Gps Data Software

GDL - GPS Data Logger 1.0 Gpsdatalogger 

Gps Data LoggerLogs your Gps track information in NMEA standard format on a plain text file.This application will work with any standard Gps, on any Windows Mobile device (WinCE, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2005, Smartphone 2005) .

GDL - Gps Data Logger 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of GDL - GPS Data Logger 1.0, size 0 b.


GPS data tracks website generator 1.0 Gpsdb 

gpsdb automatically generates websites from your Gps track files, enabling you to quickly and easily share your Gps Data.

Gps Data tracks website generator 1.0 License - GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) . Freeware download of GPS data tracks website generator 1.0, size 0 b.

GPSU Batch File Converter 1.1 GPS Utility Ltd 

GPSU Batch File Converter is a tool that allows you to convert multiple files that contain Gps Data between formats. The program can open and save the Data to more than thirty file types.

This program is designed to use the processing power of the Gps Utility and add the option or converting multiple files in one operation.

GPSU Olex File Converter 1.02 GPS Utility Ltd 

GPSU Olex File Converter is a compact utility designed to help you convert OLEX files into Gps Data that is suitable for the Gps Utility.

The interface is very easy to use, you just need to select the file that you want to convert and the destination file.

. Free download of GPSU Olex File Converter 1.02, size 0 b.

Has GPS 1.0 Soft.Tahionic 

We strongly recommend you Gps Data checker! This freeware program does not require being installed or uninstalled. It doesn't need any DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, Java, Windows services packs or IE updates Just download the program and run it. It is really small and it has low requirements. Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. . Freeware download of Has GPS 1.0, size 1.06 Mb.

GPS Utility Import File Converter 1.31 GPS Utility Ltd 

Gps Utility Import File Converter is a conversion program that is designed to convert the Gps Data that is saved as TXT or CSV files. This tool was created mainly to save the extracted Data for the Gps Utility.

The program can open ASCII text files and produce a file that is suitable for import to Gps Utility (GPSU). Normally the files . Free download of GPS Utility Import File Converter 1.31, size 0 b.

GpsPrune 13.2 Build 244a Activity Workshop 

The Prune application was designed to be a tool for viewing, editing and converting coordinate Data from Gps systems. Basically it's a tool to let you play with your Gps Data after you get home from your trip.

Screenshot from a Linux system showing the map view and altitude profile. It can load Data from arbitrary text-based formats (for . Free download of GpsPrune 13.2 Build 244a, size 0 b.

Exif Pilot 3.4 Two Pilots 

View, create, and edit EXIF, EXIF Gps Data. Data export and import. . Free download of Exif Pilot 3.4, size 1.92 Mb.

GPS Pathfinder Office 5 20 Trimble Navigation Limited 

Powerful and easy to use Gps Data processing software

The Gps Pathfinder Office software is a powerful and easy-to-use software package of powerful GNSS postprocessing tools, incorporating the new Trimble DeltaPhase differential correction technology, ensuring your Data is consistent, reliable, and accurate.

. Freeware download of GPS Pathfinder Office 5 20, size 0 b.

e-Collaboration for GPS/DGPS 1.0 

The purpose of this software is to provide a GIS collaboration environment for the world over Internet, in which people can share and assess their measured Gps Data. . Freeware download of e-Collaboration for GPS/DGPS 1.0, size 501.63 Kb.

Vehicle tracking using GPS 1.0 Vehicletrackin 

It consists of a Gps receiver which sends Gps Data unit(consisting of the latitude, longitude and time) to a server. Data unit is stored on the server via mysql. The Data should b interfaced with Googlemaps & is displayed on a web browser(real time).

Vehicle tracking using Gps 1.0 License - GNU General Public License (GPL) . Freeware download of Vehicle tracking using GPS 1.0, size 0 b.

BT747 Application 2.0.3 Mario De Weerd 

BT747 Application is a useful application that was especially designed to help users manage Gps Data and devices tha are based on MTK chipsets.

The program can easily convert Gps position Data intro a variety of formats and it comes with many useful functions, neatly organized in many tabs in the main window.

. Freeware download of BT747 Application 2.0.3, size 0 b.

Bad Elf GPS 2.1.0 Bad Elf, LLC. 

This free app allows owners of the Bad Elf Gps and Gps Pro accessories to check the health of the accessory hardware, see the Gps Data being received, harvest trip logs from the Gps Pro, and install firmware updates as they become available.

Visit to learn more about the Bad Elf Gps and Gps Pro accessories, which add a . Freeware download of Bad Elf GPS 2.1.0, size 13.84 Mb.

MapSend Manager Magellan GPS 

Magellan MapSend Manager is an easy, free solution for organizing, converting and uploading your Gps Data from multiple applications to multiple Gps receivers. Keep your MapSend Maps, Waypoints and Routes organized so you can quickly find what you need.
The application stores your serial numbers, logins and personal profile so you always get . Freeware download of MapSend Manager, size 0 b.

GPSResults 6 96 M. Fuchs 

The GPSResults program can be used to calculate and evaluate the track-velocities from measured Gps-Data. First of all the Data (trackpoints) have to be read from your Gps, transferred to your computer, and saved as gpx-file.

The trackpoints can be downloaded from the Gps directly using GPSResults (only for Garmin Geko 201, Foretrex . Freeware download of GPSResults 6 96, size 2.06 Mb.

Bluewater Racing 1 6 2FB, Inc. 

Bluewater Racing lets you view and manipulate Grib files, competition management, route optimization, and Gps Data. A NMEA instrument panel and and support for currents in the performance and optimization calculations is in development, as well as support for the NOAA vector chart format.

Bluewater Racing exclusively uses high-quality, . Freeware download of Bluewater Racing 1 6, size 11.75 Mb.

Velocitek Control Center 2. 6. 4064 Velocitek 

The Velocitek Control Center is a free application for Windows and Mac OSX that lets you:

- Download Gps Data from your Velocitek device and launch single-boat replays using Gps Action Replay.
- Personalize the functionality of your SpeedPuck or SC-1 by disabling functions that you don’t need or that are prohibited by . Freeware download of Velocitek Control Center 2. 6. 4064, size 5.95 Mb.

GeoBuddy 3 87 TopoGrafix 

GeoBuddy is a complete geocaching solution that can display all of the geocaches in your area, as well as your own personal Gps Data, over USGS topo maps, aerial photos, your own scanned paper trail and road maps. A built-in Web browser lists all of the information about each geocache, including pictures and hints left by the cache owner, and logs . Free download of GeoBuddy 3 87, size 10.83 Mb.

PPP direct 1. 3. 2003 NRCan GSD 

PPP Direct is a PC desktop utility for submitting Gps Data files (RINEX) for CSRS-PPP processing.

Submit your Gps Data for PPP processing without logging on to the CSRS Online Database. PPP Direct lets you “drag and drop” single or multiple RINEX files onto a desktop icon where they are immediately submitted for . Freeware download of PPP direct 1. 3. 2003, size 6.42 Mb.

DG100 Util 1.0 

Tool to extract Data from a GlobalSat DG-100 Gps Data logger and store the Data in GPX format. It also can send configuration Data to the device, delete stored Data and switch the device to Gps-mouse mode. . Freeware download of DG100 Util 1.0, size 20.71 Kb.

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