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HEX calc pro 1.00 sudoteck 

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HEX calc pro is a calculator for Developer .
This APP can use not only 64Bit- HEX ,int(64Bit) DEC but olso Floating value .

Other PRO calculator has HEX, DEC, Scientific ( float) MODE and function. But that need to change MODE on calculating . So sometime you must Re-Enter numbers .

This APP use value as Floating value . . Free download of HEX calc pro 1.00, size 209.72 Kb.


Prox Card - Access Card Calculator 1.0 Philip Domenici 

Mobile \ Utilities

Have a "naked" access card or fob and need to determine its appropriate number and facility code? If you're able to extract the binary or hexadecimal value then Prox Card will do the rest.

Prox Card works one of two ways:
by inputting the raw binary value of the card or by inputting the hex equivalent.

To use . Free download of Prox Card - Access Card Calculator 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

Chinese Name PINYIN 1.3 xiaohui qi 

Mobile \ Business

*If you also need to know the Japanese HIRAGANA of these Chinese Names, Please check the "Chinese-Japanese Name reference".

Thank you for choosing our application "Chinese Name PINYIN".It's beautiful. It's functional. It's a must have application for learn Chinese names.

This application is designed to show . Freeware download of Chinese Name PINYIN 1.3, size 1.15 Mb.

Hex Poker 1.1.1 Rividian 

Mobile \ Games

Hex Poker is a completely *original* game that mixes traditional poker with the mechanics of "matching" games on a novel hex-grid layout.

--= Features =--

- Simple to understand rules, but careful strategy is needed if you wish to go far.
- Intuitive color scheme and graphics.
- No more boring square grids, . Freeware download of Hex Poker 1.1.1, size 7.86 Mb.

2048 Hex - Match Numbers Puzzle Free 1.0.2 Spiral Code Studio 

Mobile \ Games

2048 Hex 2048 like game on Hexagonal board
If you like 1024 or 2048, you will definitely like this game better!

A smart but simple puzzle game about Hexes, Colors and LEDs.
Each Hex tile consists of Three Color components: 1 - red, 2 - green, 3 -blue.
Combine two Hex tiles of the same color with a simple swipe!

About Your Value 1.0.1 AmuseInc. 

Mobile \ Entertainment

About Your Value

This is a diagnostic game which will calculate your true value by just answering 20 questions.
So, how much do you worth? Aim for top world ranking!


-Your value will be calculated from answering the 20 questions.
-Your personality, way of thinking, etc. will also be diagnosed.

Celotex U-value Calculator 1.00 Silverleaf Software Limited 

Mobile \ Business

This professional calculator allows you to specify your desired U-value and it will immediately calculate the required insulation thickness and product. With even more wall, floor and roof applications included it will help offer you instant solutions. . Freeware download of Celotex U-value Calculator 1.00, size 524.29 Kb.

Centimental Value Calculator 1.0.2 OGILVYONE VIETNAM CO.,LTD 

Mobile \ Utilities

The Big Orange Centimental Value Calculator is the only app that allows you to determine an objects emotional worth. Input your beloved object and answer a series of questions to convert your sentimental value into dollars and cents. . Freeware download of Centimental Value Calculator 1.0.2, size 15.31 Mb.

Easy Value 1.0 abhijit choudhary 

Mobile \ Finance

Tap a formula, type the company and see the intrinsic value. No messing around with Excel sheets or mining for data. Valuing stocks, made easy.

EasyValue calculates the intrinsic value of any stock using the formula of your choice, gathering all necessary data automatically. On top of intrinsic value calculations, EasyValue offers key . Free download of Easy Value 1.0, size 314.57 Kb.

E*Value PxDx Case Logger 5.4 E*Value 

Mobile \ Medical

The PxDx Case Logger application is designed to complement all web users of the E*Value healthcare education solution.

PxDx Case Logger for the iPhone is used within various healthcare education and clinical settings. Core users include residents, as well as physician assistant, pharmacy, nursing and medical students wanting to quickly . Freeware download of E*Value PxDx Case Logger 5.4, size 209.72 Kb.

Hex-O-Matic 2.0 Richard Joffray 

Mobile \ Productivity

This a perfect companion for any Graphic Designer or Web Designer as a reference. Information about colors is provided by a list that displays the RGB, CMYK and Hex as a cross-reference approximation.

This will get you started with agreeing with your client, spouse or vendor as to which color might be close to what everyone wants.

Hex Online Free 1.1 Jordan Homan 

Mobile \ Games


Hex is a classic strategy board game invented in the 1940's by Piet Hein. The objective of Hex is to create a complete path from one side of the board to its opposite side before your opponent does.

- Sign in with your Facebook account and play against your friends online.
- Alternatively sign . Freeware download of Hex Online Free 1.1, size 14.58 Mb.

Hexx - Ribbons on a Hex Board 1.0 MmpApps Corp. 

Mobile \ Games

Complete ribbons on a hex board.

Totally free. No in-app purchases.

Place tiles one-at-a-time onto a hexagonal grid. Try to complete like-colored ribbons either vertically or on the diagonals.

Increase your multiplied by completing ribbons in different direction or of all the colors. . Freeware download of Hexx - Ribbons on a Hex Board 1.0, size 15.62 Mb.

Hex Blitz 1.0.2 una 

Mobile \ Games

Hex Blitz is a pure, minimal puzzle game.


- Simple, fun drag-and-drop controls
- Simple graphics & Sound


- Five combo add the Turn and the final blitz count strike event.


- add on new event mode : FINAL BLITZ

- FINAL BLITZ is final attack by . Freeware download of Hex Blitz 1.0.2, size 27.58 Mb.

Hex - board game 1.1 Drei HD 

Mobile \ Games

HEX Game.

The rule is very simple.
The players put his own color stones alternately.
The player which connects his own colors wins. . Freeware download of Hex - board game 1.1, size 209.72 Kb.

Hex (board game) 1.0 Gianfranco Mazzucato 

Mobile \ Games

Hex is a strategy board game played on a hexagonal grid, theoretically of any size and several possible shapes, that belongs to the general category of "connection" games.

The game was invented by the Danish mathematician Piet Hein, who introduced it in 1942 at the Niels Bohr Institute. It was independently re-invented in 1947 . Freeware download of Hex (board game) 1.0, size 1.15 Mb.

Henderson Present Value Calculator 1.1 Henderson Structured Settlements 

Mobile \ Utilities

The Henderson Structured Settlements Present Value Calculator tool assists in determining the value of a personal injury award.

In addition to the Present Value Calculator, the app also includes a Life Expectancy Calculator which calculates both a person's average life expectancy and a person's "working life to age 65" . Freeware download of Henderson Present Value Calculator 1.1, size 419.43 Kb.

Hex Nash 1.0.1 Jeffrey Vanneste 

Mobile \ Games

Play the board game of Hex against your friends. Hex Nash is an abstract strategy game similar to game Go. Your goal is to create a connected path of your hexes joining your two sides of the board together. Hex Nash will never end in a tie.

- Turn-based online play lets you play up to 4 games simultaneously
- Play . Free download of Hex Nash 1.0.1, size 11.74 Mb.

Hex-n-Spell 01.04 Appracatappra, LLC. 

Mobile \ Games

If you like crosswords, you'll love Hex-n-Spell, a new twist on an old favorite. Take your wordplay to a new dimension and spell words in three fun directions. Overlay existing tiles to form new words. Discover hidden, magic multipliers and take your score to the next level! Get definitions on all words played*.

*-Hex-n-Spell includes a . Free download of Hex-n-Spell 01.04, size 42.47 Mb.

HEX - A minimal puzzle game 1.0.0 ChimpWorks 

Mobile \ Games

HEX is a sleek, fast-paced puzzle game that is easy to pick up and play at any moment.

Create groups of same-colored hexagons to remove them from the board and earn points. How many points can you earn in 60 seconds?

- Easy to pick up and play.
- Ideal for short & quick gameplay sessions.
- Easy to learn, . Freeware download of HEX - A minimal puzzle game 1.0.0, size 4.93 Mb.

Hex and Ascii Tables 1.0 AEC Electronics 

Mobile \ Utilities

'Hex and Ascii Tables' for iPhone and iPod touch provides a great reference to programmers and electronics engineers.

The HEX screen shows all 16 hexadecimal numbers and their corresponding decimal and binary representations.

The ASCII screen shows the 128 ASCII codes with references to both their hex and decimal values.

Hex Blitz 2 1.0.2 una 

Mobile \ Games

Hex Blitz 2 is a pure, minimal puzzle game.
Upgrade game performance.


- Simple, fun drag-and-drop controls
- Simple graphics & Sound
. Freeware download of Hex Blitz 2 1.0.2, size 25.17 Mb.

Hex Calc - simple pocket calculator 2.0.582 Hiroki Ishiura 

Mobile \ Utilities

Hex Calc is a simple pocket calculator for IT programmers.

* Arithmetic operations. (add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulo)
* Logical operations. (not, and, or, xor, '+', '-')
* Logical operations. (bit shift/rotate, bit set/clear, flip bit/byte order)
* Memory operations. (clear, save, load, swap)
* . Free download of Hex Calc - simple pocket calculator 2.0.582, size 419.43 Kb.

Hex Calculator Pro for iPad 1.0 G.P. Imports, Inc. 

Mobile \ Utilities

? HEX calculator, (We will release regular calculator with same features soon!).
? This app is perfect for IT students.
? Arithmetic operations such as: (add/subtract,multiply and divide)
? You can make a HUGE full screen calculator if you desire.
? Integer based.
? You can access unlimited values in memory, they will be . Free download of Hex Calculator Pro for iPad 1.0, size 1.78 Mb.

Hex Color Clock 1.0 Rasmus Larsen 

Mobile \ Utilities

This is a clock for all of you designers out there! The clock shows the current time - in hex color code!

And to top it all off, it also shows the actual color of the time!

This is a 24-hour clock (no AM or PM). . Freeware download of Hex Color Clock 1.0, size 209.72 Kb.

Hex - Color Clock 1.0 Kyle Horn 

Mobile \ Utilities

Awesome app for any designer, or anyone who wants to tell time. It displays the time in hex, and changes the background color to match the current time.

Also features a full hex range mode which allows you to view both the true hex color for the time, and the adjusted hex color time to sow the full range of colors.

There is an . Freeware download of Hex - Color Clock 1.0, size 104.86 Kb.

Hex Color Match 1.0 Lucia Piriz 

Mobile \ Games

Hex Color Match is an addictive puzzle game.
Try it now, it is FREE!

- Tap on groups of 2 or more hexagons of the same color
- Clear as many as you can in a group to get more points

How may points can you score? Let's see! . Freeware download of Hex Color Match 1.0, size 14.16 Mb.

Hex Connect: A Brain & Puzzle Match-3 Game 1.0 Tony Dinh 

Mobile \ Games

Hex Connect is an evolution of the classic "Match-3" genre, It is easy to learn but hard to master. Match 3 or more colorful hexes to earn points in 2 modes: Moves mode & Timed mode.
Timed mode tests your reflex and quick thinking. The goal is simple: connect as many same colored hexes as you can in 90 seconds.
Moves mode . Freeware download of Hex Connect: A Brain & Puzzle Match-3 Game 1.0, size 33.97 Mb.

Hex Dash 1.1 eyad ayesh 

Mobile \ Games

Are you ready for some Hex Dash? Color matching and hand coordination mixed with cognitive enhancing mechanics.

As you progress thru each level, you will than have to put on your Hex Dash hat and hold on because your going to be color matching like crazy with fast speeds and hand coordination's! . Free download of Hex Dash 1.1, size 13.84 Mb.

HEX Editor Lite 1.0 aZeR DiLLs 

Mobile \ Utilities

** Featured in Editor's Picked by Best10Apps.com **

HEX Editor Lite version is similar to HEX Editor App but without the built-in web-downloader feature. It allows you to view & edit the raw data contents of a file. The data of the file are represented in two columns; hexadecimal paired values & ASCII characters. Lite version . Free download of HEX Editor Lite 1.0, size 3.98 Mb.