Help Commander Software

Little Voice Commander 1.35.01 Mouser 

Little Voice Commander is a nice application that was created to Help children and parents when it comes to learning letters and words.

The software is very easy to operate, in fact all the kid has to do is press a letter on the keyboard and a picture with a word beginning with that letter will be displayed in full screen. Little Voice . Free download of Little Voice Commander 1.35.01, size 0 b.


EF Commander Lite 5.1 EFSoftware 

EF Commander Lite for Windows is a file manager for the Windows desktop.If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program, which comes complete with bubble and online Help.Multilingual.This is the Lite version. A full Windows version and an OS/2 version are also available.Shareware, FREE Updates. . Freeware download of EF Commander Lite 5.1, size 782.34 Kb.

EF Commander OS/2-PM 2.36 EFSoftware 

EF Commander for OS / 2 is a complete file manager for the OS / 2 desktop.If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program, which comes complete with bubble and online Help. You can search directory trees and directories and perform actions, including Run, on files. You can also check file attributes and edit . Free download of EF Commander OS/2-PM 2.36, size 514.05 Kb.

Grid Commander New PSNC 

Grid Commander was designed as a simple and very easy-to-use file manager. You can quickly access all your files and folders with the Help of the two available panels.

Grid Commander is a tool that's been developed with the Help of the Java programming language and can run on multiple platforms.

. Free download of Grid Commander New, size 0 b.

Reminder Commander 4 Abaiko Software 

If you are a very busy person with a full working, family and social life, then you cannot go wrong with Reminder Commander. The program will Help you create a system of reminders for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, important phone calls and much more. Reminder Commander has been designed on the basis of user . Free download of Reminder Commander 4, size 5.92 Mb.

Avanquest Partition Commander 2 1 Avanquest 

Partition Commander helps you safely organize and protect your hard drive.
If you have important data, memories (music, photos and videos), applications or games on your PC, Partition Commander can Help you protect them in the event your operating system crashes. Partition Commander safely organizes your hard drive so that your favorite . Free download of Avanquest Partition Commander 2 1, size 26.74 Mb.

Media Commander Media Commander 

Media Commander is a special media-files manager, that has some great ability due to his multiple lists concept. Media Commander is a tool designed to Help you find and organize music, picture, video or any others files. Created especially for huge mp3/wav collection, this program can be very useful to find and remove unnecessary duplicate files, . Freeware download of Media Commander, size 5.00 Mb.

PowerShell - Script Commander Beta Kevin Pelgrims 

PowerShell - Script Commander is a handy and reliable utility designed to run PS scripts. You can simply load the script and see what parameters are available.

If you don't fully understand how the script works, you can press the Get-Help button to display the Help information in the outputbox

. Free download of PowerShell - Script Commander Beta, size 0 b.

Ashampoo Photo Commander [DISCOUNT] 9.00 Beta / 8.4 ashampoo GmbH and Co KG 

<span style="color: #ff0000"><strong>FD in association with Ashampoo offers you a special discount: Now, only from FD, you can buy Ashampoo Photo Commander with a <u>50% discount</u>. Take advantage of this opportunity and press the Buy Now button; you'll surely notice, the discount has been activated. For other . Free download of Ashampoo Photo Commander [DISCOUNT] 9.00 Beta / 8.4, size 0 b.

Alert Commander 3.1.100 Logitech 

Each Logitech Alert Master System comes with Logitech Alert Commander, a powerful desktop application for your PC that lets you configure your video security system, watch live video, store video on your PC and review recorded video.

Get Alert Commander and try it or yourself to see just how valuable its Help can be for monitoring your . Free download of Alert Commander 3.1.100, size 0 b.

JOC Print Commander 2.40 

JOC Print Commander 2.40, is a Real MUST HAVE utility for HP Lasers and Deskjets.

Key Features

* Saves an 75-80% of your paper bill
* Multiple file printing (Can print up 100 files in the same directory!)
* Great for printing documentation, source code, etc.
* In most cases a 70 K text file can be printed . Free download of JOC Print Commander 2.40, size 146.80 Kb.

Robo Commander 2.0 Free Shooting Games 

Robo Commander is great free shooting game. You are a Space robot that is under heavy attack from enemy spacecrafts. You need to protect yourself and your little space in this big Universe. The big laser gun will certainly Help. But without your shooting skills big gun is worth nothing. Move up and down forward and backward and aim with precision . Freeware download of Robo Commander 2.0, size 1.78 Mb.

ThumbsPlus Commander 2.0 Cerious Software, Inc. 

ThumbsPlus Commander is a command line utility which invokes ThumbsPlus to perform many common program functions (any function which can be performed via DDE).

Command line syntax for ThumbsPlus Commander:

tpcmd [<command>|-f <scriptfile>] -m -l <logfile> -v -s


<command> . Freeware download of ThumbsPlus Commander 2.0, size 31.46 Kb.

300: Rise of an Empire - Seize Your Glory Game 1.0 Warner Bros. 

Play 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE - SEIZE YOUR GLORY and Help Greek general Themistokles unite all of Greece by stopping the invading forces led by Artemisia, vengeful Commander of the Persian navy. ?

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, A new chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh - battlefield - on the sea - starring Sullivan Stapleton, . Freeware download of 300: Rise of an Empire - Seize Your Glory Game 1.0, size 73.40 Mb.

Chief Chompers 1.0.0 Marcus McConnell 

Help President Obama, Commander in Chief, chomp through a world filled with adversaries like Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and more. Gather all the money, votes, fame and hamburgers you can chomp! If you're luck you might grab a beer or even cast a spell on your enemies with your favorite teleprompter. . Freeware download of Chief Chompers 1.0.0, size 80.85 Mb.

Guard Of The Kingdom 1.0 Qin Chen 

Giants and Dwarves TD Giants and Dwarves TD The kingdom is under the attack of huge devastating giants and relentless waves of enemies. The kingdom needs a great Commander to defend his king with the Help of his loyal soldiers!!! . Free download of Guard Of The Kingdom 1.0, size 18.35 Mb.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 14.0.3 ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG 

The new Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 is the universal solution to view, edit and organize your photos. Various filter and group settings Help you keep track even of huge photo collections and allow you to perform multiple image optimizations and conversions in parallel either manually or automatically. Creating calendars, collages and greeting cards . Free download of Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 14.0.3, size 306.99 Mb.

DC Help Authority 1 EgyFirst Software , inc 

Help Authority is a COM based component that allows you to assign a sensitive Help for every control in within your form or even every column in your grid Help Authority may be used with any developing language support COM based application like Visual Basic,Visual C++,Borland C++,Delphi and others .. EgyFirst has done a lot of work for you. now . Free download of DC Help Authority 1, size 1.08 Mb.

Calendar Commander 2.11 Briggs Softworks 

Calendar Commander is a versatile calendar printing program for Windows. Customize and print any of the many ready-to-use calendars included or design your own from scratch using the built-in editor. Include your own photos to make attractive wall calendars for yourself or as gifts for friends and family. Calendar Commander has extensive support . Free download of Calendar Commander 2.11, size 2.51 Mb.

AB Commander Classic Edition 6.7 WinAbility Software Corporation 

AB Commander is a powerful yet easy to use tool that lets you manage your files and folders using the convenient dual-panel user interface (pioneered in Norton Commander), while maintaining close integration with the standard Windows shell. |It-s just a very good file-management tool that puts Explorer to shame| - ZDNet / review. AB . Free download of AB Commander Classic Edition 6.7, size 1.16 Mb.