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Uhud place screensaver 0.9 Islamicsaver 

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) many times face to non Muslim for establishing in the world true and honesty. Uhud is 2nd biggest battle against non Muslim in History Of Islam. If you want to see place Of the Uhud Battle, download free Battle Uhud screensaver. This screensaver is completely free and good image Of Uhud Battle and fantastic slideshow. . Freeware download of Uhud place screensaver 0.9, size 1.21 Mb.


Islamic Quiz 2008 1.00.0040 Image Intelligence Software Ltd. 

Islamic Quiz 2008 was developed with the help Of the Java programming language and allows you to learn more about the Islamic culture and History.

You can now use this accessible and easy-to-use educational software to increase your knowledge.

. Free download of Islamic Quiz 2008 1.00.0040, size 0 b.

Islam 5.60 Samir Alicehajic 

Islam learning tool software for Windows all.
With the Islam software you can read all you need to knew about Islam religion.
Program featured: The Holy Qur'an recitation in mp3 sound format,
The Qur'an translations on 35 languages, Islam History and other databases,
praying animations with which you can learn how to pray, . Freeware download of Islam 5.60, size 18.93 Mb.

#1 Free History Eraser 4.7 1Smart Soft 

Free History Eraser completely erases History, typed URLs (the drop down address list) and AutoComplete. You can schedule your tasks in order to prevent the possibility Of forgetting to use the program thus minimizing the danger for you. Scheduling includes 3 options: Run at Startup; Run on close IE(the last IE) and Run on shutdown Windows.It . Freeware download of #1 Free History Eraser 4.7, size 325.63 Kb.

Internet History Eraser 5.6 Internet History Eraser Inc. 

Internet History Eraserallows you to easily delete the files that accumulate from Web surfing. It provides features specifically for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and a number Of other Internet software programs. Not only will you protect your privacy, you'll free up valuable disk space as well.With a single click, it removes files from your . Free download of Internet History Eraser 5.6, size 1.50 Mb.

Erase Internet History 8.01.01 Registry Cleaner 

Internet History eraser software to remove entire traces Of your internet and computer History. Delete the list Of visited sites, media player urls, cookies, temporary files, application logs, printer stream History, start menu History, find file History, desktop registry streams, start menu run History, network browsing History, recent documents . Free download of Erase Internet History 8.01.01, size 3.01 Mb.

Clipboard History 1.0 Greatis Software 

Clipboard History - Clipboard Monitoring and Clip History Component.Clipboard History (TClipboardHistory component) allows you to monitor text clipboard changes and to get the unlimited clip History. When the content Of the text clipboard is changed, the OnChange event is fired and the new text clip is added into the smart clip list that avaialble . Free download of Clipboard History 1.0, size 873.47 Kb.

Act History & PopUp Killer 3.252 ActMask 

If protecting your Internet privacy is a priority, Act History & Pop-Up Killer & Web Content Filter does an outstanding job Of wiping surfing History from your PC.When it comes to features, Act History & Pop-Up Killer & Web Content Filter has just about everything you need. You can erase any Web or system files, including cached . Free download of Act History & PopUp Killer 3.252, size 1.80 Mb.

QuickTime plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner 2.0 YL Software 

QuickTime plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner How to use this plug-ins?1. Download and install our WinUtilities suite 2. Unzip the downloaded file to your WinUtilities plug-ins folder 3. Run WinUtilities History Cleaner 4. Check the 'Erase QuickTime Recent File List' option in list 5. Click Erase Now button on the bottom Of main window . Free download of QuickTime plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner 2.0, size 0 b.

Mozilla Firefox plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner 2.11 YL Software 

Mozilla Firefox plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner How to use this plug-ins?1. Download and install our WinUtilities suite 2. Unzip the downloaded file to your WinUtilities plug-ins folder 3. Run WinUtilities History Cleaner 4. Check the 'Erase Mozilla Firefox cookies & recent History' option in list 5. Click Erase Now button on the . Free download of Mozilla Firefox plug-ins for WinUtilities History Cleaner 2.11, size 0 b.

Clear IE History 5.5 Fadsoft.com 

Clear IE History is a little tool that helps user to protect privacy by cleaning up the surfing carry-over in Internet Explorer, includes delete IE History, delete temporary Internet files, delete cookies, delete cache, erase or edit typed URLs in the address bar, change ie homepage, correct IE title and more. . Free download of Clear IE History 5.5, size 61.44 Kb.

Wipe It Off- Internet History Eraser 2.0 Wipe It Off 

The all new version Of Wipe It Off- Internet History Eraser comes with tons Of new features and benfits. New web page sections like Interactive User Forums, helps you answer a lot Of your online privacy issues. This program is equiped with features such as cleaning the secret index.dat file, typed url, cookies, cache, most recently used data among . Free download of Wipe It Off- Internet History Eraser 2.0, size 475.14 Kb.

History Killer 2.3 Emergency Soft 

History Killer helps to protect your privacy by removing traces Of computer and Internet activities with a single mouse click. Free scan will help you check the size Of disk space you can free. User-friendly interface and simple description will help you securely and quickly kill precisely what is needed. It also includes more than 180 plug-ins and . Free download of History Killer 2.3, size 965.63 Kb.

AntlerTek Internet History Analyzer 1.0 AntlerTek IT Solution, Inc 

AntlerTek Internet History Analyzer is accurate and complete software that can help you track and search Internet History records Of the Windows system. By analyzing the Internet cache and index.dat file, the software can show you the browse History records in detail. Moreover, unlike other History viewers, AntlerTek Internet History Analyzer uses . Free download of AntlerTek Internet History Analyzer 1.0, size 1.77 Mb.

On This Day in History 2008 www.My-Software.co.uk 

On This Day in History 2008, print high quality personalised scrolls, greeting cards etc. based upon any day in History between 1900 and present day, choose from many different designs to produce the perfect gift for friends & family.* Easy to use Interface * Additional designs including Pastello (12 NEW COLOUR DESIGNS) can be downloaded from . Free download of On This Day in History 2008, size 7.62 Mb.

History Killer Pro 5.0.1 Emergency Soft 

History Killer Pro is a professional program to resolve all sorts Of privacy issues and related concerns.This software secures your online and offline privacy by removing dangerous and compromising files. At the same time History Killer Pro is a user-friendly software with a lifetime license.This complete solution deletes windows temp files, MS . Free download of History Killer Pro 5.0.1, size 2.89 Mb.

History Clean 3.0 New Softwares, Inc. 

History Clean is an award-winning evidence cleaning software that securely removes all recent activities Of your PC and browsers' History. This helps you maintain your privacy, a breach Of which can cause you much distress. History Clean removes traces like websites visited, files viewed, files deleted, and much more! History Clean supports . Free download of History Clean 3.0, size 1.45 Mb.

Browser History Cleaner 4.6 Windsty, Inc. 

Do you know that your computer stores all History traces?Your PC stores all your History tracks - web sites you visited, what you searched in the Internet, information you enter on websites, files and documents you recently opened etc. But some History tracks can't be cleaned without clean History software as they are stored in different system . Freeware download of Browser History Cleaner 4.6, size 925.79 Kb.

Auto Clear History Auto Hide IP 

Auto Clear History is an effective computer evidence and web History cleaning tool. It could quickly clean all History Of your web browsing and computer use permanently.Many programs and web browsers log data Of which programs you run, which videos you watch, and which websites you visit. Easily and safely clean this saved data so the next person . Free download of Auto Clear History, size 1.08 Mb.

Real Clear History CoolwareMax 

Real Clear History, a powerful computer evidence and web History cleaning tool, could clean all History Of your computer use and web browsing easily and thoroughly.Many programs and web browsers record data including which programs you run, which videos you watch, and which websites you visit, etc. Use a History cleaner to easily and safely clean . Free download of Real Clear History, size 1.02 Mb.

History Of Islam Web Results

History of Islam

An account of the rise and historical development of Islam, written from a Baha'i perspective including emphasis on the Shi'ite lineage from which the Baha'i religion sprang.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

A categorized listing of links to aspects of the history of Islam; also includes translations of source texts, and articles.

Islam, 622 AD - present

A susbstantial and detailed perspective on the history of Islam, by Kelley L Ross, Los Angeles Valley College, California.

PBS : Islam, Empire of Faith

A companion site to the PBS television series "Islam: Empire of Faith", which presented the history of Islam from the time of Muhammad to the Ottoman sultans. Includes educational...

What is Islam?

A brief history of Islam, and of the development of Muslim culture.

Restatement of History of Islam and Muslims

An online book by Sayed Ali Asgher Razwy presents the Shia interpretation of early Islam, from 570 to 661 CE, as a movement launched by the Prophet Muhammad, consummated with the support of his...


Part of an extended article on the history of Islam covers the Muwahid (Almohad) Dynasty in Spain.