High School Software

ChemLab 2.6.2 Model Science Software 

Whether your challenge is to introduce new computer technology to your curriculum, or bring the lab experience to on-line students or a need for an alternative to dangerous, expensive or environmentally hazardous labs, then Model ChemLab is the classroom proven solution for you.

Model ChemLab originated from academic work in computer . Free download of ChemLab 2.6.2, size 4.14 Mb.


Student Response Network Parallel Divergence Software 

If your school or training center has a computer classroom with a projector, then you really should add Student Response Network to make it a real powerhouse of learning. There are so many educational advantages when using audience response systems. With Student Response Network, you'll quickly find that it costs a tiny fraction of the price of . Free download of Student Response Network, size 730.11 Kb.

Gauss 2.0 Walter Milner 

Displays lines and surfaces defined algebraically in 3D space in many forms, including z=f(x,y), cylindrical polar coordinates, and parametric definitions with one (giving a line) and two (surface) parameters. View controls move the viewpoint through 3D space, using keyboard and mouse. There are options to display a surface, a mesh or a . Freeware download of Gauss 2.0, size 985.09 Kb.

Symmetries 1.2 Nyassa 

Amazingly enough, a very different new board game was still possible.

Symmetries includes 2 options or sub games.

The program places at random checkers of few different types in the cells of a grided board. The shape of the board may be chosen from three types: a square, a triangle or an hexagon. The density of the grid . Free download of Symmetries 1.2, size 3.11 Mb.

MB Free Dowsing 1.0 MysticBoard.com 

Dowsing has been one of the most ancient forms of divination since time unknown; it is also referred to as the water witching or divining. MB Free Dowsing Software is an advanced yet simple to use dowsing software. This software lets people record their dowsing experiences and also explains the meanings of the different symbols that occur in one?s . Freeware download of MB Free Dowsing 1.0, size 1.60 Mb.

Fractions n Decimals CE 5.3 BREAKTRU SOFTWARE 

Now there are two programs in one. One that can Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions and another that can convert a decimal to a fraction or a fraction to a decimal. It's a breeze with 'Fractions'. Quick and easy interface. No confusing menus. Many fraction programs only convert fractions to a decimal. This unique program converts decimals . Free download of Fractions n Decimals CE 5.3, size 1.84 Mb.

Pretty In Pink 2 78 Legacy Interactive 

Pretty in Pink will entertain you with a great variety of tasks and challenges. Sometimes you must find a list of hidden objects, some other time you must match pairs, find clues, match music CD´s with their boxes, make your own food with a recipe, spot differences and solve puzzles. Challenge will always be different, you won't get . Free download of Pretty In Pink 2 78, size 87.89 Mb.

EZBook Desktop 12.0.0 Walters's Publishing 

EZBook Desktop is easy to use, it helps ensure an error free Book.
Portrait pages are quickly and easily assembled using EZBook and a school’s PSPA images supplied by their school photographer. Images are automatically alphabetized and organized by class or grade and can be easily updated as necessary. With built-in safeguards to . Freeware download of EZBook Desktop 12.0.0, size 207.28 Mb.

All-Pro Software StatTrak for Baseball 10.0.0043 All-Pro Software 

StatTrak for Baseball & Softball is a complete stats program loaded with options but yet very easy to use. Track and calculate over 100 stats for batting, pitching, and fielding. Ideal for keeping records for teams or leagues.

You'll have great looking stat reports in minutes. Add your team roster, then add a game and enter . Free download of All-Pro Software StatTrak for Baseball 10.0.0043, size 14.43 Mb.

All-Pro Software Tournament Scheduler 5.0.0021 All-Pro Software 

With All-Pro Software Tournament Scheduler you can create tournament charts and schedules for single elimination, double elimination, Pool Play, Round-Robin, and Consolation. Add teams or players, available locations, and seed your tournament. You can quickly view, edit and print your tournament brackets. . Free download of All-Pro Software Tournament Scheduler 5.0.0021, size 10.86 Mb.

eReviewBook 3.0.350 BrainMatriX, Inc. 

Read your material, marking all key words and concepts as you go. (This is the first round of memorization.) For every key word and concept that you mark, create a question in eReviewBook, and write the answer. (This second round of memorization reinforces the concept in your memory.) Test yourself with the questions you have created, and let . Free download of eReviewBook 3.0.350, size 11.22 Mb.

ClassRoom GradeBook 8.20.1000 ClassRoom GradeBook 

ClassRoom GradeBook (former ClassRoom Windows) is a Windows 9x/XP and Vista Freeware program for teachers. It is designed to make your record keeping and grading much easier. Version 8 features a new active main screen from which many program functions can be easily performed. In the program, you can create your class files with an unlimited number . Freeware download of ClassRoom GradeBook 8.20.1000, size 4.62 Mb.

Exambusters 1.0 Exambusters 

Cutting edge - the only series of its kind. User - friendly software - simple for all ages to explore. Study cards are displayed on the screen, one at a time, and can be eliminated from the stack just like printed cards. The Screensaver Mode displays a new question and answer every few seconds in random order. Learn subliminally! Finally, the test . Free download of Exambusters 1.0, size 2.25 Mb.

EXAMGEN 4. 5. 2008 EDA,JSC 

Since 1987, Examgen has been creating question banks for educators with quality questions in Math, Science, and Social Studies. The Examgen test generator included with the main question banks makes creating tests, quizzes, homework, and worksheets easy and fast, saving educators hours of time. With over 100,000 questions in Math, Science, and . Free download of EXAMGEN 4. 5. 2008, size 23.59 Mb.

MS Word High School Resume Template Software 7.0 Sobolsoft 

This software offers a solution for users who need to create a basic resume. By quickly working through the pertinent data such as name and address, you can spend quality time on important fields such as skills and abilities. All data is automatically formatted into an easy-to-read print ready document. This software will save you time by . Free download of MS Word High School Resume Template Software 7.0, size 866.30 Kb.

CMZ2 Worksheet Generator for Math 1.7 Vaxa Software 

CMZ2 Magic Worksheet Generator for Mathematics for Windows has a powerful Wizard to help you Create your own custom Worksheets - Statistics and Probability - Graphing functions - Integrals - Functions, derivatives and limits calculations - Trigonometry - Analytic Geometry of the Plane and Space - Numbers calculations - Polynomials and algebraic . Free download of CMZ2 Worksheet Generator for Math 1.7, size 3.39 Mb.

CMZ2 Problems Creator for Mathematics 1.7 Vaxa Software 

CMZ2 Magic Problems Creator for Mathematics for Windows has a powerful Wizard to help you Create your own custom problems collections. - Statistic and Probability - Integrals - Functions, derivatives and limits calculations - Trigonometry - Analytic Geometry of the Plane and Space - Numbers calculations - Polynomials and algebraic fractions - . Free download of CMZ2 Problems Creator for Mathematics 1.7, size 2.29 Mb.

Visual Mathematics 1 VirtualDynamics Org 

Visual Mathematics is a highly interactive visualization software (containing -at least- 68 modules) addressed to high school, College and University students. This is a very powerful tool that helps to learn and solve problems by the hundreds in a very short time. Included areas: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry and . Free download of Visual Mathematics 1, size 2.00 Mb.

Curvilinear 1 VirtualDynamics Org 

Curvilinear: Easy Learning Plane Analytic Geometry An Intuitively-Easy-To-Use visual interactive software, oriented to overcome the abstraction that exists in the Plane Analytic Geometry (PAG), this is a tool that makes it easy to learn and master the PAG, the user is allowed to literally "see" the mathematics while carrying out . Free download of Curvilinear 1, size 629.14 Kb.

Panageos 1 VirtualDynamics Org 

Panageos: This is a powerful Plane Analytic Geometry Problem Solver and Visualizer. Panageos is oriented to the intensive solution of problems on Plane Analytic Geometry The main feature of Panageos is its power to read the user's equations and interpret them, for this reason the data input is exclusively through the keyboard (coefficients of . Free download of Panageos 1, size 702.54 Kb.