HIPAA Software

Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser 1.14G-10 Com1 Software, Incorperated 

The X12 Parser allows you to convert X12 837 claimsor 835 remittance files into a CSV or XML file.It is designed to be used either on the desktopor can be called from another application to convertan X12 file into a CSV file.It also allows users to display and print
the contents of standard ANSI X12 837,277,835,864,
and 997 files in a . Free download of Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser 1.14G-10, size 1.52 Mb.


PrivateEye 3.0 Oculis Labs Inc 

Oculis Labs' PrivateEye stops prying eyes from reading your computer display in places like: Airplanes, Coffee Shops, and Office Cubicles. Almost everyone has worried about people looking over their shoulders to see what they are doing on the computer. PrivateEye is an easy-to-use software program that automatically protects your computer display . Free download of PrivateEye 3.0, size 15.71 Mb.

Model C1A3F297 Command Line Translator 1.14K- 21 Com1 Software, Incorperated 

The Command Line Translator has been designed to be a flexible yet practical computer application program for the purpose of giving software developers, systems integrators, and medical billing professions a tool that will allow them to create solutions and solve problems they might encounter in their business processes relative to the scope of . Free download of Model C1A3F297 Command Line Translator 1.14K- 21, size 4.65 Mb.

Secure Medical Email Hosting 2.9.6 Secure Medical.net 

Medical Doctor's HIPAA compliant email, manage PHI and voice transcription. Collaborate with Instant Messaging, File Sharing and Private Message Boards. Send and Receive secure email, share documents and patient information. HIPAA and GLBA compliant. Works across networks and firewalls without a need for expensive VPN, PKI or complicated network . Freeware download of Secure Medical Email Hosting 2.9.6, size 8.87 Mb.

OmniAudit 1.6.8 Krell Software, Inc. 

OmniAudit automatically and transparently tracks changes to data in any column of any table in your Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or 2000 databases. Simply select the tables and columns you want to audit, and OmniAudit does everything for you. OmniAudit captures changes regardless of the application used to change the data: a commercial software . Free download of OmniAudit 1.6.8, size 5.42 Mb.

PowerBroker for Desktops 4.8 BeyondTrust 

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Desktops allows administrators to assign permissions to applications and tasks, enabling the users to do their job safely and without interruption. With PowerBroker Desktops, organizations control the execution of applications, software installs, ActiveX controls, and system tasks that require elevated or administrative . Free download of PowerBroker for Desktops 4.8, size 19.77 Mb.

PatientOS 1 2 PatientOS 

PatientOS (pronounced Patient-oh-es where O and S stand for Open Source) has been designed from the outset to be a Healthcare Information System (HIS). The software architecture, design patterns and framework has been built for the complexities and challenges of an enterprise wide information system. . Freeware download of PatientOS 1 2, size 134.67 Mb.

NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor 1. 3. 1938 NetWrix Corporation 

NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor is a monitoring software, that keeps track of all changes minor or important made to any of the systems. In this case a log is made with all activities related to network changes or system changes. Comes with highly accurate and efficient search engines. . Free download of NetWrix Server Configuration Monitor 1. 3. 1938, size 2.93 Mb.

SR Browser 1.0 DICOM Tool 

Structure report browser can open a DICOM Structure Report file and display it in a browser window. Because the display is in html format, the display can be customized easily. Structure report browser can print the structure report to a standard printer. . Freeware download of SR Browser 1.0, size 2.30 Mb.

Secure Archive NetworkDLS 

Secure Archive is a new generation of encryption software. It provides multiple encryption algorithms, variable compression levels, secure delete and Self-Extraction. It was created to give users an easy to use yet powerful file based security tool and is perfect for any HIPAA compliant company. . Free download of Secure Archive, size 0 b.

Person To Person 3 3 PTP Security 

Person To Person™ is the one-stop solution for confidential data transfer through the public internet for Windows PCs. Easily and securely encrypts email messages and/or attachments or files sent with file transfer tools. It can also be used to secure files kept on your computer. . Freeware download of Person To Person 3 3, size 4.28 Mb.

Belarc Advisor 8. 2. 2006 Belarc, Inc. 

Belarc Advisor is a tool that can analyze your computer in a very detailed manner. The best thing about this program is that it does not need to send your computer profile or details to any external server to perform the analysis, thus safeguarding your privacy. . Freeware download of Belarc Advisor 8. 2. 2006, size 3.14 Mb.

Armacrypt 1 2 Mirrasoft 

With this program you can encrypt your email using any webmail service and any Windows' browser. With Armacrypt you can decrypt and read the message, secure messages and is compatible with all major webmail services like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and should work with ANY webmail service, including OWA (Outlook Web Access). . Free download of Armacrypt 1 2, size 9.50 Mb.

MyDLP 0.8 Medratech 

With MyDLP, you will be able to block any data flow containing credit card numbers, social security numbers or IBAN account numbers.Your customers will be more comfortable when sharing their personal and financial information with you. MyDLP provides data security for web, mail, printers, removable devices and more. . Free download of MyDLP 0.8, size 596.40 Mb.

NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter 2 2 NetWrix Corporation 

SQL Server is a complex system that involves many different types of objects and requires almost daily changes to server configurations, security, databases, etc. It's very hard to keep track of changes and enforce fine-grained delegation rules for environments managed by multiple DBAs and operators. A hot topic today is compliance with . Free download of NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter 2 2, size 6.30 Mb.

NetWrix Server Configuration Change 3.0.194 NetWrix Corporation 

Even minor configuration changes made to servers can potentially impact your users and cause major disruptions to businesses. Every time a change is made, it makes a lot of sense to properly document and communicate it, especially when the servers are maintained by multiple team members.

Another example is very common: changes made . Free download of NetWrix Server Configuration Change 3.0.194, size 2.93 Mb.

FMDiff 1 3 Huslik Verlag GmbH 

FMDiff is a stand-alone application (Windows and Mac Universal Binary) that does not depend on other applications, plug-ins, or a Database Design Report (DDR). It reads the original files, that's why it is so fast. Open FMDiff and drag the files to compare onto its window and click Compare. Seconds later your browser shows the difference . Freeware download of FMDiff 1 3, size 3.82 Mb.

Scanimator (Page and Day Estimator) 1.0.11 Archive-CD,LLC. 

Not sure about the number of pages you want to convert to digital images? Just use Scanimator.The Scanimator will assist you in quickly and accurately estimating the number of pages to be converted to digital images.Offers suggestions on items to be considered when choosing a scanning service bureau. . Freeware download of Scanimator (Page and Day Estimator) 1.0.11, size 4.91 Mb.

NetWrix Change Reporter for VMware 1 1 NetWrix Corporation 

Change auditing is an important process of controlling the management of your virtual environment. Erroneous and unauthorized changes can cause unexpected failures and unplanned outages, and usually occur every day in organizations where many IT professionals manage all aspects of virtual infrastructure.

NetWrix Change Reporter for . Freeware download of NetWrix Change Reporter for VMware 1 1, size 0 b.

For Chiropractors Only 11. 2. 2001 Versatile Software Systems, Inc. 

For Chiropractors Only is a full software suite that provides your office with everything you need to get your business done quickly and easily.For Chiropractors Only puts it all together in one powerful package, from maintaining your busy client calendar to automating your SOAP notes . Free download of For Chiropractors Only 11. 2. 2001, size 113.95 Mb.