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Atomic Email Hunter 4.60 AtomPark Software Inc. 

Internet marketing is becoming one of the highest return-on-the-investment strategies these days. Cheap and effective, targeted e-mail sending replaces those older marketing methods due to its fantastic reach and convenience. Acquiring e-mail addresses of your potential customers is a cornerstone of successful e-marketing. The possible ways of . Free download of Atomic Email Hunter 4.60, size 961.10 Kb.


Capture By George! 2.7 Svet-Soft 

Capture By George! is a screen capture program which is hardly rocket science but this one is so simple to use it’s perfect. A neat TV like remote control appears on the screen along with a square with rulers all round, all you do is drag and size the square with pixel accuracy to the bit you want to capture and press capture on the remote. . Free download of Capture By George! 2.7, size 1.02 Mb.

Screen OCR SDK Library 10.0 Binary Valley, Inc. 

Screen OCR SDK Library is a powerful, accurate and extremely fast OCR library for software developers who need to add optical character recognition functionality to their software projects. It works via the COM or DLL interfaces and is able to grab text from any program written in C++, VB.NET, C#, Delphi and any other which support COM or DLL. When . Free download of Screen OCR SDK Library 10.0, size 6.20 Mb.

Color Picker Pro 2.1 BinaryMark 

Pick single or multiple pixel colors anywhere on your screen in more than 25 formats with advanced and feature-rich color picker! The program supports picking colors from even dynamic content like DirectX.Its built-in color converter lets you convert colors from one color model/space/format to another easily. Color Picker Pro supports: RGB, HSB, . Free download of Color Picker Pro 2.1, size 269.94 Kb.

GrabXP 7.0 Axis Controls Limited 

Image Grabber and screen capture software, view and print. grab any user defined area from the computer screen and save it as an image file. (Or grab the whole screen if you wish). Images can be viewed, zoomed, flipped, rotated, saved to the clipboard, printed or saved as BMP or JPEG and then used in presentations or processed with other graphics . Free download of GrabXP 7.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Kleptomania 2.8 Structu Rise 

Two-click operation with any visible text on screen. Copy-paste where you weren't able or no need to copy-paste any more! It is simple as a wink. Capture and process text from any (even clipboard-unaware) application. Copy text onto clipboard, launch internet browser or email editor, sum numbers, count a number of words/characters. Process text of . Free download of Kleptomania 2.8, size 537.60 Kb.

Screen Scraping Library 3.1 Bridges Software, Inc 

Screen Scraping Library helps software developers integrate new projects with existing and legacy software by capturing text from all types of windows. With this library, it becomes possible to capture text from GUI and console windows, Web pages and graphical images, and even full-screen applications with fancy fonts. Text Scraping Library does . Free download of Screen Scraping Library 3.1, size 2.48 Mb.

NNC Audio Tools Package 1.2 NNC Media 

The NNC Audio Tools Package includes Audio Converter, Audio CD Burner, Audio Grabber and Voice Recorder.Audio Converter is a simple and convenient tool for converting audio files from one format to another. All major formats and codecs are supported. The built-in editor allows you to easily modify your audio files. You can also easily divide a file . Free download of NNC Audio Tools Package 1.2, size 9.48 Mb.

BDHImageCap 1.0 Bobby Design House 

BDH ImageCap is an image tool designed to grab still images from videos or camera. BDH ImageCap Supports MPG, AVI, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV and many more video types. BDH ImageCap Supports general USB Camera. It can preview every grabbed frame. It can save images to BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PGN formats.

Main features:
Preview video . Free download of BDHImageCap 1.0, size 5.28 Mb.

BDHSoft ImageCap 1.5 BDHSoft Design House 

BDHSoft ImageCap is an image tool designed to grab still images from videos or camera. BDHSoft ImageCap Supports MPG, AVI, DivX, XviD, ASF, WMV and many more video types. BDHSoft ImageCap Supports general USB Camera. It can preview every grabbed frame. It can save images to BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF and PGN formats.

Main features:

Boxoft Screen OCR 1.0 

You may be faced the problem with data on your PC screen you couldn't copy (such as read-only PDF). Blocking script didn't allow me to use the right mouse button. So you need a software that will save you from troubles like that.
BOXOFT SCREEN OCR is a fast desktop utility program that lets you to capture screen and convert screen text into . Free download of Boxoft Screen OCR 1.0, size 8.29 Mb.

NV Screen Capture New Vision Soft 

NewVisionSoft Screen capture is your best choice, if you would like to make a simple video presentation, record game scenario or send the video from the cam to your best friends. Attractive design (the newest technology from Microsoft was used), powerful functionality and our professional support make this product indispensable for business and . Free download of NV Screen Capture, size 514.56 Kb.

Free CD Ripper 2.0 Koyote Soft 

grab for free your Audio CDs tracks to MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV on your hard disk. CDDB support to automatically get Artist's name, album's title, track's titles... Free CD Ripper can burn Audio Bin/Cue. Simple, fast and effective. Free CD Ripper is completely free! just try it. . Freeware download of Free CD Ripper 2.0, size 412.67 Kb.

SoundGraffiti Dimmer 1.0 SoundGraffiti 

SoundGraffiti - all nuances of music in light.
Is a unique representingceful intelligent music light expose with DMX yield. The program convert input sound signal of microphone( line input) or winamp to yield signal representing DMX dimmer devices (Lamps, projectors and etc) . Free download of SoundGraffiti Dimmer 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Screen Grabber 3.0 Porpoise Media 

Easily capture and print your screen's contents and save the images to disk. Screen Grabber gives you the power to capture, print, and save entire screens and active windows. It's user configurable to give you flexible printing results. . Free download of Screen Grabber 3.0, size 1.59 Mb.

Free Flash Playlist Player 2.0 FLV Hosting 

Quick install

To install, just follow these steps:

Creat a folder on your webserver.
E.g. xmlplayer
Upload all files except the readme.txt to the folder
Upload your desired flv videos and rename to match the PLAYLIST.xml file .flv files
or, edit the PLAYLIST.xml file to suit the . Freeware download of Free Flash Playlist Player 2.0, size 11.26 Kb.

MWSnap Mirek Wojtowicz 

MWSnap is a small application that enables you to take snapshots from programs or any selected part of your screen. The program is free and very easy to use. It comes with hotkeys that will make it even easier to take a screenshot of any program, region and even of the entire screen. The captured areas can be saved to different image files. You . Freeware download of MWSnap, size 65.88 Mb.

NewZFinders 1.0.9 ZProDuCTioN 

NewZFinders is a Usenet search engine freeware, search file .NZB. NewZFinders is much faster than the search engines online with many more options and settings.

The application search on all groups of usenet available ( over 800 ). A simple interface (or advanced), to be searched by multiple criteria.

NewZFinders contains . Freeware download of NewZFinders 1.0.9, size 4.20 Mb.

WebPageSnapShot Demo 2.0 Tonec Inc 

The main purpose is to create a snapshot of a web page with URL. You can set image dimensions and save the image in BMP, Jpeg, GIF and PNG image formats. Also the component gets additional info about the page like Title, its text, links on the page, e-mails, HTML code, real URL. The samples included in the distribution file will let you start . Free download of WebPageSnapShot Demo 2.0, size 1.82 Mb.

Capture Express 2000 Insight Software Solutions, Inc. 

capture utility allowing you to capture images from the Internet, Screen Shots of programs and more! It brings unprecedented ease and functionality to the capturing of areas. Unlike other capture programs which do not permit you to move the 'grabber' once you start the capture, Capture Express allows you to toggle between a stretch mode . Freeware download of Capture Express 2000, size 0 b.

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Enables retrieval of images with dynamic / 'hidden' URLs.

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Mr. Grab Bar Inc, created by a physical therapist, provides grab bars, grab bar installation services, and bath safety products. Mr. Grab Bar is a nationally registered trademark. Mr. Grab Bar's...

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Grab your gun and some beers and take a trip to Killville, Mass.

A resource for creating clear, conversational news scripts that grab viewers' attention and create a lasting impact.

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Young creates colorful works using found objects, paint, books, bits of metal, pieces of wood, whatever he can grab hold of.

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Dozens of images from the British version of the game show, categorized by individual performers.