasta by MeggieSoft Games 2006, size 2.98 Mb.

Rummy 500 by MeggieSoft Games 2006 MeggieSoft Games 

MeggieSoft Games Rummy 500, is a comprehensive implementation of the popular card game also known as 500 Rum. Play against an online opponent or against your computer. Rummy 500 has a rich user interface and many customizable graphic, sound (including MIDI music and speech output), rule and scoring options. Six different computer opponent skill . Free download of Rummy 500 by MeggieSoft Games 2006, size 2.81 Mb.

Iraqi Most Wanted, Card Games 1 Sator Videogames 

A premium collection of 5 great card Games using the Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards, they were distributed to the coalition soldiers to help capturing the wanted people. All of the Games are beautifully rendered with incredibly detailed graphics and feature challenging game play for hours of fun.The Best card Games are here: Klondike (Solitaire), . Free download of Iraqi Most Wanted, Card Games 1, size 5.18 Mb.

Magic Games Collection 3.5 Agentix Software 

Magic Games Collection is a pack of six puzzles, including Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Logic Trainer, Magic Tetcolor and Combat Engineer. Whether you want to improve your brain power or simply unwind and relax after a hard day, this joyful collection will tease your brains and help you regain a peaceful state of mind.The collection . Free download of Magic Games Collection 3.5, size 5.03 Mb.

Winter Wolves Games Screensaver 1.0 rpg games 

Winter Wolves Games Screensaver . Free download of Winter Wolves Games Screensaver 1.0, size 764.93 Kb.

Kids Mask Factory 2008 1.2.5 Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd 

Kids Mask Factory, is a program which is aimed at both children and parents, depending on age and skill. The program is designed to create masks which can be worn. This is done by selecting face parts and adding them to the mask. Freehand lines can also be used with color to great effect.Masks can be created in just black and white which can then . Free download of Kids Mask Factory 2008 1.2.5, size 6.57 Mb.

Skoolastica Science Adventures 1.0 Maharaja Games 

Welcome to Maharaja Games, the freshest thing in children's entertainment! It is the Factory where textbook meets the joystick. Our elves work hard to chisel nifty little video Games that provide loads of fun for children while teaching them things that help them at school.It's up to you to rescue Aryaratta and help him get back his human form. . Free download of Skoolastica Science Adventures 1.0, size 62.61 Mb.

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