Gpu Mining Software

Cudo Miner 0.9.3 Cudo Ventures 

Within the software and our user portal, we've developed a range of analytics to help you understand your Mining performance. Forecast your earnings, view historic earnings and transactions, track the number of referrals and earnings from referrals or monitor the status, health and hashrates of all your devices. Advanced settings let you adjust . Freeware download of Cudo Miner 0.9.3, size 62.90 Mb.


Data Mining Crawler 1.0 Orchid Box 

The Orchid Box Data Mining Tool enables any user to grab the data they want that is available online, whether it be images, html coding or just simple text content. It is a great tool to migrate your old site onto a new framework, or import stylings from other sites - all you have to do is set your filters and let the tool do the work!Mining deep . Free download of Data Mining Crawler 1.0, size 6.82 Mb.

Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar 5 1 NIOSH 

ARMPS (Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability) is software for designing pillars for room-and-pillar retreat Mining.

ARMPS calculates stability factors based on estimates of the loads applied to, and the load-bearing capacities of, pillars during retreat Mining operations. The program can model the significant features of most . Freeware download of Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar 5 1, size 13.01 Mb.

GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.4 oZone3d 

Gpu Caps Viewer is an OpenGL graphics card utility for Windows XP and Vista (32/64-bit). This tool offers the following features: quick view of the graphics configuration (graphics card / Gpu type, amount of video memory, drivers version).
Display of the main OpenGL capabilities (OpenGL version, texture size, number of texture units, etc.), . Freeware download of GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.4, size 0 b.

Text Mining Tool 1. 1. 1942 VP4 Software 

Text Mining Tool is a freeware program for extraction of text from files of the next types: pdf, doc, rtf, chm, html without need to have installed any other programs like Word, Arcrobat, etc. Its one of the most important features - simple and user-friendly interface with hotkeys available. It includes also the console tool minetext, which can be . Freeware download of Text Mining Tool 1. 1. 1942, size 8.80 Mb.

Mining Truck 1.0 

Mining Truck is a fun game in witch you are playing the role of a truck driver, your aim is to collect the stones from one side deliver them to the other side to the factory along a trick challenging road. but on the way make sure not to drop your the load. the fuller truck is delivers more the points. This game is fun and addicting so get your . Freeware download of Mining Truck 1.0, size 2.50 Mb.

Portable GPU Caps Viewer 1.16.0 Jerome Guinot 

Gpu Caps Viewer is a free and highly-featured tool that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card/Gpu including Gpu type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL API support level, OpenGL API extensions database and general system configuration, as well as a Gpu-Stress-Test functionality (Gpu-Burner). Furthermore, this software will . Freeware download of Portable GPU Caps Viewer 1.16.0, size 3.57 Mb.

Ultimate Bitcoin Miner 1.0 Ultimate Bitcoin Miner 

Ultimate Bitcoin Miner is a graphical frontend for Mining Bitcoins. It provides a convenient way to operate Bitcoin miners from a graphical interface. It supports both ATI and NVIDIA GPUs, as well as CPU Mining. It supports both pooled Mining and solo Mining, and embeds a list of Mining pools to choose from.

There are two basic ways to . Free download of Ultimate Bitcoin Miner 1.0, size 629.14 Kb.

Search and Mining Cassbeth Inc. 

Search and Mining is a handy application for the users who need to extract information from the files stored on the local hard drive. The program can perform advanced searches on your folders by using multiple parameters.

You can use this tool for identifying documents, articles or presentations on your computer. The program uses a . Free download of Search and Mining, size 0 b.

Fuzzy Mining Tool Cassbeth Inc. 

Fuzzy Mining Tool is a handy application that uses web-based technologies in order to analyze text documents and retrieve misspelled words. You can use the application to process the text files saved by optical character recognition programs.

The user can specify the word that needs to be extracted from the document and view the results . Free download of Fuzzy Mining Tool, size 0 b.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010 11.0.2100.60 Microsoft 

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010 (Data Mining Add-ins) helps you take advantage of SQL Server 2012 predictive analytics in Office Excel 2010cand Office Visio 2010. The download includes the following components:

Table Analysis Tools for Excel: This add-in provides easy-to-use tasks that leverage SQL . Free download of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010 11.0.2100.60, size 0 b.

GPU VSIPL 11 August 2009 Georgia Tech Research Institute 

Gpu VSIPL was specially developed as an implementation for the VSIPL Application Programming Interface.

Gpu VSIPL includes the complete Core Lite Profile, and most of the Core Profile. Gpu VSIPL targets Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) supporting NVIDIA's CUDA platform.

By leveraging processors capable of over a teraflop, . Free download of GPU VSIPL 11 August 2009, size 0 b.

GPU Computing SDK 4.1.28 NVIDIA 

The Gpu Computing SDK package provides examples with source code, utilities, and white papers to help you get started writing Gpu Computing software. The full SDK includes dozens of code samples covering a wide range of applications.

The OpenCL applications in the NVIDIA Gpu Computing SDK require a Gpu with CUDA Compute Architecture to . Free download of GPU Computing SDK 4.1.28, size 0 b.

GPU PerfStudio 2.7.833.2 Advanced Micro Devices Inc 

Gpu PerfStudio offers clear advantages to developers by cutting software development time and improving graphics quality.

Gpu PerfStudio 2 gives developers control with seamless workflow integration. Spend more time writing code and less time debugging. Identify performance and algorithm issues early in the development cycle, and meet . Free download of GPU PerfStudio 2.7.833.2, size 0 b.

GPU-SD 1.0.0 Stefan Eilemann 

Gpu-SD is library and daemon for the discovery and announcement of graphics processing units using ZeroConf. It enables auto-configuration of ad-hoc Gpu clusters and multi-Gpu machines.

Get Gpu-SD and give it a try to fully assess its capabilities!

. Free download of GPU-SD 1.0.0, size 0 b.

Mini Smart GPU Vizic Technologies 

Mini Smart Gpu is an easy to use and simple application that allows you to connect a USB-UART SX device to your computer using COM ports.

The application is very easy to use and provides you with a simple, clean interface. You can use it to draw different geometrical shapes onto the screen, adjust the LCD brightness, modify the display . Freeware download of Mini Smart GPU, size 0 b.

GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.57.2971 Advanced Micro Devices Inc 

Gpu ShaderAnalyzer is a tool for analyzing the performance of pixel, vertex, geometry, hull, domain and compute shaders for ATI Radeon graphics cards. It gives you accurate performance estimates for your shaders and even allows you to view disassembly of the generated hardware shader, all without having to run the application on actual hardware.

TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.77 TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 

TinyMiner is a stealthy, clever Eve Online Mining Bot that fills your Eve wallet with tons of ISK totally on AutoPilot! This all-around handy EVE Mining BOT includes the Ultimate Bonus Pack Collection of EVE Guides as well as the FREE "TinyMiner - Warp-To-Zero Hauler" for transporting all your mined ore! The new Market Trading and Assets . Free download of TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot 5.77, size 329.55 Kb.

The Query Tool 2005 6.0.1 Tyson Software Ltd. 

The Query Tool is a powerful data Mining application. It allows you to perform data analysis on any SQL database. It has been developed predominately for the non technical user. No knowledge of SQL is required, most actions are data driven. NEW features : Query Builder, quickly and simply build powerful queries to interrogate your data; Summary; . Free download of The Query Tool 2005 6.0.1, size 2.74 Mb.

Dataodyssey Express 2.0.16 Beta Andrei Evsikov 

Simple and powerful data Mining tool. Allows to: Operate data from heterogeneous sources (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DBF, VFP DBC, MS Access) using various access technologies (ODBC, IIS+XML+HTTP, RPC, RPC+IIS+XML+HTTP); Create and execute simple queries(missions); Structure Missions on the basis of the uniform interface element up to advanced . Free download of Dataodyssey Express 2.0.16 Beta, size 14.04 Mb.