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PhotoEchoes 3.10.3 Juan Trujillo Tarradas 

PhotoEchoes is a digital Kaleidoscope that generates awesome animated images based on photographs stored in your computer. It can run as a stand alone program (windowed or full screen) or as a screensaver.It will scan your collection of photos (from the folders you choose) and pick images randomly. Then it will process the images to enhance them . Free download of PhotoEchoes 3.10.3, size 2.02 Mb.


Morpheus Photo Morpher 3.17 Morpheus Development 

This amazing picture morphing software transforms one person or object into another before your eyes! You've seen them on TV, in the movies, everywhere. Now you can create your very own Hollywood-style photo effects from your home computer. All you need is two digital pictures and Morpheus Photo Morpher. Amaze your friends and loved ones!

Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.17 Morpheus Development 

The all-in-one animation suite includes Morpheus Photo Morpher v3.17, Morpheus Photo Warper v3.17, Morpheus Photo Mixer v3.17, as well as all 15 sample morphs, warps, and mixes. If you like animation, you'll love Morpheus Photo Animation Suite!

Features include:
* Easy to use wizard to help you get started creating morphs, . Free download of Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.17, size 7.60 Mb.

Morpheus Photo Warper 3.17 Morpheus Development 

This incredible picture distortion software warps and exaggerates portions of photos such as body parts! Have you ever wanted to distort a picture to make someone look completely different? Use Morpheus Photo Warper to exaggerate physical features of friends, family, celebrities, politicians, pets - anyone or anything. Amaze your friends and loved . Free download of Morpheus Photo Warper 3.17, size 4.91 Mb.

Morpheus Photo Mixer 3.17 Morpheus Development 

Morpheus Photo Mixer is compositing software that mixes up faces and body parts between two photos. Place one person's head onto someone (or something) else's body or combine the funniest features of two people to create a hypothetical third person. Create hilarious photo mixes and share your wildest creations with your friends in seconds!

BastaPix 1.0 Basta Computing, Inc. 

BastaPix is an integrated collection of screen tools including a magnifier, a gauge, a screen copier, a color picker, a desktop ruler and a clipboard viewer. The program is advanced enough to cover the needs of professional designers and simple enough to accommodate casual users.

Use the magnifier to scrutinize portions of the desktop, . Free download of BastaPix 1.0, size 3.44 Mb.

The Juicer 3 85 Digital Juice, Inc. 

The Juicer is a free media management and conversion utility that supports all current Digital Juice products including all animation, sound effects/music, film/video clips and still graphics.

The Juicer lets you browse, preview, search and sort the tens of thousands of clips that make up the Digital Juice media library and then . Freeware download of The Juicer 3 85, size 200.87 Mb.

eyeon Fusion 6.20.897 eyeon Software 

Fusion 6.2 is a powerful VFX production application, long developed and mature. Feature rich and battle tested in the field on thousands of films and productions around the world. Versatile and extensive tool set makes it a complete working environment for artists and post production professionals . Free download of eyeon Fusion 6.20.897, size 58.37 Mb.

Serif PagePlus SE Serif 

The amazing Serif Page Plus offers you a variety of preset documents layouts to help you design profesional-looking documents from geetings cards, booklets to posters, banners and much more… With its table tool you can design stylish, high-impact tables and position them precisely in your documents. It´s very simple to present . Freeware download of Serif PagePlus SE, size 0 b.

Rooler Pete Blois 

Rooler is a set of utilities for pixel-perfect analysis and measurement of graphics. It was created for designers to aid common tasks such as redlining and analysis of layouts. Rooler uses the on-screen graphics and can be used for any graphics- from static images to HTML in your browser to the UI of a running application. Rooler was originally . Freeware download of Rooler, size 4.95 Mb.

Morpheus Photo Compressor 3.01 Morpheus Development 

Put an end to returned emails and slow-loading websites! With Morpheus Photo Compressor, optimizing your favorite images is as simple as adjusting two sliders — one for size and one for quality. You'll instantly see what the image will look like with those settings, how big the file will be, and how long it would take to download or email. You . Free download of Morpheus Photo Compressor 3.01, size 3.73 Mb.

eyeon Rotation 6 2 eyeon Software Inc. 

Rotation is designed specifically to team up with eyeon Fusion for film production pipelines. This suite of tools has been defined for the exacting demands of Rotoscoping, Keying and Retouching. The integrated scripting and bins system allow Rotation to plug together as part of the collaborative workflow. Large departmentalized film facilities can . Free download of eyeon Rotation 6 2, size 44.35 Mb.

HydroSHEDS Tools 2 1 WWF-CSP 

HydroSHEDS is a mapping product that provides hydrographic information for regional and global-scale applications in a consistent format. It offers a suite of geo-referenced data sets (vector and raster) at various scales, including river networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions, and flow accumulations. HydroSHEDS is based on . Freeware download of HydroSHEDS Tools 2 1, size 1.82 Mb.

Foton Messenger 7.0 deviantart 

Based off the Foton VS:
Foton Original WB skin
Foton MsStyle Port
Based the whole theme on light, the whole idea in the concept of “How can you see?”, the word foton comes from ancient greek, meaning light particle, all the mixes of colors generate white, therefore why the theme is mostly white, and the black . Freeware download of Foton Messenger 7.0, size 0 b.

Firefly SnapStream Media 

FireFly is a small, discreet application that sits in the top right hand corner of your screen. You can zoom around your PC dragging and dropping files as you go. With 2 stage GUI transition it doesn't get in the way when your browsing around. Small enough to be left in the corner, moved or resized. . Freeware download of Firefly, size 7.64 Mb.

SignTools 4 33 ISGI 

SignTools is the most powerful and easy to use sign making add-on for CorelDraw.
Not only does it allow you to cut vinyl graphics directly from Corel Draw, it also contains over 35 sign making tools, including many innovative tools not available in any other software. . Free download of SignTools 4 33, size 0 b.

Serif WebPlus SE Serif (Europe) Ltd 

The both powerful and useful Serif WebPlus SE is mostly used to create stunning websites for your business, home or school in just a few minute-without the need of any complicated HTML or other programming.The programme includes fonts, GIFs, scripts, and page backgrounds, and it offers WYSIWYG editing, comprehensive help, single click upload, code . Freeware download of Serif WebPlus SE, size 0 b.

ePlum Collector 1. 1. 2001 ePlum Software 

Utility to organize, view and manage a collection of favourite Desktop Wallpapers.
Simultaneously process 3 physical folders and 1 virtual one. Thumbnail preview and direct on-the-fly preview on the Desktop. Instantly set any image as Desktop Wallpaper. Assemble images as a source for the screensaver.
Support BMP, JPG, GIF. Three . Freeware download of ePlum Collector 1. 1. 2001, size 1.01 Mb.

Valhalla Panorama 1.0 deviantart 

In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those that die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries.
Valhalla has inspired various works of art, publication titles, popular culture references, and has become a term synonymous with a martial . Freeware download of Valhalla Panorama 1.0, size 17.78 Mb.

ComputerExpert 2007 Offshore Outsourcing Inc. 

ComputerExpert 2007 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help and tutorials. whether you are novice or veteran, while using computer you will meet all kinds of questions such as - Why my computer crashed for no reason at all ? How can the software which I used so good before goes on strike ? Why this game can not be . Freeware download of ComputerExpert 2007, size 0 b.

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