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TMS IDE Rich Clip TMS Software 

IDE plugin to copy source code with syntax highlighting to the clipboard

<b>Feature overview:</b>

Copy selected source code in IDE editor as rich text
Copy selected source code in IDE editor as HTML formatted text
Automatically retrieves IDE syntax highlighting color settings
Free plugin for Delphi . Freeware download of TMS IDE Rich Clip, size 440.40 Kb.


Java Tail GUI 1.0-rc1 Black Flag 

Java based GUI implementation of *nix "tail -f" functionality for multiple log files.


* View multiple text files in tabbed pane
* changes to files appended to display in ~1sec intervals
* changes appended to display with timestamps
* restore last session functionality
* search term . Freeware download of Java Tail GUI 1.0-rc1, size 52.43 Kb.

PLT Scheme (formerly DrScheme) Source code for Windows 4.2 PLT Scheme Inc 

PLT Scheme is an interactive, integrated, graphical programming environment for the Scheme, MzScheme, and MrEd programming languages.

PLT Scheme provides source highlighting for syntax and run-time errors, support for multiple language levels, an algebraic stepper, objects, modules, a GUI library, TCP/IP, unicode, and much more. It . Freeware download of PLT Scheme (formerly DrScheme) Source code for Windows 4.2, size 18.42 Mb.

CodeSMART 2009 for VB6 AxTools 

CodeSMART 2009 for VB6 is a multi-purpose add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic versions 5.0 and 6.0. You can find below a non-exhaustive list of features - please download the evaluation setup kit for a thorough analysis.

CodeSMART 2009 for VB6 is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic with which you can locate , organize and build Visual . Free download of CodeSMART 2009 for VB6, size 10.60 Mb.

Diffuse for Windows Derrick Moser, Henri Menke 

Diffuse is a graphical tool for merging and comparing text files. Diffuse is able to compare an arbitrary number of files side-by-side and gives users the ability to manually adjust line-matching and directly edit files. Diffuse can also retrieve revisions of files from Bazaar, CVS, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, RCS, Subversion, and SVK . Freeware download of Diffuse for Windows, size 6.82 Mb.

UltraEdit Portable IDM Computer Solutions Inc 

UltraEdit Portable is the portable version of developed to be able to run from a USB flash drive or any other portable device. One of the advantages of this version is the fact that it doesn't leave any left over files or registry entries on the computer being optimized.

UltraEdit Portable is a text, HTML and hexadecimal . Free download of UltraEdit Portable, size 12.43 Mb.

Oceantiger's Editor 3.6 Oceantiger Software 

Edit Java, html, xml, perl, php, css and text documents. Color highlighting for the mentioned languages and posibility to define your own color highlighting for other languages. Other features in this program includes: tools to compile - debug and run java documents, undo / redo feature, tools to generate html and java code, completion proposal to . Freeware download of Oceantiger's Editor 3.6, size 2.10 Mb.

MB Advanced DNA Analysis 6.84 Oleg Simakov 

MB is a new piece of software (the first fully-functional version was released in Jan 2004). At the moment there are already over 700 registered users. I am really thankful for all the suggestions many of them have sent to me. But MB is still far from finished. So if you are testing the program, then please take some time to write to me what you . Freeware download of MB Advanced DNA Analysis 6.84, size 3.05 Mb.

Qonverter for Windows 0.6.7 Martin Rotter 

We are entering a new phase of Qonverter, everything will be rewritten almost from scratch.

Qonverter is simple and easy-to-use unit & currency converter and calculator. It tries to stay as simple as possible and it does NOT target at advanced users.

Qonverter runs flawlessly on GNU/Linux and Widows, but it should run all . Free download of Qonverter for Windows 0.6.7, size 6.38 Mb.

Chiara's MUD Client 1.0 Zugg Software 

Are you tired of the constant grind of the graphical MMO games? Tired of paying monthly subscription fees? Try playing one of the hundreds of free text-based adventure games on the Internet using CMUD: The fastest and most versatile MUD client from the creator of zMUD. Over 70,000 registered customers since 1996.
Fast and Easy Scripting

ProgramEdit 4.7.5 SimpleSolver Logic 

ProgramEdit (PgmEdit) is a free Windows source code editor and ASCII text editor. It includes the most important functions found in professional editors, and has many unique capabilities. PgmEdit is especially designed to be both powerful and very Easy to Use.
Because ProgramEdit is built using Windows .NET technology, the user interface is . Freeware download of ProgramEdit 4.7.5, size 1.00 Mb.

Zeus IDE 3.98l Xidicone P/L 

If you are looking for a powerful IDE for the Windows environment then your search is over. Features include Brief, WordStar, Epsilon keyboard emulation, intellisensing, code folding, auto-completion, class browsing, MDI interface, project workspace file management, integrated support for CVS, integrated class browser, code completion, seamless ftp . Free download of Zeus IDE 3.98l, size 55.31 Mb.

Highlighting Web Results

Havilah Press

Site highlighting the work, activities, and projects of a private press in the San Francisco Bay Area which focuses on letterpress printing with handpresses, unique editions, and hand bookbinding.

Quilting in Wild Rose Country Newsletter

Online home to QWRC's newsletter highlighting events, patterns, ideas, designs, groups, guilds and books. One-stop-shopping for quilting information in the Canadian Prairies and northeastern US.

John Foulds

Transcripts of preconcert talks by Malcolm Macdonald highlighting his life, previous and current renown, and wide-ranging compositional style plus sample scores, links, and brief quote by his son...

Giacomo Puccini

Biography highlighting major compositions with links to samples in Real Audio RAM format.

Alabama Blues Project, The

Highlighting Alabama's Blues accomplishments

Bluebird Internet Radio

Online station highlighting new bands and music, primarily from the London and South East of England. Featuring styles from blues and soul to indie.

Bannon Open Songwriting Awards

Promoting a bi-annual songwriting competition in 6 different categories and highlighting John Mellencamp, his songs and news. Prizes and industry exposure for the winners.