Highlighting Mac Software

phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD 0.4.1 phpbb.com 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

geshi-phpbb provides a MOD for phpBB for syntax highlighting, using the GeSHi syntax highlighter. It features customised styling for source, caching and line numbering, an easy installer and more. Authored by the GeSHi creator. . Freeware download of phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD 0.4.1, size 189.80 Kb.


SHJS (Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript) 0.6 shjs.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Documentation

SHJS (Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript) is a JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents. Documents using SHJS are highlighted on the client side by the web browser. . Freeware download of SHJS (Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript) 0.6, size 163.77 Kb.

XSLT syntax highlighting 1.0 Xslthl 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This is an implementation of syntax highlighting as an extension module for XSLT processors (Xalan, Saxon), so if you have e.g. article about programming written in DocBook, code examples can be automatically syntax highlighted during the XSLT processing phase.

XSLT syntax highlighting 1.0 License - zlib/libpng License . Freeware download of XSLT syntax highlighting 1.0, size 68.37 Kb.

Databrid 1.6 Datarid 

Development \ Database

Databrid is a Database tool for Oracle and/or MySql databases that is suited to all levels of users. Databrids core functionality is based around a main set of tabs that allow access to the following areas: SQL Editor, Database Browser, File Processing, Active/Inactive Jobs and Help. The application (apart from the help) supports English, Spanish, . Freeware download of Databrid 1.6, size 5.52 Mb.

ANTLR-Mode for Emacs 2.2 antlr-mode.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The Emacs package ANTLR-Mode provides: syntax highlighting for ANTLR grammarfiles, automatic indentation, menus containing rule/token definitions andsupported options and various other things like running ANTLR from withinEmacs. . Freeware download of ANTLR-Mode for Emacs 2.2, size 31.94 Kb.

Basic Parser Generator 0.1 basicgenerator.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A simple way to create a syntax highlighting editor for a custom language/grammar and/or create custom grammar parsers. This is a .NET project written in C#. See details here: http://acct001.com/wordpress/?p=190 . Freeware download of Basic Parser Generator 0.1, size 660.07 Kb.

Colorer Library colorer.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Colorer provides source text syntax highlighting services. It colorizes source codes in editor systems (more than 200 syntaxes). Uses powerful HRC format(XML, RE, context free grammas), allowing to support any language. Available as Eclipse plugin. . Freeware download of Colorer Library, size 1.96 Mb.

CsoundQt rc qutecsound.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

CsoundQt, formerly called QuteCsound, is a cross platform editor and front-end for Csound with real-time graphical control, syntax highlighting, interactive help and automatic launching of Csound from a shell or the API. It can open files created in MacCsound. . Freeware download of CsoundQt rc, size 9.40 Mb.

Eclipse Json Editor Plugin 0.9.4 eclipsejsonedit.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The JSON Editor is a simple plugin for the Eclipse IDE that provides: - Color text highlighting - An Outline Tree view - JSON validation - Text formatting - Text folding for the JSON data format. . Freeware download of Eclipse Json Editor Plugin 0.9.4, size 88.60 Kb.

Emacs MMIX mode 0.1 mmix-mode.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

MMIX synthax highlighting mode for Emacs; based on Emacs\' nasm-mode written by Per Lundberg . Freeware download of Emacs MMIX mode 0.1, size 4.86 Kb.

Hippie Occurrences 1.0.12 hippie-occur.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

This is a plugin that enables the highlighting of equal words in the Eclipse editor. It is similar to the mark occurrences feature of the Eclipse-JDT but does not consider semantic relationships. Handy when using languages other than Java (e.g. C++). . Freeware download of Hippie Occurrences 1.0.12, size 28.41 Kb.

java2web b.1.0 ahristov.com 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

java2web is a java to html source code converter which a wide array of features, including CSS customization, outline generation, automatic javadoc liking, selective highlighting and a lot more. . Freeware download of java2web b.1.0, size 134.26 Kb.

JavaScript Editor PlugIn for Eclipse 0.0.9 jseditor.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

The project is an Eclipse plugin that provides an editor for JavaScript files with syntax highlighting and outlining including some common OO approaches. Supported OO outline features are: Constructor, Class methods, Instance methods, Class variables etc . Freeware download of JavaScript Editor PlugIn for Eclipse 0.0.9, size 191.95 Kb.

JUSH - JavaScript Syntax Highlighter 1.11.0 jush.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

JUSH is a syntax highlighting component written in JavaScript. It highlights HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL code embedded into each other. Beside syntax highlighting, it provides links to the documentation for all supported languages. . Freeware download of JUSH - JavaScript Syntax Highlighter 1.11.0, size 167.40 Kb.

Midi Sheet Music 1.0 midisheetmusic.sourceforge.net 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

Midi Sheet Music is a free program that plays MIDI music files while highlighting the piano notes and sheet music notes. Works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux. . Freeware download of Midi Sheet Music 1.0, size 803.82 Kb.

PL/B support in jEdit 0.1 plb4jedit.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Plb4jEdit adds IDE like behaviour (syntax highlighting, plugins, macros, console commandos for compile & run/debug, code completion, source structure view via SideKick-Plugin) for the programming language PL/B (e.g. http://www.sunbelt-plb.com) to the ope . Freeware download of PL/B support in jEdit 0.1, size 96.03 Kb.

RSyntaxTextArea 2.0.3 fifesoft.com 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

RSyntaxTextArea is a syntax highlighting text component written in Swing. . Freeware download of RSyntaxTextArea 2.0.3, size 1.06 Mb.

Stani's Python Editor 1.0 pythonide.stani.be 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

SPE is a python IDE with auto indentation&completion,call tips,syntax coloring&highlighting,uml viewer,class explorer,source index,todo list,pycrust shell,file browsers,drag&drop,Blender support.Spe ships with wxGlade,PyChecker and Kiki. . Freeware download of Stani's Python Editor 1.0, size 1.08 Mb.

Text Analysis Tool 1.0 t-a-t.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Components and Libraries

TAT is a tool to aid in producing a list of Actors, Use Cases, Candidate Classes and Attributes from a plain text file of a statement of requirements by highlighting words and clicking on the appropriate button or menu item. Results saved as text or XML. . Freeware download of Text Analysis Tool 1.0, size 640.71 Kb.

Text::Highlight 0.04 texthighlight.sourceforge.net 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

A language-neutral syntax highlighting module in Perl. Can be based off syntax files for popular text/code editors or custom parsing modules for a specific language. . Freeware download of Text::Highlight 0.04, size 49.67 Kb.